ATWT Update Friday 8/20/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/20/04

By Eva
Proofread by Angie

At Jack and Carly's place, Parker refuses to get dressed to go to Jack's memorial service. Parker lets Carly know that Jack isn't dead like she wants everyone to believe, and he won't pretend that Jack is dead because he knows Jack is coming home. Carly tries to explain to Parker that Jack's friends and family need to say good-bye to him. Parker insists that he won't say good-bye to Jack because he isn't dead. An angry Parker stomps back inside the house. Mike arrives and asks Carly if he can do anything to help her.

At Nurse Julia's house, a frustrated Jack looks at pictures of Julia and her son J.J. When Julia comes downstairs, Jack explains to her that he hoped looking at the pictures would help trigger a memory of his own family. Julia encourages Jack not to give up on regaining his memory because it may return in time. Jack thanks Julia for letting him stay at her house. He wonders how she can let him stay when she doesn't know him. Julia tells Jack she can tell he is a nice guy. J.J. tells Julia that his video game is broken. Jack looks at the game and thinks he can fix it, although he isn't sure why he can fix it. Jack takes a screwdriver and fixes J.J.'s game. J.J. happily goes upstairs to play with it. Julia tells Jack she is sure he must be a father because he is good with children.

At the police station, Hal offers Nikki a permanent job on the police force. Nikki accepts Hal's offer.

At the church, Jennifer apologizes to Jordan for Barbara's part in Cabot's death. Jordan assures Jennifer that Barbara will pay.

In Barbara's suite, Barbara blasts James for killing Cabot. James blames Paul, Rosanna, Jordan and Jennifer for killing Cabot because they disobeyed his orders. James informs Barbara that he is leaving for good this time. Barbara worries that the police will arrest her for being an accomplice in Cabot's death. James tells Barbara that from now on she is on her own, because he will not return to help her anymore.

At Ben and Jessica's place, Doc tells Jessica he won't do anything to harm her marriage to Ben. Jessica vows to show Ben how much she loves him for the rest of her life. An angry Ben arrives home and asks Doc to leave because he must speak to his wife alone.

At Lucinda's house, Craig hangs up the phone and breaks the news to Lucy about Cabot's death. Craig and Lucy hold each other and cry. Lucy worries about how Rosanna is handling the situation. Lucy promises to help Craig handle his grief over Cabot's death.

At the church, Barbara offers her condolences to Rosanna about Cabot's death. Rosanna refuses to listen to anything Barbara has to say to her. Jordan informs Rosanna that Barbara helped James escape from jail.

At Ben and Jessica's place, Ben wonders at what point in time Jessica started considering Doc her friend. Jessica is puzzled by Ben's strange behavior. Ben thinks Doc has been more than a friend to Jessica.

At Nurse Julia's place, J.J. and Jack play a board game. J.J. wins the game, and Julia sends him upstairs to bed. J.J. asks Jack if he will be there tomorrow. Jack says he thinks he will be there tomorrow, and J.J. goes upstairs with Julia. Jack notices Julia's piano and starts playing it with two fingers. After a few minutes, he begins to play the entire song with both hands on the piano.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly tells Mike she is beginning to worry that Parker will never accept Jack's death. Carly admits to Mike that she wishes Parker was right and Jack was alive. Mike volunteers to stay with Parker during the memorial service. Carly goes upstairs to change her clothes. Parker comes downstairs and Carly tells him he doesn't have to go to the memorial service. Mike goes to the kitchen to get Parker milk and cookies.

At the police station, Hal informs Nikki that the pilot who helped James escape from jail is ready to talk, and it is more than likely that he will provide evidence to arrest Barbara as James' accomplice.

At the church, Jordan, Rosanna and Jennifer demand that Barbara leave. Rosanna grabs Barbara, vows to kill her, and starts hitting her.

At Nurse Julia's place, Julia comes downstairs and hears Jack playing the piano. At the same time, Parker takes his keyboard and starts playing the same tune with two fingers.

At the church, Jordan pulls Rosanna off of Barbara. Molly tells Holden that she and Carly have resolved their differences. Holden is about to tell Molly that he told Lily about the kiss they shared, but he is interrupted by people arriving for the service. Rosanna wonders how Barbara could help James kill Cabot. Barbara denies she helped James escape from jail.

At Ben and Jessica's place, Jessica wonders why Ben is so angry. Ben screams at Jessica to admit she slept with Doc. Ben thinks Jessica slept with Doc because she was desperate to have a baby. Ben tells Jessica about the tests he had Walker run on the baby. Ben screams and demands again that Jessica admit she betrayed him. Jessica cries and doesn't say a word. Ben explains that the baby had type AB- blood, and both of their blood types could not produce a baby with that blood type.

At Julia's place, Jack stops playing the piano when he sees Julia behind him. Julia asks Jack how he felt when he was playing the song. Jack says it made him happy.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly tells Parker good-bye and that she will be back in a few hours. Carly is giving Mike instructions on the food in the refrigerator when she hears Parker playing her and Jack's wedding song on the keyboard. Carly is puzzled because Parker has never heard or played the song before.

At the church, Hal informs Barbara he has proof that she was James' accomplice, and she is under arrest.

On an airplane, James talks to someone and tells him or her that he or she will be very happy because he has money hidden everywhere. Surprisingly, the person James is speaking to is Cabot.

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