ATWT Update Wednesday 8/18/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/18/04

By Suzanne
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Molly and Holden are at the church where Jack's memorial service is to be held. They are looking at pictures that they and others have brought in, of Jack. Holden talks about the stab in your heart that you feel when you know he's not coming back. He tells her that Carly wants him to speak at the service, but he doesn't know what to say. She consoles him. He apologizes and says he has to go pick up some flowers that his mother arranged. After he leaves, Lily comes in looking for him. Molly tells her that he's at Emma's. Lily starts to head out the door to go there, but Molly offers her help. Lily is a bit distracted and explains that she has to talk to him because of Sierra. Molly says she knows that she's worried about her sister, but she lets Lily know that Holden is a complete wreck and really needs her right now. Lily gets annoyed that Molly is telling her about her own husband. They argue. Lily reminds her of everything they've done for her and says that they don't need her interfering with their marriage. She says they don't need Molly at all. Later, Holden returns to the church and finds that Molly has written a very nice speech about Jack that Holden can use for the memorial. He is very touched. He asks why she did it. She says he has been so nice to her, that she wanted to return the favor before she left. He is shocked that she is leaving town. She says she doesn't really have a reason to stay any more. He tells her that's not true, she has him. He grabs her and kisses her.

Julia goes jogging in the park. She stops to tie her shoe and sees Jack lying on a park bench. She can't believe it's him. He says he was looking for her. She is worried because he had a fever yesterday and then he spent the night in the park. He tells her that he was looking for her in the phone book but couldn't find her. She starts to him the truth about their relationship, but he has a flash of memory. He remembers that he has been in the park before. He sees a woman sitting next to him, putting her hand on his. He thinks it's Julia. He asks her why she won't admit that she's his wife. She scolds him for leaving the hospital and talks about how they are not equipped there to handle his case. He wants to know why she is treating him like a case. He peppers her with questions about their life and what happened to their marriage. She asks him to stop and says she will take him back to her place for rest and something to eat. He agrees to go, saying he would like that a lot. He looks like a lost or wounded animal. When they go to her place, Jack is disappointed that he can't remember it. He had hoped it would jog his memory some. She brings him some old clothes she had for him to put on. He asks her to be honest with him, so she finally tells him that they were never more than just nurse and patient. He is more disappointed and they both wonder why they feel this connection. Jack goes on some more about how sure he was that he knew her. She suggests they take it one step at a time. He goes to take a shower. When he comes back, she has made him tomato soup for lunch. He isn't sure if he likes it but realizes he does, after he tastes it. She tells him that he is stuck with her until he gets his memory back. He wonders why she would bother since she doesn't really know him. She says with a smile that maybe she'd like to.

Dusty visits Sierra at her request. She tells him that she has some information but she can't share it with anyone else because she can't trust them, particularly her mother or Lily. He doesn't want to go after Craig again. She informs him that she gave Craig $2 million right before Lucy was kidnapped. He finds this quite interesting but worries that Lucy will be upset again that Craig may have been behind it. Sierra doesn't want to upset her, either, but asks Dusty if he can really live with himself if they have the proof about Craig and don't pursue it. Dusty points out that if they do that, they might both lose her. He wonders why she picked him and not a private investigator. She knows that he cares about Lucy and will get to the truth. He has an idea how to connect the money to Craig. He says he left Wade's suitcase full of money in Reno and had to leave in a hurry. She says that if he finds the money, he can have it, but he says he doesn't want it because it's cursed. She insists that they have to know if Craig did this. He replies, "We know".

