ATWT Update Thursday 8/26/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/26/04

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At Dusty's place, Dusty watches Lucy while she is sleeping. Dusty goes over to a table and places the wire transfer receipt inside a wooden box. Lucy awakens and tells Dusty she hates herself for not making her father pay for his crime. Dusty assures Lucy that Craig is paying for his crime, because he has lost her.

At Metro, Craig daydreams that Lucy forgives him for his crime and decides to break up with Dusty. Craig's nice daydream turns into a nightmare when Dusty tells Lucy about the wire transfer receipt and Lucy chooses to believe Dusty instead of Craig. Lucy leaves Metro with Dusty. Aaron interrupts Craig's daydream to tell him they must find the receipt that proves they paid the wine wholesale person, or they will have to pay the bill again. Craig gets an idea from Aaron's comment and decides to find the wire transfer receipt and destroy it; that way no one will be able to prove he is guilty of a crime. Craig runs out of the club in search of the wire transfer receipt. Allison arrives and tells Aaron to hurry or he will be late for her bridal shower.

Aaron informs Allison he was unaware her bridal shower was that day. Allison tells Aaron she sent out invitations to the shower. Aaron says he never received an invitation. He tells Allison he will be there as soon as possible, but he must stay at the club until someone arrives to cover for him. Aaron jokes that he was thinking of getting Allison a plate for a wedding present.

At the Stewart house, Susan wonders why Allison is late for the bridal shower and why nobody else has arrived yet. Susan goes to check if things are ready in the kitchen. Chris looks at pictures of Allison and Emily that are sitting on the table. Emily arrives and feels awkward when she sees Chris; she starts to go to the kitchen to talk to Susan, but Chris stops her from leaving because they need to talk.

At the police station, Hal informs Barbara that it is almost time for her arraignment, and she will be going to the courthouse soon. Jennifer tells Hal she needs to check on Jordan because he hasn't returned her phone calls. Jennifer assures Hal she will be back in time to testify against her mother.

At Rosanna's place, a shocked Rosanna and Jordan awaken after having slept together. They both decide that they slept together because they needed to comfort each other. Rosanna tells Jordan that what they shared was just a moment and she doesn't want to see him again.

At Dusty's place, Lucy thinks Dusty is disappointed with her decision not to go to the police with the evidence against her father. Lucy explains to Dusty that she knows her father did something horrible, but she couldn't send her father to prison for the rest of his life. Dusty assures Lucy that he understands that she loves her father and couldn't send him to jail. Lucy tells Dusty that she feels that they understand and respect each other, and she must tell him how she feels about him. Lucy tells Dusty she loves him, but she doesn't expect him to say the same to her. Dusty says the right thing to do would be to stay friends because their relationship wouldn't last. Lucy tells Dusty she isn't worried about the future, she just wants to concentrate on the present. Lucy wants to make love to Dusty, but Dusty warns Lucy that once they make love there is no turning back, and their relationship will change from that moment on.

Dusty whispers to Lucy that he loves her, too, although he is shy and can't look at her when he says those three little words. Dusty and Lucy start to make love, but they stop when they hear a fire alarm. Dusty tells Lucy that it is probably a false alarm and they start to make love again. Lucy is distracted and worried that there may be a fire. Dusty and Lucy leave the room to check if there is a fire in the building.

At the police station, Barbara calls Will before her arraignment hearing.

At Rosanna's place, Jordan gives Rosanna a good-bye hug just as Jennifer walks in the door.

At the Stewart house, Emily tells Chris that they just got careless when they kissed each other. Chris tells Emily that he persuaded Aaron not to say anything about their kisses to Allison. Emily wonders if Aaron will keep his word, because he is Allison's best friend.

Emily thinks she and Chris need to talk about the reason they are attracted to each other. Susan interrupts Emily and Chris before they have a chance to talk about their feelings for each other. Kim and Allison also arrive for the bridal shower. Allison informs Kim that she now has five keys for the contest, all because of Emily and Chris, who is such a wonderful guy. Allison gives Chris a kiss on the cheek.

At Dusty's place, Craig searches the room for the wire transfer receipt. After a few minutes of searching, Craig finds the receipt, puts it in his pocket, and leaves the room.

At the police station, Barbara continues to talk to Will on the phone. Barbara explains to Will that his father, Paul, and Jennifer are mad at her because she helped James escape, but the only reason she did it was to protect him, and she expects him to protect her as well.

At Rosanna's place, a nervous Jennifer explains to Jordan that she trusts him, and she knows that he and Rosanna needed to comfort each other. Jordan wants to explain what happened, but Jennifer doesn't want to hear the details, because once he says the words there will be no turning back.

At Susan's place, Chris gets a call from his father, who must see him right away. Allison thinks that Chris and his father planned this excuse so Chris wouldn't have to be at the bridal shower. Chris assures Allison they didn't plan this at all. Allison smiles and tells Chris she was just kidding, because she knows Chris never tells a lie. Kim apologizes to Susan for their arguments, and the ladies decide to call a truce for the sake of their children. Allison wonders why nobody has arrived for the bridal shower until Emily arrives from the kitchen with the invitations, which Allison forgot to put in the mail.

At the police station, Hal gets a call from Will and goes to confront Barbara.

At Rosanna's place, Jennifer cries as Jordan tells her that he slept with Rosanna. Jordan apologizes to Jennifer and assures her that he loves her and not Rosanna. Jennifer tells Jordan she hates him but still loves him. She says she is sure their relationship will never come close to what he and Rosanna share. .

At Dusty's place, Dusty and Lucy return to the room and make love.

At the Stewart house, Allison apologizes for forgetting to mail the invitations. Kim and Susan start to fight over the situation, because Susan thinks Allison made a mistake and Kim thinks Allison has been thinking of everything but the wedding plans.

At the police station, Hal is angry because Will asked him not to send his poor mother to jail. Hal tells Barbara that her trick to use Will to get him to reconsider the arraignment failed. Barbara tells Hal she believes she will be out in a short time, because the judge won't believe an angry ex- husband. Hal informs Barbara that Jennifer is testifying at the hearing.

At Rosanna's place, Rosanna assures Jordan that Jennifer will forgive him. Jordan tells Rosanna to take care of herself and leaves to talk to Jennifer.

At Dusty's place, Dusty tells Lucy that it has been a long time since he has been this happy. Lucy says she has been in love before, but it never felt like it does now. Dusty tells Lucy he needs to make a phone call to cancel his plans for the day. Dusty gets up to use the phone and notices that the wire transfer receipt is missing. Dusty says one word to himself: "Montgomery."

Bob shows Chris an apartment that he and Allison could rent at a good price because a family friend owns it. Chris wonders if his father had any doubts before he got married.

At the Stewart house, Kim thinks Allison isn't ready for the responsibility of a marriage. Allison agrees with Kim, and says that she doesn't deserve to be a bride. Allison tells everyone that she is going someplace where she can't ruin anything. She bumps into Aaron as she rushes out of the house.

At the courthouse, Jennifer cries when Hal arrives; he thinks she is crying because she has to testify against her mother. Jennifer, who is still crying, blurts out that she is crying because of Jordan. Jordan arrives to talk to Jennifer.

At Dusty's place, Dusty calls someone and tells him or her that he needs to take care of a problem named Craig Montgomery. Dusty tells the person he will let him or her know when to do it.

At Metro, Craig burns the wire transfer receipt.

At Dusty's place, Lucy asks Dusty if everything is okay. Dusty assures Lucy everything is taken care of and gives her a kiss on the forehead.

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