ATWT Update Thursday 7/29/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/29/04

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At the Police station, Jessica finally confirms to Tom that she was the one who slept with Doc not Margo. Jessica encourages Tom not to throw away his marriage to Margo over something that she didn't even do. Tom explains to Jessica that margo may not have slept with Doc but she still betrayed their marrige vows in every way that counts. Tom wonders how Ben will react to the news of Jessica's affair with Doc. Jessica corrects Tom and says that it wasn't an affair it was one night one mistake that she wishes she could take back.

At Metro, Dusty informs Nikki that an old friend of his was aquanted with Starzyak and gave him the name of Starzyak's partner Wade. Nikki gives Dusty a book of mug shots to see if he can identify Wade. Dusty is upset when Lucy arrives to lok at mug shots too. Lucy explains that Nikki called her and told her she nedded her help. Lucy says she wants to help catchthe kidnappers. Dusty tells Nilli there is no reason to involve Lucy. Nikki and Lucy both try to persuade Dusty that she(Lucy) could also help identify Wade. Although he is still reluctant Dusty agrees to let Lucy look at the mug shots.

At Lily's guest house, Alan (Sierrra's husband) tells Craig that Dusty suspects him of being the one who hired Starzyak to kidnapp Lucy. Criag persuades Alan that Dusty is still trying to play the hero.

At the Docks, Despite strong objections from Hal Carly decides to look at the body the police got out of the river. When they open the body bag Carly cries and puts her head on Hal's shoulder.

At the police station, Tom wonders why Jessica slept with Doc.Jessica can't expllain why because she doesn't understand it herself. Jessica tells Tom she still loves Ben.Jessica begs Tom not to tell Ben the truth. Tom tells Jessica that he won't say anything to Ben because she should clean up her own mess. Tom warns Jessica that she should stop worrrying about his marriage and concentrate on her marriage because when Ben finds out the truth it will destroy him. Tom thinks once the truth is out Jessica'ds marriage won't stand a chance.

At Lily's guest house, Craig informs Alan that Dusty already told the police his suspicions and they didn't belive him. Alan belives Craig's story and leaves. After Alan leaves Craigtels himself that he is going to make Alan the fall guy for Lucy's kidnapping. Craig wonders why Dusty won't leave things alone.

At Holden and Lily's house, Holden calls the police station and is told there is no new information about Jack. After Holden hangs up the phone Moly persuades him to eat a sandwich.

At the docks, Carly is relived to see that the body they found in the river is Starzyak and not Jack. A nervous Carly starts talking rapidly and telling Hal the area he should search for Jack. Carly begs Hal not to get more men to search for Jack. Hal promises Carly he won't stop searching untill they find Jack.

At Jack and Carly's place, Margo cals and tells Lily they found starzyak's body. Emma comes downstairs and Lily tels her they found Starzyak's body in the river. Lily notices Parker is on the stairs so she stops talking to Emma.A nervous Emma tells Parker hislunch is ready. Parker asks if he can eat his lunch upstairs. Emma agrees to let him do so and parker takes his lunch upstairs. Emma worries that parker overheard their conversation but Lily assures her that parker could not have heard their conversation. Lily leaves to go to meet Holden.

At the docks, Hal assures Carly that every person on the force is searching for jack. The medical examiner tels Hal thar Starzyak died when his head hit the rocks before he it the water. The medical examiner thinks that if Jack also hit the rocks there is no way he would have survived the night. Hal begs the medical examiner not to phone the police commissiner with his report yet. Hal wants some more time to search for Jack. The searchers find a piece of a shirt which Carly identifies as being Jack's. The searchers take hal aside and tell him the shirt was foundjust under the bridge near the rocks. Hal tells Carly they are going to change the search from a rescue to a recovery.

At Holdenand Lily's place, Holden gets a call from Margo who informs him they found Starzyak's body. Margo also tels Holden about Jack's shirt and that things don't look good. A shocked Holden finishes the call with Margo and informs Molly of the news. Molly and Holden are holding each other when Lily arrives home. Holden explains about the latest news about Jack.Lily cries as she runs into Holden's arms.

At the Police Station, Margo breaks down and cries as she tells Tom the latest news about Jack. Margo wonders how this could happen to Jack and Carly. Tom tells Margo Jessica told him the truth but it doesn't change things between them.

At Ben and Jessica's , Jessica welcomes Ben home with a kiss and a romantic dinner. Ben breaks the news to Jessica about Jack. Ben vows not to take one minute of their lives for granted. Ben tells Jessica he would feel empty without her. Jessica cries and leaves the room.

At Sierra'S room, Craig breaks in to plant evidence to frame Alan for Lucy's kidnapping.

At Metro, Dusty finds out Wade's credit card number and he makes a call to the credit card company to find out when Wade last used his card. Dusty is told the card was last used in Reno Nevada. Dusty decides to go to RenoNevada to get answers from Wade. Lucy wants to go with him but after a few minutes Dusty persuades her not to go with him. Dusty promises to call Lucy with any information.

At the docks, Carly refuses to belive Jack died when he hit the rocks. Carly is angry because Hal is giving up the search. Carly tells Hal Jack is out there somewhere and he will come home to her. Carly screams "Jack where are you? Jack".

At Ben and Jessica's place, Ben hlds Jessica as she tries to stop crying.Jessica tells Ben he is a good man and she loves him very much. Ben tells Jessica that from now on their whole world is each other and their baby.

At the police station, Margo tries to persuade Tom to give their marriage another chance because things like what happened to Jack and Carly should make them realize their marriage is important. Tom tells Margo not to compare the two situations because what happened to Carly and jack was an accident and she threw away their marriage.

At the lakeview, Lucy pretends to be sick so she can get the chauffer to leave her alone. Alan prepares to tell Sierra his suspicions about Craig.

At Jack and carly's place, Parker shows Emma he ate all his food. Parker asks Emma if he can watch TV. Emma tels Parker he should watch a DVD instead of TV. When Emma goes into the kitchen Parker grabs his backpack and a life perserver from the closet. Parker tells his baby sister that jack is in the water and he is going to save him. Parker leaves the house.

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