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As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/25/04

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Jessica insisted on driving Ben to the hospital. Margo lingered and glared at Doc. Doc protested that he didn't want to fight Ben, he tried not to, but Ben insisted. Margo kept glaring at him.

At the hospital, Jessica waited while Bob examined Ben. Finally, Bob came out and told Jessica that Ben hadn't broken his hand, he'd only injured the muscle. He said Ben couldn't operate for a while, but he would recover fully. About that time, Margo and Doc showed up. Doc expressed concern for Ben, but Margo and Jessica made it clear they didn't want him around. Jessica went in to talk to Ben.

Ben wasn't happy to see Jessica. She asked if there was anything she could do to fix things between them. Ben said she could explain why she slept with Doc. Jess said she didn't know why. She launched into a speech about how she loved Ben, how she saw how much he loved her, how he was the most wonderful man, etc. "And that's why you have sex with other men?" Ben snapped at her. Then he said he had a theory.

He said that as long as they'd been together, whenever they were happy, Jess put someone or something in between them - Bonnie, Sarah, Marshall, her desperate desire to have a baby, Doc, etc. Ben said his conclusion was that he would never be good enough for Jessica. Jess tried to protest but Ben told her to please leave him alone, he didn't want any more to do with her. Sadly, Jessica agreed and she left.

Outside, Jessica told Margo that she and Ben were over. Margo expressed her sympathy and so did Doc. Jessica told Doc she didn't blame him for what happened, but she wanted him to leave her alone now.

Meanwhile, Lucy told Craig that she knew he was the one who had had her kidnapped. Craig, being Craig, vehemently denied it. He declared that Dusty must be behind this. Lucy explained that she had proof and showed him the pink paper. Craig looked at the paper and said it was a forgery. Lucy asked him why Dusty would tell her to call the bank and have it traced if it was a forgery. Craig said that Dusty knew she would never do it. He said he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Lucy told him to look her in the eye and swear to her, swear on Bryant's grave, that he had nothing to do with her kidnapping. Craig couldn't do it.

He stammered, looked around, stammered some more, but couldn't say it. Lucy realized he was behind the kidnapping and started crying. Craig explained to her that he never intended for it to go so far, that she was supposed to be returned safely after a few days. He claimed that he didn't want her to run away from her problems by leaving Oakdale. He said he never meant for it to get out of hand, for Wade's pal to put her in the box, and he was so sorry it happened that way. Lucy was horrified and was not interested in his apologies. She said she couldn't believe he could do such a thing, and she didn't care what his excuse was. Craig kept trying to apologize, but she wouldn't hear it. She told him she was going to make sure he paid for what he did, and she left.

At the police station, Nikki was talking to Jennifer. Jenn wanted to know what was happening to Barbara. Nikki told her what she knew about Barbara's arraignment, etc. She was a little cool to Jenn, but then they started talking. Jennifer said she was so ashamed of Barbara, and she was just glad Jordan didn't blame her for her mother's actions. Nikki said of course no one could blame Jenn for what her mother did. Nikki and Jenn were getting along better by the time Jennifer left.

Lucy entered the police station then and found Nikki. Lucy tearfully said she had new information about her kidnapping and wanted to talk to someone. Nikki thought Hal should hear it, and asked Lucy to wait in an interrogation room while she tracked him down.

Meanwhile, Lucinda was interrogating Dusty about his interest in Lucy. Dusty insisted that he wanted Lucy to go to college, that he had told her to, but she wouldn't listen. Lucinda said Lucy would go if Dusty broke up with her. Dusty said he didn't think she would. Lucinda asked Dusty to tell her the truth, how did he really feel about Lucy. Dusty said he needed a drink. "You need a drink to answer that question?" Lucinda asked. Dusty got his drink and said he cared about Lucy.

Lucinda snorted that she cared about a lot of things, her company, her garden, etc, that wasn't what she meant. She said that if Dusty couldn't say he loved Lucy, he should break it off with her. And if he did "care" about Lucy, he should definitely break it off with her so she could go to college. Dusty refused. But he assured Lucinda that Lucy was in good hands with him. Lucinda left and Dusty headed to the police station.

Dusty found Lucy in the interrogation room. She was crying. She explained that she was going to rat Craig out to the cops, but was second-guessing the decision. Dusty said that he would be there for her no matter what she decided, and that the decision was up to her. He hugged her. Nikki came back and said Hal was on his way. Lucy said she had changed her mind about making a statement and she left with Dusty. Craig was just walking in as they were leaving. Lucy told Dusty she didn't want to go back to her grandmother's, she wanted to go back to his place. Dusty agreed. Just then they saw Craig. Lucy glared at him as she and Dusty left.

Jordan put Ro into her bed. They talked about how much they both loved Cabot. They shared their memories of the baby, and Jordan said they should keep him alive by remembering the good things, not how he died. Joredan suggested they stay the night at Fairwinds. Ro said she couldn't possibly sleep there. Jordan said she would be able to sleep, and promised to stay with her. Eventually she fell asleep and Jordan went to straighten the nursery, having promised Ro she wouldn't have to go back there.

In the nursery, Jordan looked at Cabot's things and broke down crying. Meanwhile, Ro dreamed that she walked into the nursery about found Cabot there. Then she woke up, alone in her room. She walked to the nursery and found Jordan crying there. Jordan didn't want to upset Ro so he quickly wiped his tears away and left with her.

Downstairs, Jordan apologized for crying in the nursery. Ro told him it was a human thing to grieve and cry over losing a loved one. They tried to comfort each other, and ended up kissing. Then they went upstairs and jumped into bed together. The scene ended with them making love in Rosanna's bed.

Speaking of infidelity, Holden drove Molly home and she said she was mad at him for telling his wife about their kiss. Holden said he did it because he didn't want things to go any further between them. He said he was a married man, he loved his kids, and he was attracted to Molly. It's important to note that he DIDN'T say he loved his WIFE. Meanwhile, Emma told Lily that Holden had driven Molly home. Lily was worried and drove over to Molly's apartment. At that point, Holden was hugging Molly goodbye. Then he left to go home to his family. He didn't see Lily hiding behind the door when he left, but she saw him hugging Molly goodbye.

As soon as Holden left, Lily banged on the door and insisted Molly let her in. She yelled at Molly for trying to steal her man. Molly insisted she wasn't trying to steal Holden. Lily wasn't convinced. She said she had believed Molly's speech about her not being there for Holden, thinking Molly meant it. But now she saw that Molly just wanted to sleep with her husband. Molly said that wasn't true but Lily wasn't convinced. She said Molly was a professional victim, playing martyr to win men. She got Jake to fall for her while she was in the hospital, then Mike fell for her when she was drowning her sorrows in New York, and now she wanted Holden to fall in love with her out of pity too. Lily finished by calling Molly a cheap slut. She said if Molly wanted to steal Holden she better be in for a fight. Then Lily stormed out, leaving Molly sniffling sadly.

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