ATWT Update Tuesday 8/174/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/17/04

By Suzanne
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Emily and Chris hide under the bed in Frankfurter's furniture store as Alison and Aaron come in with Mr. Frankfurter. Mr. Frankfurter tells them that another couple was just there, so Alison insists on seeing who it is. She finds no one there, so she asks Mr. Frankfurter about them. She is expecting to hear about the two geeky guys but he describes Chris and Emily instead, so Alison doesn't know who he's talking about. Alison asks him if they could have a little time to look at the mattresses, but he wants to get home to his wife for dinner. Alison pours on the charm, saying she is getting married, showing him her ring, and saying she wants to find the perfect bed. He gives in, saying he has some paper work to do so they can have a few minutes. Alison and Aaron wonder where the other couple could have been looking and notice the sheet on the bed is messed up. Emily sneezes so they hear her. She and Chris come out to show themselves to Alison and Aaron. Alison doesn't know why the store owner called them a couple, since they aren't. Emily and Chris assure her that he was mistaken. Aaron tells Emily in an accusing tone to tell Alison what they were really up to. Aaron knows they've been sneaking around. Chris and Emily finally confess that they've been working together to find the keys so they can give them to Alison. They already have two keys and wanted to get them all to give to her as a wedding present. Aaron doesn't believe them at first. Chris points out to Alison where the third key is, so she reaches up and gets it. Alison hugs them, saying she loves them so much. Emily excuses herself quickly, making Alison wonder why. Aaron comments to Chris that he got away with lying to Alison again. Chris assures him that he loves her. Aaron wonders why he's cheating on her, then. Chris asks why he thinks that, so Aaron tells him that he saw him kissing Emily. Chris sputters that things are not always like they seem. Aaron doesn't let him off the hook. Chris reminds him about last time Aaron thought he was hurting Alison. They both agree they both want what's best for her.

Jack tells Julia that he thinks she is his wife. She tells him that the doctor ordered her not to tell him anything about his memories, not to influence him in any way. He is frustrated by his lack of memory. She urges him to just let it come naturally. He begs her to take him home so that he can remember stuff in familiar surroundings. She runs out of his room, upset, as he calls after her. Julia tells the doctor that she doesn't want to lie to her patient any more. She lets him know that Jack thinks she's his wife. He tells her it's natural for transference to occur but it will only be temporary. He tells her that when Jack feels safe again, he will probably regain his memory. She doesn't want him to think they're married. He says that although it's unconventional, he points out that he's already remembered his name, so it is working. She tells him that Jack has also remembered a lot about the law. He agrees with the social worker that it is not safe for Jack to leave the hospital because anyone could take advantage of him in his present condition. She wonders why a missing persons report hasn't been put out on Jack; the doctor says he will check again to see if anything has changed on that. She points out that he has a wedding ring and wonders why his wife wouldn't have reported him missing. The doctor theorizes that maybe Jack's wife wasn't unhappy to see him leave. Julia goes back into Jack's room and is upset to find him out of bed. He wants to go home. She tells him to lay down and that he needs rest. She can tell he has a fever. Later, she says his fever is coming down and asks if he's feeling better. He is very frustrated about not being able to remember. Julia comforts him. He tells her that he wants to be the man she married, so she can count on him again. She tells him to rest and she'll be there when he wakes up. She goes out and tells the doctor she can't do this any more; it's not fair to her or Jack. He understand and says he'll find someone to take over the case. He suggests she go home; she points out that she said she would be there when he wakes up. He tells her he will find some explanation to give Jack. She leaves. Later, the doctor phones Julia to tell her that Jack has left the hospital. She gets a little worried. Julia plays checkers with her son. Meanwhile, Jack wanders around.

