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As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/11/04

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Lillian, Dusty, Sierra, Lily, and Lucy wonder why Alan said "Craig" as his last word to Sierra.  Craig pretends he doesn't know.  John comes in and tells Sierra that there are papers to sign.  Craig tries to get rid of Dusty, but Sierra tells him pointedly that he's welcome to stay as long as he wants.  Lily looks at Craig's injured arm.  Later, Lillian comes out and tells them all it will be a long night so there is plenty of food.  Dusty says he's in no hurry.  He and Craig argue about whether Alan kidnapped Lucy or whether Craig did.  Lily protests, saying that she saw what happened.  Dusty thinks she saw something that was too much for her to see.  They start yelling.  They all want to protect Sierra.  Sierra comes back in then and wants to know what they are protecting her from.  They clam up and tell her that it's nothing important.  Lillian suggests she rest.  Sierra gets annoyed and demands to know what they were talking about.  Lily tells her gently that Alan engineered Lucy's kidnapping.  Sierra is stunned.  She stays that's impossible.  She starts yelling at them and asking why they would say that.  She says he didn't need the money because he had all of hers.  She claims there was not a hurtful or hateful bone in his body.  She asks if they all believe this, but no one says anything.  Craig says that none of them wanted to accuse him, but there is evidence.  Sierra demands to know what.  Lily tells her that Lucy's trust fund agreement was found in Alan's garment bag.  She says she doesn't know how he could have that when he didn't know it even existed, but even so she can think of plenty of reasons why he might have it.  He had access to all of her papers.  She starts getting really angry and yelling "How dare you!" and screaming that they are all lying.  She is very upset.  She yells that they are cruel, spiteful, and wrong, then she runs out.  Lucy follows her.  Lucy finds Sierra talking to herself out loud as she goes through Alan's bags frantically.  She finds the trust fund papers.  Then she goes through another bag and empties it out as Lucy tries to calm her.  She finds a piece of paper.  Lucy grabs something else and hides it, but Sierra sees her do it and asks her to show it to her.  It's a key, and Lucy identifies it as a key for Metro.  Lucy says sadly that he must have used it to get the gun.  She tells Sierra that she's sorry and hugs her.  Lucy offers comfort.  Sierra kisses her and says it's okay.  She strokes Lucy's hair and tells her that she's going to take a bath now.  Lucy leaves.  Sierra puts her hand to her head as if she's in pain.  In the other room, Lillian talks to the police on the phone and then tells everyone that they are allowing them to give their statements tomorrow.  Lucy comes back in and shows them the trust fund agreement, the metro key, and the piece of paper, which has a phone number on it.  Lily says that it's proof, but Dusty says it proves nothing.  Lucy turns on Dusty and yells at him for accusing Craig.  She hugs Craig as Dusty looks uncomfortable.

Ben looks for Jessica in a bar or restaurant.  Meanwhile, Doc Reese is helping Jessica into the ER.  She tells them that she is having severe cramping and pain, and she thinks she's bleeding.  Ben arrives as the doctor is looking at her; he learns that Doc Reese brought her in.  Jessica frantically asks what has happened to her baby, but the doctor tells her it's too early to tell.  Alone, Jessica prays to God not to punish her baby for what she's done.  Outside, Ben talks to the doctor.  She tells Ben that she is not hearing a fetal heartbeat.  They do an ultrasound to find out for sure.  The doctor comes out later and tells Ben she's so sorry.  Doc Reese lurks nearby, listening, as Ben sniffles, trying not to cry.  He goes in to see Jessica, who is crying.  She cries throughout these scenes.  Ben hugs her.  Jessica keeps saying that she's so sorry.  He tells her that it's not her fault.  She says she was afraid, but he assures her there is nothing to be afraid of.  She says bitterly that she can't seem to do anything right.  Ben kisses her and says these things happen; it's just nature's way of making sure they have a healthy baby.  He tells her that it's going to be okay and they hug.  The doctor gives her a sedative and says she has to stay overnight for observation.  Ben kisses Jessica and they tell each other, "I love you" before he leaves to fill out some paperwork.  Doc comes in, very tentatively.  He tells her that he's sorry and that he knew how much she wanted the baby.  He says that he knows she would have loved it a lot.  She tells him coldly that he doesn't her well enough to know that.  He says that anyone who hates him as much as she does, would have loved that baby.  She cries, ranting and raving about the doctor.  The doctor told her it was for the best, but she doesn't know how that can be when it feels like her heart has been ripped out.  He hugs her comfortingly.  Outside, Ben breaks down crying.  Walker comes in and offers sympathy and help.  Ben asks him to take a look at the fetus as a pathologist, to see if there's anything they can do next time to avoid this.  Walker agrees, saying he will run a full genetic workup.

