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At Lucinda's place, Craig checks on how Lucy is doing after her ordeal. Lucy admits she was unable to sleep because she kept having nightmares about being trapped inside the box. Craig assures Lucy he would never do anything to hurt her. Lucy tells her father that she doesn't think Alan would hurt her either. Lucy worries that someone else is out there who could kidnap her. Craig assures his daughter that her ordeal is over.

At the guesthouse, Lily checks on Sierra, who hasn't slept at all. Sierra refuses to accept that the man she loved could have been involved in Lucy's kidnapping. Lily tries to persuade Sierra to let the police handle the situation. Sierra insists she wants to let the matter drop so she can get on with her life. Lily sees that this subject is making Sierra more upset, so she promises not to go to the police.

In the prison van, James waits for the right time to begin his plan of escape.

At Barbara's place, Barbara listens to the tape from James asking her to help him. Barbara quickly puts the tape recorder away when Jennifer enters the room. Jennifer informs her mother that she has decided not to leave Oakdale because James has been transferred to solitary confinement in another state. Jennifer also tells Barbara that Jordan and Rosanna have annulled their marriage.

At Rosanna's place, Paul informs Rosanna that James is being transferred to a maximum-security prison out of state. Paul and Rosanna celebrate their freedom from James. Carly enters the room and wonders what she missed.

In Jack's hospital room, Jake tells Nurse Julia that he had a dream about a wedding, but as soon as he woke up he forgot the details of the dream. Jack notices he is wearing a wedding ring. Julia tells Jack that his dream and the ring may be a sign that he is starting to remember. A frustrated Jack thinks he is a married man who can't remember his name or anything about his life. Julia remarks that Jack is definitely married. Jack wonders how Julia would know that he was married and asks if she attended his wedding. Julia covers and tells Jack that he wouldn't have been wearing his wedding ring for such a long time if he weren't married.

At Lucinda's place, Lucy wonders how a smart woman like her mother could be taken in by a jerk like Alan. When Lily arrives, she tells Lucy she needs to go and give her mother a hug. Craig and Lily worry about how Lucy and Sierra are coping with the situation. Craig snaps at Lily when she informs him that Sierra refuses to go to the police with the information about Alan.

At Barbara's place, Jennifer tells her mother to stop using James as an excuse for everything she has done. Jennifer then says good-bye to her mother and leaves the room.

At Rosanna's place, Paul tells Carly the good news about James. Paul takes Parker for a walk so that Carly and Rosanna can talk. Carly explains to Rosanna that she promised herself she wasn't going to cry today, and then she starts to cry. Carly also explains to Rosanna that, while she was sleeping, she could smell Jack's cologne and feel him with her, so she thought he was coming back to her, but when she woke up on Jack's pillow she realized he was gone. Carly advises Rosanna to treasure every moment of her happiness, because one never knows when it may be gone.

At the hospital where Jack is recovering, the doctor and Nurse Julia talk about John Doe's progress. Julia explains to the doctor that the patient still insists that he knows her, and she feels it's wrong to keep deceiving him. The doctor advises Nurse Julia not to push the patient to remember and to just listen to him. The doctor wonders if Nurse Julia will be okay working with this patient. Julia assures the doctor she will be fine; she just sympathizes with his situation because she remembers what it is like to be new in town.

Inside Jack's room, Jack stares at his wedding ring and struggles to remember something. When Nurse Julia walks in, Jack informs her that he remembered a song while he was staring at his wedding ring. Nurse Julia asks him to sing the song. Jack sings his and Carly's wedding song worth its all. Jack is surprised when Julia begins to sing the song with him. Jack wonders how Julia knows the song. Julia tells Jack the song is very popular.

At Lucinda's place, Craig tells Lily that, since Sierra won't go to the police, they should tell Nikki about the new evidence, for Lucy's sake. Lily agrees that they should tell Nikki about the evidence.

In Jack's hospital room, Jack tells Nurse Julia that, while he was singing the song, all he thought about was that she is beautiful.

At Rosanna's place, Rosanna tells Carly she saw a new and wonderful side of Paul during this crisis with James. Rosanna can't believe that Paul took on his father for her and Cabot's sake. Rosanna feels more like herself with Paul than in any other relationship. .

In the prison van, James tells the guard he must go to the bathroom. The van stops to let James use the bathroom. James persuades the guard to take the handcuffs off him.

At Barbara's place, James threatens in the tape recording to hurt Will if she doesn't follow his instructions. Barbara calls someone and asks him or her to do her a favor immediately.

At Lucinda's, Nikki arrives with Dusty. Nikki tells Lily that she has a search warrant for the guesthouse. Lily goes with Nikki to the guesthouse. Craig tries to throw Dusty out of the house, but he refuses to leave until he sees Lucy.

At the guesthouse, Nikki shows Sierra the search warrants and begins searching the house. Sierra blasts Lily for breaking her promise and going to the police. Lily apologizes to Sierra but explains that she thinks it's better for Lucy to know the truth.

In Jack's hospital room, Jack is frustrated when he can't remember more about his life. Nurse Julia advises Jack not to push himself and let his memories come on his own. Jack notices that Nurse Julia has an indentation on her ring finger. Jack asks Julia when she stopped wearing her wedding ring. Julia changes the subject and advises Jack to look inside his wedding ring and see if it has an inscription. Jack takes his ring off and reads, "Forever Jack." Nurse Julia is excited that John Doe finally has a name. Jack wonders how Nurse Julia knew his ring would have an inscription. Nurse Julia once again avoids Jack's question.

At Rosanna's place, Carly wonders if she should have a memorial service for Jack. Carly says since a body was never found it's much harder for her to accept that Jack is gone. Rosanna says she doesn't have to worry about these decisions right now. Rosanna tells Carly she isn't alone and she doesn't have to worry about money, because she will provide whatever Carly needs.

At the jail, when James gets to his cell he tells the guards he needs his medicine. The guards get nervous, and one of the guards goes to call 911. James fakes a seizure; the other guard fears James may die, and turns around to get the keys to the cell. James kicks the guard, who crashes into the wall and falls down. James grabs the keys from the unconscious guard, unlocks his handcuffs, and walks out of the cell. Once outside, James signals the helicopter, which drops a ladder down to pull him up.

At the guesthouse, Sierra begs Nikki to explore all of the leads in the case, not just circumstantial evidence. Sierra finds a letter from Alan telling her that he is proud and happy that he will be the person who will bring Lucy back to her. Alan also writes how much he loves Sierra.

At Lucinda's place, Dusty screams at Craig that he will never let him use Lucy for cash again. Lucy arrives and tells them to stop yelling at each other.

At Rosanna's place, Rosanna, Paul, and Carly worry that Parker still thinks Jack is coming home. Paul volunteers to be Parker's male role model. Paul also offers to coach Parker's baseball team. Carly is very grateful and accepts Paul's offer.

At Lucinda's place, Lucy defends her father and blames Alan for the kidnapping. Lucy tells Dusty she cares for him a great deal, but she loves her father. Lucy begs Dusty to drop this for her sake.

In Jack's hospital room, Nurse Julia admits to Jack that she used to wear a wedding ring and she had an inscription inside it.

At Rosanna's place, after Carly and Parker leave, Paul admits to Rosanna he doesn't know much about baseball and he throws like a girl. Rosanna laughs and then tells Paul she loves him. Paul and Rosanna kiss each other.

Inside the helicopter, James tells the pilot to take him to Oakdale. James borrows the pilot's phone to call Barbara. James thanks Barbara for helping him. Barbara demands to know what James is planning to do next. James pretends that the connection is breaking up and hangs up the phone. James is happy to be in control again.

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