Lucy goes to Metro looking for Dusty but finds Craig instead. He is glad to see her. Lucy says she has something important to tell Dusty. She is not going to Williams College after all. Craig at first laughs but then gets very angry and says she will quit over his dead body. He knows the only reason she is staying is because of Dusty. She denies it, but he doesn't believe her. She tells him that it doesn't matter what he believes. If she is old enough to have survived what happened this summer, she is old enough to make her own decision about college. Craig tries to calm her down. They sit at the bar and he gets her a soda. He tells her about Jack's memorial service. She knows he is using this to talk her into going to Williams. He says that Jack probably thought he had all the time in the world, too. She agrees that what happened was horrible and it reminds them of Bryant, but she says he shouldn't use it to talk her into going there. He asks if she's talked to Sierra, but she hasn't. She is leaving today so Craig insists that they go over and tell her about Lucy's decision. They are surprised to find Dusty with Sierra. Sierra quickly covers by saying Dusty was looking for Lucy. Lucy tells them her plans about college. Both Sierra and Dusty side with Craig, that Lucy should go to Williams. Lucy is disappointed but thinks that Dusty just doesn't want to get into a fight with her parents. Sierra asks to have a moment alone with Lucy. Sierra says she doesn't want to make Lucy's decisions for her, but she asks her to call the university and see if she can just put off enrolling for a little bit. Lucy agrees but doesn't think it will matter.

Jordan, Jennifer, and the police sift through the wreckage of James' cabin. They have soot and ash on their clothes. Jordan is in a daze, saying there is no sign of Cabot anywhere. Hal tells them sadly that they identified a fragment of a child's baby seat and part of a baby's shoe.

In her bed at the hospital, Rosanna dreams about the explosion. She awakens to find Paul standing over her. He is also dirty from the fire. He tells her that he's so sorry. Her only concern is for Cabot and she demands to know where he is. Carly is also in the room. Rosanna gets hysterical and demands to go see her baby. Paul doesn't want her to go, but Carly says she has to see it for herself.

Rosanna, Paul and Carly go to the cabin. Rosanna asks where Cabot is. Hal informs her that the forensics team says that the baby was killed instantly. Rosanna gets very upset as Carly comforts her. Hal thinks Carly should go home, but she wants to be there for her sister. The police find an envelope addressed to Rosanna that has been delivered to the mailbox, so Nikki brings it to Hal, and Hal gives it to Rosanna. James' letter informs Rosanna that Paul chose to save her instead of Cabot. He ends it cruelly with, "Too bad about Cabot. Such a cute kid". Rosanna gets very angry that Paul chose to save her instead of Cabot, when she specifically told him to save Cabot first. Paul stammers that he was on his way back inside but there wasn't time. He says there was no way he was going to let her die. She screams that she's already dead, she's nothing. She moans, "Why didn't you let me die?" Paul and Carly want to take Rosanna home, but she is angry at Paul and wants him to leave. Paul tells himself that he should have thrown himself on the bomb. Jennifer and Hal tell him that he did what he could and that he would be a hero to most people. Paul vows to hunt James down and kill him. Hal doesn't like hearing that but he knows he can't stop Paul.

Lily goes to see Sierra, who has not been returning her phone calls. Sierra is packing and doesn't want to talk to Lily. Lily offers to help, but Sierra doesn't need her help. Lily cries out that she's already lost one sister this year and doesn't want to lose another. Sierra quietly assures her that she's not losing her other sister but she just can't be around her right now. Lily tries to talk to her about Alan, so Sierra gets angry and tells her that she expected her to be his champion, not his accuser. She says maybe it was her fault for marrying him so quickly so they didn't get a chance to really know him and know he couldn't do something like this. Lily stands up for Craig again. Each of them believes the other one will figure out they're wrong eventually.

Craig tells Dusty that he is surprised that he was on his side about Lucy's school and also surprised to find him there with Sierra. Dusty is non-committal with his answers but says he was expressing his condolences over Sierra's loss. Craig tries to buddy up to him about them both having Lucy's best interests at heart. Later, Lucy is surprised when Dusty tells her that he has to go to Chicago to talk with his accountant. He says he will only be gone a few days. She wonders if he really thinks she should go off to school. He says she should listen to her mother, so she tells him that she put off school for now. He tells her to always listen to her mother because she's the only one that has her interests at heart 100%.

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