ATWT Update Monday 8/16/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/16/04

By Suzanne
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Mike drops by Carly's to help cheer Parker up by tossing a baseball around. When he rings the doorbell, Parker is excited because he thinks it's Jack returning. Mike admires all of the flowers that people have sent Carly. Parker is in denial and insists that Jack is coming back. He tells them he can't play ball because he has to find Jack. He has the compass that Jack gave him. Carly wonders where he found it. He tells her that Jack had it fixed for their anniversary as a surprise. She is touched but tells him that it can't help find Jack. He tells her that Jack told him if will help him get home if he's lost. Carly is at a loss, so Mike takes Parker aside and explains that the compass is not magic and can't find Jack. Parker yells that he's wrong and he's going to find Jack. Carly tells him that it's not his job. Parker says that Jack told him to look out for her and Sage. She says she thinks Jack meant to just help out at home. She sends him upstairs to check on Sage. She worries to Mike that Parker will not be able to face the truth unless they find Jack's body. Mike suggests she just keep telling him and eventually it will sink in. She is upset, saying that his heart will be broken and that's not what a mother is supposed to do to her son. Carly tells Mike about the compass's history, saying she smashed it when she was fearful of Julia's control over their lives and she wanted to hurt Jack. Mike says that maybe they should let Parker use it because hope might be the only thing that will keep him going. Carly doesn't think it's wise to let Parker delude himself. Mike offers his help. Carly and Mike help Parker write a note for Jack so he can put it into a bottle and throw it into the river (so that Jack will find it). Carly struggles to stay positive for Parker's sake.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jack tries to get out of bed and go home, but Julia stops him. She wants to take his temperature. She tells him he's not well enough yet to get out of bed. He keeps trying to go home. She tells him that they don't know where home is. He thinks that she knows and should tell him. She says that she can't. She encourages him, saying that he needs rest and pretty soon that he will remember more than just his name. He adds, "and your name". She doesn't correct him. He wants to get up and do something. He tells her he doesn't want any more pain pills because they make his memory worse. She says she will talk to the doctor about cutting back on it. She assures him that she wants him to recover and he needs to trust her. He says he does because she's been good to him. The doctor asks Jack how he's doing. Julia asks if she can speak with him outside for a moment. She tells him that she doesn't like lying to Jack. The doctor tells her that Jack seems to have a connection with her, which is helping his memory and his recovery. The doctor gets paged away. Julia's son, J.J., arrives unexpectedly. He wants her to help him work on a school project. She says she'll see him at home and reminds him that children aren't allowed in there. She tells him when she'll be home and says that she has a special case, a man who really needs her. She calls after him not to forget to take out the trash. Inside the room, Jack hears the name and knows he is familiar with "J.J.". Julia goes back into Jack's room. He asks how J.J. is. She answers that he's fine, wondering why Jack is asking about her son. He says next time she should bring him in because it would help jog his memory. Before she gets a chance to ask him what he means, a social worker shows up to talk to Jack. She asks him some questions and talks to him about where he was found. He is frustrated by the small amount of information. He wants to be released so he can investigate the area. She tells him he can't be released yet since his memory is impaired. Jack insists he can go home to his wife and son. She says there's not record of him having a wife and son, but he insists that he does. She still wants to keep him in the hospital. He tells her that he's not a danger to himself or anyone else, so she can't keep him there without a warrant. Julia comes in to hear this last part and then the social worker leaves. Julia wonders if Jack is a lawyer. He says he has no idea, but she must know since she's his wife.

Aaron is not happy to hear that he and Allison have to enter a hotdog eating contest to find the latest key. She is determined to beat Kevin and Dean. Ali thinks the clues point to the key being in one of the hot dog buns. Kevin and Dean taunt them, saying they already have five keys. Ali wants to buy the buns, but the man in charge tells her that she will have to enter the contest if she wants near his buns. Aaron tells her that he will not do this alone. Ali and Aaron start scarfing down hot dogs for the contest, searching through the buns as they go. An obnoxious announcer heats up the competition between the two groups. Ali and Aaron start to get nauseous from eating the hot dogs. Nancy arrives and tells Ali that she is making a terrible mistake being there. Nancy tells Ali that she thinks they should be at the mattress store, not at the hot dog contest. Ali grabs Aaron and pulls him away, saying they have to go now. Nancy gives them directions to the store.

