ATWT Update Tuesday 8/24/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/24/04

By Jenny
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Margo went to visit Jessica. She noticed that Ben's car was gone and asked if he was at work. Jessica muttered something about him having to go out - she didn't want to tell Margo that he'd left her. Jess apologized for not being at the funeral and asked how it went. Margo said how sad it was, then explained about her conversation with Tom. As she was talking about how she didn't want to end things with Tom, she brought the conversation around to why Ben wasn't home. Jess reluctantly admitted that he'd found out the truth and left her. Margo asked how he found out. Jess explained about how the test showed he couldn't be the father. Margo said how sorry she was to hear what happened with Ben. Then Jess started crying and wailing and declared that she knew Margo was going to desert her too. Jessica poured them some wine and Margo assured her that she was not going to desert her best friend. She pointed out that they need each other more now that they had both been dumped by their hubbies. They hugged and said what great friends they were. Jess told Margo how awful she felt about what she'd done to Ben. She lamented lying to him. She said she wished she told him the truth right after she "made a mistake" and slept with Doc. She said she owed Ben the truth. "You owed Ben monogamy," Margo correctly pointed out. Jessica said she was just so attracted to Doc and it just happened, etc. Margo admitted she had felt the same way about Doc. Jess once again said how bad she felt about hurting Ben. Then Margo asked Jess what she was going to do. Jess said she was going to find Ben and tell him that she was not giving up on their marriage. She was going to suggest they go to counseling, etc, to try to fix their marriage. Margo asked what Jess would do if Ben didn't agree with her. Jess said that at least she'd know and she could try to move on. She called the hospital and Ben wasn't there. One of his coworkers said Ben was talking about visiting a new gym. Jess told this to Margo, who asked if it was a particular gym she knew of. Jess said yes, and asked her why. Margo said she knew that Doc Reese went there often. They both realized that Ben might have gone there to talk to Doc. Horrified, Jessica jumped up and said she had to get to the gym before Ben did something stupid. Margo said she'd drive her, and they went out the door.

Meanwhile, Ben was indeed at Doc Reese's favorite gym. He challenged Doc to a boxing match. Doc realized this was about more than a good workout and asked Ben what was up. Ben said it was about his wife. Doc acted like he didn't know what Ben was talking about. Ben said he knew that Jess slept with Doc and the baby she lost wasn't his. Doc didn't want to have a boxing match with Ben after hearing that, but Ben insisted, calling Ben a coward, etc. Doc agreed to the match and they started fighting. They really went at it. Doc started yelling "Is that all you've got?" and other insulting comments, which Ben returned. Eventually they both ended up hitting the floor. Ben hurt his hand and yelled in pain. That was just when Margo and Jess arrived. Jess climbed into the ring and said she'd take Ben to the hospital to have his hand looked at. Ben yelled at her to get away from him and said he didn't want her to do anything for him. Jess looked hurt.

Carly was still sitting at the church after the funeral. Craig came in and told her how sorry he was, etc. He offered to drive her home. Carly said everyone was always trying to help and she just wanted to be left alone. Craig said all right, he would leave her alone. Then he proceeded to sit down about two pews behind her. Carly turned around and looked at him. Craig told her to just pretend he wasn't there. Carly said he really annoyed her sometimes, but admitted that she appreciated his friendship. They started talking, and Carly suddenly realized that Craig had just lost Cabot. She told him how sorry she was for his loss, and apologized for not realizing sooner how hard Cabot's loss must be for him. Craig said sadly that he had lost two children now, but was thankful he hadn't lost a third. He started talking about Lucy, and how he was afraid he would lose her when he saw her in the box. Then he said how grateful he was that she was okay after all. He shook his head and said he'd never forgive himself. Carly looked at him and asked what for. Craig quickly covered, saying he'd never forgive himself for not seeing the warning signs, etc. Carly told him it wasn't his fault. She said she kept reliving the night Jack's car went off the bridge, thinking how she could have stopped him from going. Craig assured her that Jack's death wasn't her fault, either. Carly said she was glad to have Craig as a friend right now. Craig said to let him know if she needed anything. She said she was going to head home and left.