Barbara comes home to find Jessica packing.  She wants to talk to Jennifer, but Jennifer doesn't want to hear her explanation.  She yells at Barbara for lying and manipulating her into thinking she was sick again.  She says that Paul warned her that she would do something like this.  She tells Barbara that she won, Jordan is out of her life.  She tells her she's going back to Europe, for good.  Jennifer says that she and Jordan can go to Hell.  They argue.  Jennifer yells at her for plotting to break up her and Jordan.  Barbara denies it, of course. Jennifer says she always takes her side but not any more.  Jennifer leaves the room.  Barbara gets a drink and a phone call from Walker.  She tells him that she needs to see him.  Jennifer tells Barbara to let Walker go before she destroys him, too.  She calls for her bags.  Barbara tries to stop her, but she says goodbye and leaves.  Walker arrives a little later.  She hugs him, but he is stiff and doesn't hug her back.  She knows he is angry and apologizes for her "foolish impulse" in pretending to be sick again.  He says that he cares for her, and she says the same thing.  He tells her to listen and they sit down together.  He says that people tried to warn him away from her.  He thought being with him would be good for her and things would be fine.  But, he says, they're not fine.  He tells Barbara that she's not fine, she needs help.  She is aghast.  He yells at her for what she did to her children.  She says that James is in the past and she won't make that mistake again.  She asks if they can start over.  He asks her when was the last time she saw her psychiatrist.  He knows she had to quit for a while when she was sick, so he suggests that she resume therapy.  He tells her that they are not together any more.  They argue.  Barbara gets very angry and tells him to leave.  As he leaves, she yells that she doesn't need him any more.  She says to herself, inside, that she doesn't need anyone.  Later, a weird looking bald man with sunglasses knocks on her door and hands her an envelope.  He says it's of utmost importance and then leaves.  She yells, "Who sent you?" but he's gone.  It is an audiotape.  She plays it.  James voice says that he needs her help.

Paul, Rosanna, and the governor are there to tell James that he is being transferred to a maximum security facility far away.  He will be in solitary and no longer have access to phones, etc.  Paul says that he won't be able to hurt Cabot, Rosanna, or the rest of them and will be away for good.  James says nothing, so Paul can't believe that he's speechless for once.  James finds his voice and pleads with the governor.  The governor says he spoke with everyone there and can't believe the corruption he found.  He plans to make prison reform one of his cornerstone issues when he runs for re-election.  The governor leaves after Paul and Rosanna thank him.  James sneers that Paul can't be so stupid to think this changes anything.  Paul tells him he will soon be in a deep, dark pit.  He taunts James, telling him the free ride is over.  James says that perhaps he has Stenbeck blood after all, but asks why it is that he only uses his fortitude against him?  Paul replies that life is full of irony.  James asks Rosanna if she's sure this is what she wants.  She doesn't say anything at first.  Paul yells at James that they are together now.  Rosanna says there is nothing that James can do.  He wonders if she's put her faith in Paul and whether she can trust him with her life (implying that she will be in danger).  He points out that Paul has a questionable track record, and says, "Just ask Rose.  Oh, wait, you can't, she's dead".  Paul gets angry at that. James says Rosanna is a new mother so she should think about it.  She has a vulnerable child.  Rosanna tells him that there is no doubt in her heart or mind that she wants Paul.  Paul taunts James about being all alone.  James quotes Shakespeare quietly.  The guards come to take James away.  Paul tells Rosanna they should go celebrate now, as they leave.  The guards put James in chains and joke about how dangerous he is.  He smiles as they lead him away.  They put him on the bus.  He says to himself, "They think this is the end".

Jordan has brought Jennifer to his place, telling her that Cabot wanted to say goodnight.  She is impatient and wants to leave.  He tells her that he's sorry and that he thought it was the only option at the time.  She wants to know what happens next time.  He says it's over, they've neutralized James.  He shows her the annulment papers that Rosanna had drawn up right after they were married.  He says they will sign them now.  He tells her that she's the only one he wants and asks her to stay.  Paul and Rosanna arrive and give them the news about James' transfer.  The county clerk arrives and they sign the annulment papers.  Champagne is brought out and they all toast to each other.  They toast to freedom, too.

Jordan catches Jennifer outside and begs her to listen to him.  He says he has something to show her.  She says she has a plane and a car to catch, but he asks her to please come with him and she won't be sorry.

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