ATWT Update Thursday 8/19/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/19/04

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At Tom and Margo's place, Doc arrives to talk to Margo. Margo almost slams the door in his face until Doc informs her that Jessica lost her baby.

At Ben and Jessica's place, Ben and Jessica arrive at home, and Curtis offers his sympathies to them for the loss of the baby. Ben and Jessica wonder who sent the flowers that are sitting on the table. Curtis explains that he thought Ben sent the flowers. Curtis offers to call the florist to find out who sent them. Jessica stops him when she remembers Doc's visit to her at the hospital. Ben also thinks Doc sent the flowers.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly tries to help Rosanna understand that she shouldn't blame Paul for Cabot's death. Carly explains to Rosanna that Paul was faced with an impossible choice, and he did his best to do the right thing. Carly thinks that the only person to blame for Cabot's death is James Stenbeck. Jordan arrives to speak to Rosanna. Carly tries to persuade her sister to share her pain with Jordan.

At Lily and Holden's place, Lily remembers her conversation with Molly as she looks at a family picture. Faith asks her mom why her daddy is taking so long to come home. Faith also tells Lily how much she misses her daddy.

At the Church, Holden and Molly continue to passionately kiss each other.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly and Rosanna promise to support each other through their grief. Rosanna agrees to speak with Jordan. Jordan doesn't know what to say to Rosanna. Rosanna cries and leaves the house.

At the Lakeview, Tom tries to persuade Casey to go back home. Casey wonders if Tom has forgiven Margo. Tom avoids the question and changes the subject by offering to drive Casey home. Casey agrees to move back home, and he and Tom head out.

At Tom and Margo's, Doc explains to Margo that he drove Jessica to the hospital. Margo heads to Jessica's house.

At Ben and Jessica's place, Curtis leaves to give Ben and Jessica some time alone. Ben gets a phone call from Walker telling him that the test results are in on the baby. Ben tells Jessica he has an emergency at the hospital and leaves the house.

At the church, Holden and Molly, guitl-ridden, apologize to each other for the kiss they shared. They both agree to act like it never happened and remain friends.

At Holden and Lily's place, Holden arrives home and sees Faith looking out the window waiting to see his car. Holden tells Faith she would make a good detective, just like her uncle Jack. Lily sends Faith to the kitchen for a snack. Lily tells Holden they need to talk. Holden tries to postpone the talk until after the memorial service. Lily tells Holden they must talk about Molly.

At Jack and Carly's, Molly arrives crying to tell Carly that she was right about her. Molly wishes she could take back what happened to Jack. Carly tells Molly she can't take anything back, so she should stop wishing for it right now.

At Tom and Margo's place, Tom arrives home with Casey. Casey goes upstairs to put away his things. Tom looks at family pictures.

At Ben and Jessica's place, Margo arrives to offer her condolences to Jessica. Jessica sinks into Margo's arms and can't stop crying.

At the hospital, Walker tells Ben that the tests show there is no genetic defect to prevent Jessica from getting pregnant again. Ben asks to see the test results, but Walker hesitates a bit before giving him the file. Ben thinks the lab made a mistake and gave Walker the wrong test results. Walker says the test results must be right because the lab only ran one test on a fetus.

At the church, Rosanna cries and wonders why Cabot and Jack were taken from their family. Jordan arrives, and he and Rosanna struggle to understand Cabot's death. Rosanna screams for Jordan to leave her alone when Jordan touches her shoulder.

At Ben and Jessica's, Jessica admits to Margo that, if the baby was Ben's, it would have been born with his eyes and kind heart. Jessica also admits that she prayed for every trace of Doc to disappear from her life. Jessica thinks her baby died because it was Doc's baby. Margo forgives Jessica and promises that Ben will never find out the truth.

At the hospital, Ben notices the baby's blood type is wrong and asks a nurse for Jessica's file.

At Holden and Lily's place, Lily tells Holden about her conversation with Molly and admits that Molly was right about the things she told her. Lily apologizes to Holden for not being there for him when he needed her. Lily thanks Holden for being so wonderful and patient with her when Rose died. Holden explains to Lily that he isn't perfect and does make mistakes. Holden admits to Lily that he kissed Molly at the church.

At Tom and Margo's place, Margo is surprised to see Casey and Tom when she arrives home. Margo informs Tom and Casey that Jessica lost her baby. Casey tells his mom he is moving back home because she needs him. Casey goes to call Curtis.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly explains to Molly that Jack made his own decision and his death was not her fault. Carly apologizes to Molly for lashing out at her. The cousins hug each other and cry.

At Lily and Holden's place, Holden apologizes to Lily for kissing Molly. Lily wonders why Holden allowed himself to kiss Molly. Holden assures Lily that the kiss didn't mean anything. Holden tells Lily it was just two people trying to comfort each other.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly invites Molly to the memorial service, because Jack wouldn't want them to fight with each other.

At Lily and Holden's place, Lily tells Holden that what happened makes sense because he just lost his cousin. Lily forgives Holden and tells him she won't lose him over one kiss. Holden thinks they should take a vacation together. Lily promises they will work things out. Holden goes to the church.

At the church, Rosanna cries and says she hates James, Paul, Jordan, and herself because they all caused Cabot's death. Jordan holds Rosanna as she continues to cry.

At Tom and Margo's, Margo thanks Tom for bringing Casey back home. Margo asks Tom if he, too, is ready to move back home. Tom gives Margo legal separation papers.

At Ben and Jessica's, Doc arrives to check on how Jessica is feeling. Doc once again offers his sympathies to Jessica for the loss of her baby.

At the hospital, Ben wonders how a person with type O blood, such as himself, and a person with type A blood could have a baby with type AB blood. Ben begins to wonder if he is actually the father of Jessica's baby.

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