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As the World Turns Update Monday 8/23/04

By Jenny
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The show opened in the middle of a heated argument between Ben and Jess. Ben was telling Jess that he knew the baby wasn't his because of the DNA test. He yelled at her about how he felt betrayed, how could she do this to him again, how could she sleep with another man, etc. She started attempting to explain, but Ben cut her off. He yelled at her that they were married, and asked how she could sleep with another man. First, he sarcastically asked if Doc was her "insurance policy" for trying to get pregnant. Then he capped it off with a really good shot, asking Jess if she was going to claim Doc raped her too. (In case you don't remember or haven't been watching long, he was of course making reference to the Marshall Travers storyline.) After that, Ben stormed out of the room. Jessica stood there sniffling and looking hurt.

Later, Ben came back into the room and apologized for his last remark. He was, however, still angry about Jess cheating on him. He asked her how she could do it. They sat down and Jessica gave him her feeble excuse. She started with how she was in a "strange, dark place", how obsessed she was with getting pregnant, etc. She basically said she was having a bad day and she just made a mistake. She said Marshall was there and she was upset just happened. Ben told her that was a lame, pathetic excuse. He started yelling again about how betrayed he felt. He asked if she would have told him, had he not found out from the DNA test, but before she could answer, Ben answered his own question. "Of course not!" he bellowed. "You were going to let me raise another man's child as my own, of course you wouldn't tell me!" Jessica wailed that she believed in her heart it was Ben's baby. (How she could have believed that after learning that Ben was infertile is beyond me. She must have been absolutely delusional to believe that.) Anyway, Ben wasn't swayed by that either. He yelled that she believed it in her mind, but in her body she was carrying Doc's child, and he would never forgive her for that. Then he stormed upstairs.

Later, he came downstairs with a suitcase and announced that he was leaving. Jessica started crying and begging. Ben calmly continued, saying that he would call Curtis to move in with him later. Jessica protested that Curtis lived "here". She tearfully begged Ben not to go, saying she had just lost the baby and couldn't stand to lose Ben, too. She tried to touch Ben but he pushed her away. He said that she had lost him the minute she climbed into bed with Doc.

Meanwhile, Dusty went to Vegas and tracked down the maid who had cleaned the hotel room that Wade left the loot in. He asked her about the money. She claimed to know nothing about it, but was obviously living quite well. She claimed to have won a jackpot in Vegas but Dusty wasn't deterred. He told her he didn't care about the money, that she could keep it, he just wanted to know if anything else was in the room when she found the money. She still claimed not to know what he was talking about. Finally Dusty threatened to tell the cops about her "windfall" if she didn't tell him the truth. She said the only thing she found was the bag with the money. Dusty demanded to see the bag. He dumped it out and found a pink piece of paper. He looked at it and said "I knew it!" Apparently it was evidence that Craig was the one who colluded with the kidnappers, NOT Alan. Dusty left and headed for the airport.

Back in Oakdale, Parker was still playing the song from Carjack's wedding on his keyboard. Carly was astonished. She asked Parker how he knew the song. He reminded her that it was from the wedding. Then he told her that Jack was playing it right now, too. Carly was shocked and didn't know what to say. She and Mike stepped aside and she said she didn't know what to make of Parker's playing. Mike assured her it was probably nothing. She protested that he had never learned the song, never had lessons, and their wedding was a long time ago. Mike suggested that maybe Parker was a little virtuoso, kids remember the strangest things, etc. He assured her that Parker was fine and urged her to go to the funeral. He promised to take good care of Parker.

After Carly left, Mike talked to Parker. He told Parker that talking about Jack coming back made Mommy said. Then he told Parker that he could always talk to Mike about Jack. He gave Parker his cell phone number and told him to call him whenever he wanted to talk about Jack. He thought this would make things easier on Carly.

