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As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/4/04

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Margo and her son go for golf lessons at the country club and they find Doc there. He is giving golf lessons, the boy is more than happy to see his idol there, but Margo tells Doc to stay away from her family and her son.

Jessica goes to Docís hotel and leaves a message that he is not to call her anymore.  She had received a message and she is really upset that the man seems to be contacting her after all that has happened.

Jessica turns to find Ben and his son behind her wondering what she is doing there.  The concierge returns telling Jessica that he has not finished writing her message for Doc.  Ben looks at his wife, wondering what message she had been writing to this man.  Curtis had left a message for her but that doesnít seem to be the issue.  Jessica seems to have confused her issues, the message that was left for her, that brought her to the hotel was from her son, and not from Doc.

Hal and Emily go to Carly who is still very upset over Jack being presumed dead.  She appreciates them being there for her. 

Craig and Lily are upset over what has happened.  Lucy is missing and they have no idea where she is. 

Sierra enters the room and learns that her daughter is missing.  She knows that if they find Dusty, they will find Lucy.

Lucy has called Dusty in his room.  He is talking to her when he hears struggling and shouting.  He knows that he has to get out of the room and save Lucy.

Lucy is in the underground parking lot at the hospital.  She was trying to make way to Dusty as the phone call instructed her to do.  Wade gets a hold of her and convinces her that she had better shut up.  He is holding her from behind.  He has his hand over her mouth, and he is trying to calm her down.  He puts her into the trunk of his car and tells her that they are going for a ride.  She seems to have no choice.  He slams the trunk closed.  Lucy starts screaming and shouting to be freed.

Dusty gets out of the hospital, and comes outside in time to find a car screeching off.  He finds items on the sidewalk.  He goes over to them to learn that the items belong to Lucy.  He gets on his cell phone to announce that there has been an abduction.

Doc explains to Margo that he has lost his job and is working at the country club now.  He offers to get another instructor for them.  Margo says that he should leave town, but Doc tells her that he will only leave town on his own terms.  He walks off.

Margo turns to her son, but Casey turns from her.

Craig leaves a message for his daughter on her cell phone.  He says that he wants her to come back home.  He figures that she has gone off to meet with Dusty and he points out that would be very dangerous. 

Sierra leaves Lily and Craig alone, but demands that she be told if anything turns up about her daughter.

Lily knows that Craig is up to something.  Craig blows her off, telling her that nothing sinister is going on.

Dusty talks to the police, and tells them that Lucy has been abducted.  An APB is put out on him.  They have a description of the car, and that is called in too. CSI will be over soon to check on the evidence that they have. They suspect that Lucy has been kidnapped. They will wait for a call.

Lucy is in the trunk of the car, and Wade is driving. Lucy is screaming to be let out.  She suddenly has a thought.

Lucy remembers Dusty telling her that she is not so bad to hang out with, and that she is a regular Charlieís Angle.

Lucy looks around the trunk and finds a crowbar.  She gets it and starts hammering at the trunk to get it open.

Jessica gets a gift from Curtis, and she really loves it.  Ben would like to have a girl, but a boy would like to be nice.  Curtis says that Jessica would surely like to have a girl.  Jessica only wants a healthy baby to bring home.

Tom shows up and Ben invites him to join them.

Hal is setting up phone taps at Lucyís house.  He is sure that someone will call with monetary demands soon enough.  Emily watches as Hal finishes his call. She sees that he is overly concerned.

It looks like Lucy has been kidnapped.  Hal canít think.  Too many things are happening at once for him.  Emily tries to offer him food, but food is the last thing on his mind.  Emily tries to soothe him, but Hal canít deal with Emily trying to smooth things over.  His best friend is dead, and now Lucy is missing. 

Parker enters the room and says that Jack is not dead.  He saw him when the canoe capsized.  Carly tries to calm the boy, but he will not listen.

Sierra knows that Dusty wouldnít run off with her daughter.  Craig disagrees.  Sierra remembers a discussion that she had with Dusty about this, and he assured her that he wouldnít take off with her daughter.

Dusty enters the house and goes straight up to Craig in front of everyone.  He demands to know where Lucy is.

Lucy is trying to open the trunk with the crowbar, but she canít do it.  She bangs and bangs on the door, but she canít get it open.

