ATWT Update Friday 8/13/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/13/04

By Eva
Proofread by Angie


At Metro, Allison and Emily address the wedding invitations.  Allison remarks that she wants to deliver the invitations by hand to all her friends.  Emily thinks that Allison has too many things on her mind to worry about hand-delivering the invitations.  Chris arrives, and Allison shows him that the wedding invitations have been addressed.  Emily thinks about the kiss she and Chris shared.  Allison invites Aaron to have lunch with her, Chris, and Emily, but Aaron tells her he has too much work to do.  Allison gives Aaron an invitation. 


At Rosanna's place, Paul and Rosanna kiss and declare their love for one another.  Both of them thought they would never fall in love again, and they are surprised by the intensity of their feelings toward each other. 


A woman named Mahalia, who enjoys listening to gospel music, brings James to Oakdale.  Mahalia tells James she is going to Oakdale to visit her grandbaby.  James shares with Mahalia that he is also going to Oakdale to visit his grandson.  James and Mahalia sing "Amazing Grace" while James drives home. 


At Lucinda's, Lucy asks her father to leave so she may speak to Dusty alone.  Lucy again asks Dusty to let things go, but Dusty refuses to do so. 


At the guesthouse, Sierra is convinced that Alan was set up by someone to take the blame for Lucy's kidnapping.  Sierra tries to persuade Nikki that a man who would write such a loving letter to her couldn't kidnap her daughter.  Nikki tells Sierra that the letter doesn't prove anything.  Nikki wonders if Alan withdrew a large amount of money from the bank recently.  She asks Sierra's permission to access Alan's bank records.  The request angers Sierra, and she throws Nikki, Craig, and Lily out of the house.  Craig refuses to leave because he thinks Sierra needs a friend. 


At Lucinda's, Dusty is torn between his feelings for Lucy and wanting to find out the truth about her kidnapping.  Dusty tells Lucy he wants to walk away from her because he isn't good for her.  Dusty explains to Lucy that when she was kidnapped he felt like he couldn't breathe, and when he found her he could breathe again.  Dusty also tells Lucy that when he found her he promised himself he would never let her go. 


James arrives at his destination and tells Mahalia that she shouldn't pick up hitchhikers because there are evil people in the world who may want to harm her.  Mahalia tells James that she never worries about that because she has divine protection. 


At Rosanna's place, Jordan arrives with Jennifer and gives Rosanna and Paul the good news that he and Rosanna are no longer married.  Rosanna hears Cabot crying and is puzzled when he suddenly stops.  Rosanna thinks Paul must have brought Cabot downstairs on his way back from the kitchen.  When Paul arrives with champagne and no Cabot, Rosanna rushes to Cabot's room to check on him. 


At Metro, Allison wonders why Aaron looks like he lost his best friend.  Aaron tells Allison about Jack's death but asks her not to tell anyone yet.  Allison gives Aaron a hug and then goes back to the table where Chris and Emily are sitting.  Emily tells Allison she is leaving in order to give her time alone with Chris and exits.  Allison goes to get the newspaper to find out the next clue to the contest.  She asks Chris to order a grilled cheese for her.  Aaron tells Chris he saw him and Emily kissing. 


At the guesthouse, Sierra asks Craig to tell her what happened at the bell tower.  Craig tells Sierra that, when he arrived, Alan and Wade were arguing about how to split the ransom money.  Craig makes Sierra doubt her husband by saying that he had another side to his personality that he didn't show her.  Sierra cries as Craig holds her.  Sierra remembers that she gave Craig a check to cover his legal fees. 


At Lucinda's, Dusty thinks he is a bum and unworthy of Lucy's love.  Lucy thinks he is a hero.  Dusty thinks that Lucy feels grateful to him, but that isn't love.  Lucy kisses Dusty to prove that her feelings extend beyond gratitude.  Dusty pulls away from the kiss at first but then kisses Lucy back. 


At Rosanna's place, Rosanna brings Cabot downstairs and tells everyone that he stopped crying because he was looking at a toy carousel that Jennifer gave him.  Rosanna hears a noise and thinks she sees someone at the window.  Jordan assures her that nobody is there.  Paul, Rosanna, Jennifer, and Jordan decide to take Cabot to the carnival.  After everyone leaves, James comes out of his hiding place and decides to follow them. 


At the carnival, the group is having a wonderful time with Cabot.  Rosanna tells Paul that she hasn't felt so happy in a long time.  Paul goes to buy balloons and then gets down on one knee and asks Rosanna to marry him. 


At Metro, Chris thinks that Aaron misinterpreted what he saw between him and Emily.  Chris thinks Aaron is trying to break up his relationship with Allison because Aaron wants her for himself.  Chris makes it clear to Aaron that he loves Allison and he will marry her.  Aaron warns Chris that he won't allow him to hurt Allison.  When Allison returns, Chris gets paged and must go to the hospital.  Allison wonders why Aaron and Chris can't be friends.  She asks Aaron to try to be friends with Chris for her sake.  Aaron can't say no to Allison and decides to go to the wedding, even though at first he had told her he couldn't go. 


At Lucinda's, Nikki tells Dusty and Lucy she is closing the case because it appears that Alan and Wade were the kidnappers.  Nikki asks Dusty if he can provide any evidence to show that someone else is guilty of the crime.  Dusty tells Nikki he hasn't got any concrete evidence against anyone.  Dusty tells Lucy he dropped the situation for her sake.  He admits to her he has no idea where their relationship is going.  Lucy says she is willing to take things slowly. 


At the guesthouse, a nervous Sierra tells Craig she has an important appointment and must leave now. 


At the hospital, Chris tells Emily that Aaron saw them kissing.  Emily thinks the kiss was no big deal.  She explains to Chris that he was just having a case of cold feet and had a weak moment.  Chris wonders about their relationship. Emily makes it clear that they have no relationship, and he will marry Allison because he loves her.  Emily finds the next clue to the contest in the paper and tells Chris they must find the next key.  Chris thinks he and Emily should keep their distance, so he tells Emily he won't be her partner anymore.  Emily leaves and says she can find the other keys on her own.  Chris leaves the hospital. 


At Metro, Allison figures out the clue in the newspaper, and she and Aaron go to find the next key. 


At the carnival, Paul tells Rosanna that he loves her and wants to have a family and a future with her forever.  Rosanna accepts Paul's proposal, and they kiss each other. James arrives at the carnival and is seen by Jordan. 


At Metro, Sierra admits to Dusty that she is beginning to suspect Craig was the person behind Lucy's kidnapping.  Sierra asks Dusty to tell her his suspicions.  Dusty advises Sierra to let this go and get on with her life.  Dusty explains that he promised Lucy he would let this go.  Sierra thinks Dusty wants to discover the truth as much as she does, so she tells him to give her a call when he changes his mind. 


At the carnival, James watches as Paul takes pictures of Rosanna and Cabot on the carousel.  A frantic Jordan informs Paul that they must go home now; he has spoken to the prison, and James has escaped.  A worried Paul calls out Rosanna's name.

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