Meanwhile, Dusty gave Lucy the pink slip of paper. She looked at it and said she didn't know what it meant. Dusty started explaining to her how it pinned the kidnapping on Craig. Lucy didn't want to listen. She yelled at Dusty for trying to pin the kidnapping on her father, and told him to leave her alone. Dusty begged her to listen to him. He said her mother needed to know Alan didn't do it. He carefully explained how the paper showed Craig was the kidnapper, not Alan. Lucy finally believed him, but she was in shoot-the-messenger mode and told Dusty to leave her alone. She blamed him for finding out the truth. She stormed out to her car. She was looking for her keys and spilled the contents of her purse on the ground. While she was picking up her stuff, she found a picture of herself with Craig and started crying. Dusty came out and asked if she was okay. She apologized for getting mad at him. She said she just didn't understand how her father could do this to her. She decided that she had to go talk to Craig. Dusty offered to wait for her, but Lucy said she had to do this on her own. She assured Dusty she would be fine. Then she tracked down Craig, who was still at the church. Craig turned around when she walked in. He saw how upset she looked at asked what was wrong. "How could you do this?" she asked him angrily.

Meanwhile, Hal brought Barbara a phone in her jail cell. He said her lawyer was on the phone. Barbara told Hal she wanted her privacy. When he left, she picked up the phone and started talking about how she wanted her lawyer to help her. To her surprise, the person on the other end was James. He said he'd prefer to talk about how SHE could help HIM. Barbara was livid. She yelled at James that she never thought he could kill his own grandson. Then she yelled at him because she got thrown in jail for helping him, and demanded he help get her out. James said he couldn't help because he was miles away. Plus he still wanted her to help him. Barbara screamed that she was through helping him, hung up the phone, and tossed it aside.

Back on his plane, James told Cabot that they were going to start a great new life together, just the two of them, etc. He said he had to deceive the people back in Oakdale about Cabot so he could have his grandson all to himself. He said that Cabot's loved ones in Oakdale would just have to deal with their grief over Cabot.

Hal came back to Barbara's cell. He asked her to tell him, off the record, why she did it. Barbara told Hal that James threatened to kill Will if she didn't help him. She said she didn't know James would kill Cabot, but knew he would kill Will. Hal demanded to know why she didn't just call him when James threatened Will. Barbara pointed out that Hal had battled James before, and usually lost. She said Hal would have done the same thing in her position. Hal said no, he wouldn't have, he would have gone to the police so they could help him stop James. Barbara said it wouldn't have done any good, James couldn't be stopped. Hal said that James was on his way to maximum security prison where he would have been kept under control for the rest of his life. Barbara said that James would have gotten around that and turned the new prison into his own private kingdom like he did before. Hal said he was going to make sure Barbara paid for his crimes and left. Later, he came back with Tom, who informed Barbara that he was going to put her away for a long, long time. He listed the charges againsts her - aiding and abetting, witholding information during an investigation, etc. He promised her she would be in jail for a very long time.

Rosanna and Jordan arrived at Fairwinds. Ro picked up the carousel and murmured that it wasn't supposed to be there, it was supposed to be upstairs. She didn't even realize it was never supposed to be there at all, or that James had left it. She started crying, and Jordan tried to comfort her, but obviously neither one of them felt any better. Jennifer walked in. She asked if she was interrupting, but they said it was fine. Jen said she'd just been to see her mother in jail, then apologized for mentioning it in front of Ro. Ro said that was fine, she was going to make sure Barbara was put away for a long time. Then she basically told Jenn that she'd better not be on Barbara's side. Jordan told Ro not to blame Jen for Barbara's actions. Jen reminded Ro that she loved Cabot, too. Ro apologized for yelling at Jennifer. She said she was just upset about Cabot and needed to take it out on someone. Jen said she understood, and assured Ro that she wanted to see her mother put away for a long time too. Ro said she was going upstairs to be alone.

After Ro left, Jordan told Jen he was sorry about the altercation with Ro. Jen said she understood that Ro was just upset. Jordan said he couldn't spend the night at Fairwinds. Jen said he could come home with her, but Jordan said he didn't want to go to Barbara's suite. Jen said she understood but looked hurt. She said she was sorry for what her mother had done. Jordan told Jen that what Barbara did wasn't her fault. He reassured Jen that he still loved her, no matter what Barbara had done. He said he just needed to be alone tonight. Jen said she understood, but asked if Ro should be left alone. Jordan agreed that Ro shouldn't be alone. He tried to think of someone to call for her. He said that Carly was still reeling from Jack's death, and Ro wouldn't want Paul around even if he wasn't out of town. Jordan asked Jen if she would mind if he stayed with Rosanna. Jen said she understood. Jordan thanked her for being so understanding and told her one of the things he loved about her was her compassion. They kissed goodnight and she left.

Upstairs, Ro was looking at all of Cabot's things. Naturally, it wasn't long before she started crying, wailing, and sobbing. She collapsed on Cabot's crib, crying into his pillows and stuffed toys. Jordan came upstairs and found her. He tried to comfort her but she kept crying. Jordan picked her up and carried her out of the room. She was still clutching one of Cabot's stuffed toys as Jordan carried her out the door.

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