ATWT Update Tuesday 8/3/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/3/04

By Glynis
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Dusty is having a dream. He is trying to make his way back to Oakdale, and he is still hurting from the attack that was made on him earlier. He is a little delirious and sweating profusely. The flight attendants watch him cautiously. They have no idea what this person is up to, if anything.

Dusty starts dreaming:

He goes to Lucy who looks up at him with nothing to say really. Everything is black and white, with no color anywhere. Dusty is happy to be with her, and he apologizes for not being with her, and making her return home alone. He goes to her, but she tells him that it is too late. He doesn’t understand what she is saying. He thinks that maybe she is just a little upset with him for doing things in a manner that she didn't really go for, but he is back now. He puts his arms around her. She doesn’t respond. He hugs her close, but suddenly she feels limp in his arms. He moves her away from him to look into her eyes.

Her eyes are closed. He feels something sticky on his fingers. He looks behind her at his hands, and sees the blood. Something has gone wrong. Suddenly, there is evil laughter.

Dusty looks up at the laughing voice. It is the man that attacked and almost killed him. The man is laughing. He is the one that hurt Lucy.

Dusty starts getting upset over the dream, and he shouts out. A flight attendant comes right over and asks if there is anything that she can do to help. He tells her no. She is very concerned, but he only continues to nurse his drink, and relax till he gets home.

The flight attendants decide that this is too weird. The man is acting strangely, and is covered with sweat. They decide that they are going to tell the captain, and alert the police to meet them when they land.

Doc and Kim meet for a bite. Kim has something to say to him and she is not in a joking mood. Doc can tell that he has really stepped into it this time.

The owner of the club comes to the table, and is totally happy to see Doc there. He idolizes the man, as does the rest of the town, and he is more than happy to see the sports figure in his country club. Doc accepts the praise, as Kim sits quietly by and watches unimpressed. She has had enough.

After the owner of the club leaves, Doc gets fired for his antics and fast. Kim knows everything and she is pissed. Doc says that he is not going to take this lying down. Kim tells him to go ahead and try to fight her. She is up for a fight, and she will make sure that he wins. She has warned him before about his behavior, but he obviously has not learned. Doc knows that this is all about the thing with Margo, and he finds that Kim is being unreasonable about this, as Margo’s marriage could not have been all that great to begin with. That angers Kim that this man would say something so thoughtless after what has happened. She says that Margo may have put herself in a bad position, but there are others that need to look at themselves, and not take advantage of a situation like that when they see others vulnerable. Doc sees that Kim is mad, and that he will not have a chance to win her over anytime soon. He seems to understand now that he has been fired and will not be getting his job back, although he does not say so.

Lucy is upset her mother is in town and she is demanding that the girl return home with her on a 6:00pm flight that night. Lucy feels that she doesn’t have to leave town, and in fact refuses to go. Sierra is not backing down. Her daughter’s life is in danger, and she will be there for her. Sierra’s husband is in town as well. He thought that the situation warranted both of them being there.

Sierra saw her daughter in Vegas, and that upset her terribly. Yes, Lucy is 18, but that doesn’t mean that her parents are going to let her run off and do whatever she wants with whomever she wants.

Sierra has a concern that Dusty is too old for Lucy, but Lucy says that age doesn’t matter, and she believes it. Sierra has heard enough. Dusty is much older than Lucy, and in fact, Sierra has known the man for a long time, before Lucy was even born. The way that things look to Sierra is that Dusty realizes that he has made a terrible mistake, and in fact has gone off on his own so that Lucy can get over him. Lucy turns her head. That could be true, but she isn’t ready to face that possibility yet.

Lily is very worried about Lucy and her situation. She shows up at the house, and starts asking Sierra questions about the situation. Sierra stares at her with her mouth open, and then she asks the woman, "Since when do you get all involved with what is going on in Lucy’s life?"

Tom comes down the stairs to Margo who is waiting at the bottom. She can’t believe that her life is falling apart this way. She stares at him helplessly. She has tried to come up with different solutions, so that he wouldn’t move out, but Tom isn’t comfortable with other solutions. Margo promises him that they can get counseling. Tom refuses to get counseling. She is the one that had the affair, so maybe she should be the one to get counseling. Margo is hurt by the way that he snaps at her, and uses his unforgiving tone.

Tom and Margo turn towards the stairs as their son comes down to meet with them as asked. He can see that this is very serious. He sees his father’s suitcase, and panics. "Are you getting a divorce?" Tom assures him that isn’t the plan yet, but he has to move out for now. Tom assures his so that they will spend lots of time together, maybe more than they do now. They will keep their golfing appointments, and do other stuff too. That seems to make the boy happy for now. Margo just looks back and forth between the two watching her world fall apart.

Kim storms off leaving Doc feeling like he just got slapped in the face. He has no job, and again he has upset the good citizens of Oakdale. He is feeling defeated. He gets up to leave the club, when the owner approaches him again. The man offers Doc a membership to the club. Doc refuses saying that he has no idea how long he will be in Oakdale now that things have gone down south. He explains that he has just lost his job, and doesn’t think that he will be around due to that happening. The owner gets a great idea. He tells Doc that this might be his lucky day. He tells Doc that he has to stay for a moment so that they can discuss it. Doc is suddenly interested. He pays close attention, and waits for the man to continue his proposal.

Dusty wakes up in the hospital. He is told that he is in Oakdale now, and that he will be fine. It is clear that he is in love, as all that he wants to talk about is Lucy.

Lucy is alone in the house. She gets a call. She has no idea, but it is the man that attacked Dusty, and he tells her that Dusty is in the hospital and would like to see her. She has no idea that the man on the phone is who he really is. She is happy to get the call, so that she can make her way to the hospital and be with Dusty.

Lucy arrives at the hospital. She makes her way through the halls trying to find Dusty. She has no idea that she is being watched by someone who doesn’t have her best interests at heart.

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