At home, Carly talks to Jack (his spirit, or so she thinks) about Parker and asks him to help him understand. She debates with Mike about whether she should take Parker out to the bridge to send his bottle (with his message to Jack) or not. Mike offers to babysit Sage while they're gone. Carly tells Parker that she's going with him to the bridge. They go to the bridge. Parker asks her if she remembers when he got lost in the mall. He tells how he felt to scared and then she found him and took him for ice cream. She remembers. He says he doesn't want Jack to feel scared; he wants to find him and give him ice cream, help him until he can come home. Carly wants that, too. He asks if Jack will get the message in the bottle. She says that she thinks that wherever Jack, he will know about it. They throw the bottle into the water. They go home and she fills Mike in on what happened. Holden drops by so she tells him, too. He thinks it's time they have a formal goodbye to Jack. Carly and Mike both think it's too soon for a memorial service. Holden tells Mike that this is a family decision, so Mike goes to help Parker get ready for bed. Holden argues with Carly about the memorial service. He uses Lily as an example, how she had trouble getting over Rose's death. After more arguing, Carly agrees but says she won't speak at it. Holden offers to help with everything and then he leaves. Mike comes back and asks her if she's going ahead with it. Carly tells him that Jack's friends, the cops, need it. Later, she tucks Parker in bed. He worries that Jack won't find his way home. She suggests they light a Christmas candle and put it in the window for him.

At the police station, Jordan and Jennifer try to get some information from the police about Rosanna and Cabot's kidnapping. Hal brings Barbara in for questioning. Jordan is angry that Barbara had something to do with the kidnapping, and that Jennifer suspected but didn't tell him. Barbara protests that she's innocent. Jordan yells at her, so she says that James threatened her child. Jordan demands that she tell him where they are. Hal gets into the conversation so they all start arguing. Barbara says she won't say anything more without her attorney. Hal plays the tape that James sent Barbara. He says sympathetically that they can all understand why she would help James escape. She still denies that she did it. Jordan and Jennifer argue with her. She assures Jordan that James wouldn't harm Cabot because he's his only grandchild. They remind her that he has tried to kill Paul, his son, many times. Jennifer suddenly realizes that Paul seems to be missing; she says that if he does anything to her brother, she will never forgive Barbara. Jordan mentions James' pilot, so Barbara knows that since he came back to town, James must be using Rosanna and Cabot as bait to get to Paul. Hal asks her to think where James would try to lure Paul. She tells him that James has a cabin in Luther's Corners. Hal orders the other jobs to pull up James' file so they can figure out where it is.

Paul and James are at the cabin. James tells Paul to hurry it up and tells Rosanna that Paul is there. She is in another room but they call to each other. James refuses to give Paul the key to the lock on the door, so Paul demands to know what James wants from him. James says he just wants him to be a man and tells him that he's waited for this his whole life. Paul tells him that he's in control but asks him to tell him how he can get Rosanna and Cabot back. A baby's cry is heard. Rosanna yells at Paul to do what James says to get Cabot. James tells Paul that he wants him to call him "Dad". Paul asks if Cabot is there. James affirms that he is but chides Paul for interrupting their father-son moment and not telling him that he and Rosanna are in love. Paul says it's about the two of them, not Rosanna. James disagrees. He yells at Paul for destroying all of his plans (with Jordan marrying Rosanna, etc.). Paul tells him that they didn't want to be together; it wasn't his fault. He tells James that people can't be happy if they're not in control of their own lives. Paul says that's the only thing he's ever wanted, to be in control of his own fate. James tells him that's what he will have now, but he may not like it. He says jealously that Paul wants to give Rosanna everything, but he never gives him anything...not even a card on Father's Day. Paul tries to reason with him by saying he should give him Rosanna and Cabot. James makes some comments. Paul yells to Rosanna that he's going to get her out of there. James warns him not to set off the bomb prematurely. Paul demands to know where it is and threatens James' life, but he's not afraid to die. Paul begs James to let them both go. James tells him that he only has time to save one, so he'd better choose one of them, either Rosanna or Cabot. Rosanna tells Paul through the door to save Cabot. Paul gets the key and rushes in to get Rosanna as James leaves. She protests and tells him to save Cabot. He grabs her and goes outside. He tells her to stay there so he can go get Cabot. As he turns around, the cabin explodes, knocking them both to the ground.

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