Suddenly, the trunk opens.  Lucy is quick to hide the crowbar behind her back.  It is hidden now.  Wade is there.  He tells Lucy to get out of the trunk, but she says that she needs a hand.  She says that she has a leg cramp.  Wade offers his hand to her.  She takes it.  She has placed the crowbar behind her, and she starts climbing out of the trunk.  Wade canít help but be surprised at how soft her hand is in his.   Lucy sits up and starts climbing out of the trunk.  Before her last leg is out of the car, she grabs the crowbar, and pulls it out quickly, slamming Wade in the head.  He moans, and falls a couple of steps from where she is. 

 Craig shouts at Dusty in an effort to make him believe that he had nothing to do with Lucy missing at this time.  Sierra and Lily are watching.

Tom sits with Jessica and Ben, and listens as Ben gives Tom the good news that he already knows about.  ďJessica is pregnantĒ.  Tom is not amused.  He knows that Jessica hasnít told Ben the truth yet about her tryst with Doc.  Tom shows no signs of surprise when he hears the news.  He already knew.

Parker is upset that no one believes him when he says that his father is alive.  Parker is sure that he saw his father, and that he is alive.  He saw the light and he came back.  He knows that Jack came back too.  Parker runs off.

Carly is upset that Parker canít accept that Jack is gone.  Parker almost died by drowning and he says that Jack came back and saved him, so he is sure that Jack is alive.  He is very frustrated that no one will accept that his father is alive at this time.  Emily knows that Parker is a strong child, and will accept the truth.  Carly feels that she is the one hindering her son, by not accepting the facts of the case.  Jack has to be dead.  Carly has to show that or her son will not be able to get over this.  Emily assures Carly that she can get through this. 

Lily starts in on Dusty. She knows nothing, but she is sure that Craig isnít involved in all that is going on.  Lily hates that Dusty hasnít been concerned about what has been going on with Lucy.  She is wrong.  Dusty is very concerned.    He tries to prove his point.  Dusty gives Lily his word that he will bring Lucy back.  He knows that Craig is involved in this, and he is going to prove that point. 

Lily goes to Sierra and comforts her.

Lucy has been knocked out.  She wakes and rubs her head.  She is in a glass enclosure and once she realizes that, she fights to get free.  She canít.

Craig is alone in a room, and he uses his cell phone to try to call Wade.  The man wonít pick up. 

Lucy is still banging on the glass coffin that she is in.  She is crying and screaming, and banging on the glass to get free.

Wade comes to Lucy and holds a camera over the girl, screaming for her life.  He tells her to smile for the camera.  He holds the camera over the girl, already positioned in her grave, and he takes pictures of her there.

Casey is very upset with his mother, and he tells her that he wants to go and live with his father.

Tom explains that he is going to stay in a room at the Lakeview.  Jessica wonders if there is anyway that he can get back with Margo.  He tells her that he canít do that.  He lost a trust, and he isnít sure that he can get that back.  Ben is sorry that Tom canít get that back.  Ben offers to have Tom move in with them.  Tom will not do that.  He wishes them good luck and leaves.

Once Tom is gone, Jessica experiences a pain.  Her stomach tightened, and Jessica has to sit down.  Ben worries that they should go to the hospital.  Jessica says that happens from time to time, and that there is nothing to worry about.  Ben remarks that Tom and Margo are one of the strongest couples around, and that they should be able to get things worked out.   Ben knows that when the baby comes, they are going to be even happier.

Carly remembers the bad times with Jack, but they were always able to get back together.  They got lost, but they always got back together again.  Carly would do it all over again if she could only get Jack back together again.  Carly knows that she wants to be there for the man that she loves.  Emily feels selfish, but Carly knows that Emily only wants the best for Hal. Carly will appreciate the blessing that Jack was.  Carly wants more, but she knows that she has had more than enough.  She needs more time with him, and this isnít fair to her.

Hal comes into the room. He has been with Parker.  Hal has managed to calm Parker down, but he will need more time to deal with this.  Hal will help Parker find a way to let go.

Lily wants to talk to Nikki about Lucy missing.  The clock is ticking.  Nikki thought that she was looking at everything.  Lily says that Nikki should check out the guesthouse.  She says that in private.  Nikki will check this out.

Wade talks to Craig on the phone.  He tells Craig that he should have done things right, but now he has blown it.  Craig says that he can come through for the man.  Wade knows that he isnítí going to take the wrap for this.  When he gets his money, he is going to tell everyone how Craig set this all up.  Wade hangs up.

Craig heads to the door.  He opens it to find Dusty standing there.  Dusty says that he really screwed up this time.

Lucy is still banging on the glass coffin.  As she screams and bangs on the door, Wade spreads dirt on the glass.  Lucy can see what is happening but she canít stop it.  She screams and bangs on the upper glass, but Wade still covers her with dirt.

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