Emily goes to Frankfurter's, a mattress store, to look for the key. The owner tells her that he was just about to close. He gets a phone call and has to leave. Chris arrives, telling her that he followed her. They discuss whether they should work together or not. They agree to remain partners and ignore the kiss. They lie down on the bed together, trying to figure out the clues. They get very close and almost kiss. She spies the key in the light fixture above. He helps her try to reach it, but she falls, landing on top of him on the bed. They kiss and then talk about how they are going to forget this ever happened...then they kiss some more. They start undressing. They freeze when they hear Alison's voice in the other room, talking to the store owner.

Barbara phones someone to make sure Will is all right in the hospital. Hal arrives to say he has bad news, so she freaks out, thinking it's Will. It's not, but he wonders why she thought it was about Will. She covers, saying she just thought so because her son is locked up in a place where she can't see him. He tells her Will is fine but Stenbeck has escaped. She says "that's terrible" as he describes what happened. He wonders why she doesn't seem surprised. She claims that he's done it so many times before so that's why she's not surprised. He accuses her of being in touch with Stenbeck. She protests hotly, but he is not impressed. He points out all of the reasons why he is suspicious. Hal gets a call and has to leave. He tells her that Jordan made a 911 call because James has taken Rosanna and Cabot. He demands to know where they are, but she insists she is innocent. He vows to find out what she's been hiding. Jennifer visits Barbara, telling her what happened. Barbara says she knows because Hal told her. Jennifer spies the audio tape that Barbara is clutching and wants to know what is it. Barbara tries to put it away in her bag, saying it's an interview she did, but Jennifer can tell she's lying and grabs it. She demands to know who's really on the tape. Barbara tells her it's James. She confides that she has to help him escape in order to protect Will. Barbara tells her that she should listen to the tape if she doesn't believe it. Jennifer listens to the tape. Jennifer wants to take the tape to Hal. Barbara begs her not to, saying Hal will just blame her. Jennifer says she has no one to blame but herself.

Paul, Jordan and Jennifer are panicking that Rosanna and Cabot have disappeared from the park. Paul tells them to phone 911. Later, Hal shows up. He barks some orders to his cops about searching for Rosanna and Cabot. Paul knows that James won't be so easily found. Jordan starts blaming Paul for what has happened, so they argue. Paul sees a clown with balloons and thinks it's James, so he runs and lunges at him, knocking him to the ground. Paul yells at him, demanding to know where Rosanna and Cabot are. Hal and the cops come up and they determine that it is not James. The young guy under the clown wig yells at Paul for knocking him down and letting all his balloons go, saying he will have to pay for them. Paul apologizes, saying he thought he was someone else. Jordan blames Paul some more. Hal tells them to calm down, saying he's going to meet with the FBI now. Jennifer shows up and wants to talk to Hal, so he tells her to walk with him because he's in a hurry.

James has Rosanna and Cabot stashed somewhere; he threatens them with a knife. She begs for the life of her baby, but he corrects her, saying it's his baby. He admonishes her for not following the simple rules he had laid out. She promises that she and Jordan will do whatever he says for the rest of their lives. He wonders if that's true. James says she can have her baby, if Paul helps. He wants Paul to pay for what he's done. She points out that he was just trying to protect the people he loves, and wouldn't James do the same thing. He says he is happy to hear that they are in love. He wants to put Paul's love to the test. James takes Cabot out of Rosanna's arms and says that if Paul loves her, he will come to her rescue.

James, dressed in a clown suit, comes up behind Paul in the park and quietly threatens him. Paul demands to know if Rosanna and Cabot are safe. James knows that Paul wants to play the hero, so he is going to help him do that. He tells Paul that they are out at the old cabin. Hal calls for Paul. James tells him that they'll be waiting and he leaves. Hal tells Paul that it looks like Barbara helped James escaped. Paul distractedly tells him he's not surprised and tells him to lock her up for the rest of her life. Hal wants Paul's help in talking to her, but Paul says he has something else to do. Hal watches him leaves suspiciously.

Hal grills Barbara about the tape; she lies that she didn't help James escape and that she's innocent. Hal counters that they have a lead on the helicopter pilot, so if he says Barbara helped him, she will go down.

The police tell Jordan there is no evidence of James's escape from the park. He wonders to Jennifer if they will ever see Rosanna and Cabot again. She assures him that they will. They wonder where Paul is.

Paul goes to the cabin alone; James is there and lets him in. James welcomes him and leads him to show him something. Paul wants to know where Cabot is. He hears Rosanna's voice calling to him, so he follows it. James tells him that he wants him to appreciate what he's seeing; he says it's almost biblical. Paul looks into this room and has an unpleasant expression on his face.

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