ATWT Update Thursday 8/5/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/5/04

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At the country club: Chris thinks about Emily as Allison and Susan continue to argue about what food they should serve at the wedding. Allison asks Chris for his opinion on the situation. Chris tells Allison he doesn't care what they eat at the wedding. Allison is puzzled by Chris' reaction to her question.

In New York: Barbara calls Dr. Jones to bring the test results to her in her room. There is a knock at the door; Barbara is shocked to see Walker. Walker wonders why a healthy woman would need to consult an expert.

At Rosanna's place: Rosanna arrives home from visiting Carly. Jordan asks Rosanna how Carly is handling her situation. Rosanna explains that Carly's heart is breaking, but she is trying to remain strong for the sake of her children. Rosanna tells Jordan that Carly's situation has made her realize that Cabot could also wake up without parents one day if they don't follow James' orders.

At the police station: Nikki and Dusty interview the waitress from Yo's. The waitress remembers something that Wade said once when she served him coffee.

At Lucinda's: Lily finds a video tape outside and brings it in the house. When the tape is played, the family watches in horror as Lucy begs to get out of the box.

In New York: Barbara is angry that Paul felt the need to call Walker. Barbara demands that everyone leave the room. Everyone wants to stay to see the test results. Dr. Jones arrives and gets very nervous as Walker and Paul both ask him rapid-fire questions that he can't answer. Dr. Jones leaves and tells Barbara that he will talk to her later. Barbara is nervous because everyone has discovered her lie. Barbara tells Paul and Jennifer that all of this was Rosanna's idea and part of a plan to be alone with Jordan.

At Rosanna's place: Jordan suggests that they go to the prison and tell James that they made love. Rosanna doesn't like the idea because she knows James would discover the truth.

At the police station: The waitress tells Nikki and Dusty that Wade mentioned something about Paris being good to him. Nikki thinks the clue is about Paris, France. Dusty thinks that Wade meant some other Paris in the United States. Dusty worries that Wade might kill Lucy before they figure out the meaning of the clue.

At Lucinda's: Sierra cries as she watches the tape of Lucy. She gets a call from Wade in which he states his ransom demands. Wade wants Alan to bring two million dollars to the bell tower of Saint Mary's Church in Luther's Corners. Wade warns that if Sierra tells the police, Craig, or Dusty, Lucy will die. Sierra explains the ransom demands to everyone and begs Craig to leave, for Lucy's sake. Lily wonders why Wade would want Alan to bring him the money. Sierra and Alan leave to go get the money. Craig calls Lily, who tells him what Wade demanded and where Alan is meeting him to give him the money.

At the bell tower: Alan arrives and unzips the bag to show Wade the money. While Wade is distracted, looking at the money, Alan points a gun on Wade and demands to know Lucy's whereabouts. Wade doesn't want to tell him that, but he says he will tell him a story about Craig. Craig hides when he arrives, waiting for the right time to make a move.

At the country club: Chris explains to Allison that he doesn't care about all the little wedding details; what is important to him is their marriage. Allison keeps pressuring Chris to help her make some of the decisions about the wedding. Chris gets frustrated and gets up and says he will go to the bakery and pick out a cake. Allison asks if she can go with him. Chris says he can't spend all day at the bakery. Chris finally tells Allision he will go to the bakery and put down a deposit on a cake, and she and Susan can go later and decide what flavor. Emily arrives, and Allisonbegs her to talk to Chris and find out what is on his mind.

At Lucinda's: Sierra refuses to tell Nikki and Dusty where Alan is meeting with Wade. When Sierra and Nikki leave the room, Dusty watches the tape and vows to find Lucy. Dusty tells Nikki that he has an idea about where Wade is keeping Lucy.

At the bell tower: Wade tells Alan about Craig's plan to kidnap Lucy. Wade sees Craig, and Alan tells Craig to come over and stand by Wade. Alan vows to make Craig pay if he had anything to do with kidnapping Lucy.

In New York: Paul and Jennifer refuse to believe Rosanna planned things in order to be alone with Jordan. Paul gets angry and leaves the room. Jennifer is also angry and vows not to let her mother destroy her relationship with Jordan.

At Rosanna's place: Rosanna tries to persuade Jordan that they must both give up their relationships for Cabot's sake. Rosanna thinks they must put their son above their personal lives.

At the bell tower: Alan shoots Wade in the arm. Craig struggles with Alan for the gun and gets shot. Lily arrives and screams that Craig is dead.

At Lucinda's: Dusty figures out that Lucy is buried at a construction site. Dusty checks the phone book and finds the address for Paris Construction. Nikki and Dusty head to the construction site to rescue Lucy.

At the construction site: Lucy lies motionless inside a box.

Outside the bakery: Chris takes a walk and does some thinking.

At the country club: Susan and Emily try to persuade Allison not to worry and tell her Chris is just nervous. Emily refuses to talk to Chris, but, after some coaxing from Allison and Susan, Emily leaves to go talk to Chris.

At the construction site: After Nikki discovers a spot of freshly-moved dirt, Dusty frantically digs as he calls Lucy's name.

At the bell tower: Craig gets up; he was only hit in the shoulder. Alan apologizes for shooting Craig. Wade takes the opportunity and shoots Alan. Wade takes Lily hostage. Craig gets up, and they struggle for the gun. Lily pushes Wade, and he falls .

Outside the bakery: Chris admits to Emily that he thinks he is making the biggest mistake of his life.

In New York: Walker is upset about Barbara's lies. Walker thinks Barbara had everything but wound up throwing it away when she tried to hold on to it too tightly. Walker tells Barbara good-bye and leaves.

At Rosanna's place: Rosanna asks Jordan if he knows the identity of Cabot's birth mother. Jordan admits he hasn't been able to figure out her identity. Jordan agrees to consummate the marriage. Rosanna thanks Jordan for his understanding and for loving Cabot. Rosanna and Jordan kiss just as Paul walks in the door.

At the bell tower: After Lily pushes Wade over the bell tower, the momentum makes her go over as well. Craig struggles to pull Lily up to safety.

At the construction site: Dusty gets Lucy out, but she is still motionless. Dusty begs Lucy to stay with him as he starts CPR.

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