Meanwhile, Jack was still in soap opera Amnesialand. He was indeed playing the wedding song. Julia walked up and heard him playing it. Jack said the song kept running through his head, but he couldn't figure out what it meant to him. He got frustrated, but Julia assured him that he just had to take his time. She said that if he kept playing the song, he might remember something. She pointed out that he played the piano well, and that might be a clue about his past. Jack followed her into the living room, where they continued their conversation. Jack said he looked in the mirror and didn't know who he was. Julia said she knew he was a good man. Jack protested that she couldn't know that. Julia said she did know, she could read it in his face. "Then why isn't someone looking for me?" Jack asked. Julia said that he might have been on vacation and no one knew he was gone yet. Or, people might be looking for him in the wrong place. She said she didn't think he was from around "here". Then J.J. came into the room started talking to Jack. Jack explained that he didn't remember who he was or where he was from. J.J. said it sounded like a Spongebob Squarepants episode he had seen once. He ran upstairs to get the tape before Julia could stop him. She then told Jack that J.J. hadn't had a man in his life in a long time. Jack said that was fine, he understood. J.J. came back and Julia told him he had to go to bed. Before going to bed, he ran downstairs to say goodnight to Jack. Jack hugged him and said "Goodnight, son," probably the way he used to do with Parker.

Back in Oakdale, Barbara was arrested at Jack's funeral. "You can't arrest me!" she told Hal. "I just did," he returned, snapping cuffs on her. He was going to take her in himself, but Nikki offered to do it. She told Hal that Carly needed him at the funeral and offered to take Barbara to the station. Hal agreed, telling Nikki to read Barbara her rights, etc. Nikki hauled Barbara out of the church.

At the police station, Barbara ignored the right- to- remain- silent part of the Miranda act and yelled that she was going to file a claim of false arrest, etc. She demanded her one phone call and phoned Jennifer. She begged Jennifer to help her. Jen said no way and hung up.

Later, Jen showed up at the jail. Barbara was thrilled to see her. She told Jen to get ahold of a lawyer for her. Then she said she would post bail, and if she didn't have enough in her account, she'd get it from BRO. She said she'd need Paul's signature for that. Jen informed her mother that she was not going to help her. Barbara reverted to her helpless martyr/victim act. She wailed that she never meant for Cabot to be killed, she didn't believe James would kill his own grandson, but she knew he would kill Will and had to protect him. She said Jen would understand when she was a mother. Jen said she could never forgive Barbara for helping Stenbeck and indirectly contributing to Cabot's death. She said Barbara had to pay for what she did, then she stormed out of the jail.

Back at the funeral, everyone talked about Jack's life. Holden suggested they celebrate Jack's life. He said his cousin was generous to a fault, always there to help everyone. Margo said that he had never let her down, and she wished she had done the same for him. She pointedly said that the best thing about Jack was his ability to forgive. That remark was probably aimed at Tom, who was in the audience. Hal reminisced about Jack's early days on the force and talked about what a great guy Jack was. Even Craig got up and said that he and Jack were really buddies. He said he knew everyone was surprised, but he wanted to pay tribute to Jack. While Craig was speaking, Dusty pulled Lucy aside and asked her to go outside and talk to him. Finally Carly spoke. She said that Jack had been a good, generous man, and that in turn, everyone had tried to help her and her family after Jack's death. She said she hoped that she and her kids could continue to do good in Jack's memory. Then she said, "Jack, I will always love you. I will never forget you."

After the service, Holden told Molly that he had told Lily about the kiss. He explained that they were working things out, and Molly was glad to hear it. Later, when her car wouldn't start, Holden offered to give Molly a ride home. (Lily had stayed home with the baby, who had a fever.) Molly didn't think it was a good idea, but Holden insisted it was just a ride home.

Meanwhile, Margo asked Tom if he'd like to get some coffee. He said no, he had to get to work on Barbara's prosecution, which he'd just heard about from Hal. He told Margo he'd stop by tomorrow to pick up the separation papers. Margo looked crestfallen. Tom said if she hadn't signed them yet she could sign them tomorrow. Margo informed him that she was not going to sign the papers, period. Before Tom could respond, Hal dragged him away to work on Barbara's case.

Meanwhile, Dusty gave Lucy the pink piece of paper. She asked what it was. He told her it was proof that her father, not her stepfather, had hired the kidnappers. She looked at him in horror.

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