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As the World Turns Update Monday 7/26/04

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Doc saw the pregnancy vitamins and guessed that Jess was pregnant. She tried to deny it, saying she and Ben were just trying to have a baby, but Doc didn't believe her. She finally admitted she was pregnant. Doc asked why she was being so secretive. Jess said she wanted to get through the first trimester, etc. Doc didn't believe her. He figured out that the baby might be his. Jess insisted that it wasn't and that it was Ben's. Doc asked her why she was sure it couldn't be his. She gave him a long speech about how much she and Ben had prayed for this baby, how much Ben already loved the baby, and how, basically, she wanted it to be Ben's baby so much that she was convinced it must be. Doc still thought it might be his but told Jessica he didn't want to mess up her marriage. He admitted he wasn't the committed type; he didn't want to be a father, and he had already messed up one marriage and didn't want to ruin another. Jessica said she wasn't sure that Margo felt the same way. She said that Margo had threatened to tell Ben before.

Just then, Ben walked in and demanded to know why Doc was in his house. Doc said he and Jessica had just finished discussing business, then he quickly left. Ben asked Jess if Doc was pumping her for info about Margo. Jess said it was nothing to worry about. Ben pointed out that Doc was the reason she and Margo weren't speaking to each other. Then he launched into a big speech about how he'd do anything to protect Jess and their baby. Jess said she was hungry and went to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Margo had just walked in on Jill and Tom. Jill excused herself and left in a hurry. Tom started yelling at Margo about what Jill had told him. Margo said she had been on her way home to tell him the truth. Tom yelled that he'd had to hear about her trysts with Doc from Jill instead of her. He yelled that she and Doc had had public make-out sessions all over the country club. Margo insisted she never slept with Doc. Tom said it didn't matter; public make-out sessions were just as bad. Margo tried to explain. Tom got intensely angry and screamed at her to "deny it, deny what happened in the steam room, the locker room," etc. He grabbed her and screamed, "Deny it!" "I can't!" she wailed. She tried to explain that the steam room and locker room interludes were just chance meetings, and that she never slept with Doc. "But you wanted to," Tom snarled, hitting home with that point. Margo kept trying to explain but Tom was too hurt to listen. He stormed upstairs, leaving Margo alone.

A few minutes later, Tom came downstairs with a suitcase and announced he was going to a hotel. He told Margo he'd left the number for Casey. He said they could talk about what to tell Casey in the morning. Margo begged Tom not to go and to give them another chance. She pointed out how long their marriage had lasted already. Tom admitted that the situation seemed final. He told Margo that they'd been down this road before, and he thought they were past it, but apparently they weren't. Margo begged him not to throw away their relationship. "I didn't," he snapped, "you did." Then he walked out the door, leaving Margo crying.

Casey came home and found Margo crying. She told him that she and Tom were having problems and Tom had gone to a hotel but had forgotten to give him the number. She didn't tell him exactly what was going on, but she assured him it wasn't his fault. Then she said she couldn't talk about it and went upstairs. Casey couldn't get Tom on his cell phone, so he called Ben and Jess.

Jess was in the kitchen getting something to eat, so Ben grabbed the phone. Casey told him what had happened. He said he was worried about Margo and couldn't get a hold of his father. Ben told Casey not to worry and hung up. He told Jess that Tom had left Margo and said they should go over to her place. Jess said she thought that was a bad idea. She pointed out that Margo wasn't speaking to her. Ben said Margo still needed her and insisted that they go.

When they got there, Margo was still crying. She sent Casey out of the room so the three of them could talk. She told them how Tom had left her. Jessica tried to express her sympathy, but Margo wouldn't listen. She left the room crying. Jess said how sorry she felt for Margo. Ben pointed out that Margo had caused her own problems. He said that she cheated on Tom, and now the whole family was involved. Margo came back in time to hear that. She snapped that that wasn't exactly what happened. Ben pointed out that she had slept with Doc and that that was why she wasn't talking to her best friend. Margo reiterated that that wasn't exactly what happened either. Jess looked worried that Margo would tell Ben the truth.

Meanwhile, the final scene of Friday's episode - Jack and Starzyak going over the bridge in a car - was shown again. Hal called Carly about Jack. He said he couldn't get Jack on his cell phone and asked Carly if Jack had taken it with him. She said he must have, because she'd talked to him after he left. Hal said they'd checked the hospital and there was no sign of Jack and Starzyak. He assured Carly they would try to find them and hung up.

Carly was panicked. She told Molly and Holden that Jack and Starzyak had disappeared and never made it to the hospital. They tried to reassure her that everything was all right, but she didn't believe them. Holden said he was going to go retrace Jack's route to the hospital and look for his car. Parker came downstairs and was surprised to learn that Jack wasn't home yet. Carly assured him that Jack was fine. She told him that a bad guy had broken into their home, and Jack took him away because he was such a good cop. Then they heard a car door slam in the front yard and went running to the door, expecting Jack. Unfortunately, it was only Emma. She said that Sage was tucked in at Lily's and she wanted to see how Parker was. Carly sent Parker upstairs to get ready for bed and then explained the situation to Emma. She said she was going to look for Jack herself and asked Emma to stay with Parker. Molly insisted on going with Carly.

Meanwhile, Hal heard about an accident on the bridge. He and Nikki had been trying to figure out what might have happened to Jack. He told Nikki to wait at the station and make sure Carly didn't hear about the accident until they knew more.

When Hal arrived at the scene, he found a license plate believed to be Jack's on the bridge. Witnesses said they saw a car with two men in it go over the bridge. Holden showed up and asked what was going on. Hal told him it was a police matter and tried to get rid of him, but Holden wouldn't go. He helped Hal figure out that the license plate was probably Jack's. Hal called Nikki and asked her to check the license plate to see if it was Jack's. Carly had arrived at the station and overheard Nikki's conversation. She figured out that Jack had been in an accident. When Nikki turned around Carly was right behind her demanding to know if Jack had been in an accident. Nikki said she couldn't give Carly that information. Carly saw the license plate number and said she knew it was Jack's. Then she asked Nikki what else she knew. Again, Nikki said she couldn't tell Carly anything. Carly yelled at Nikki that if she'd done her job right and brought Starzyak in herself none of this would have happened. Then she got another cop to take her to the scene of the accident. Molly said she'd go with them, but Carly just glared at her. Molly reassured Nikki that it wasn't her fault. Nikki said she wondered why Jack had made such a rookie mistake in taking Starzyak in without backup. Molly looked upset, knowing that she had talked Jack into doing it.

Carly arrived at the bridge and demanded to know what was going on. Hal tried to calm her down, but she was very upset. Hal tried to tell her they didn't know anything yet and that they were working on it. Carly ran to the edge of the bridge and said that if they weren't going to do anything to find Jack, she would.

Elsewhere, Rosanna told Paul she had to go to a meeting. Paul told her they would have the place to themselves for a romantic dinner when she got back. She said that sounded great but didn't look happy. Then she left for her meeting with Barbara. She explained to Barbara that she wanted a "real marriage" with Jordan; she felt she owed her son that much. She explained that she needed Jennifer away from Jordan in order to make that happen. She asked for Barbara's help, pointing out that Barbara wanted Jen and Paul away from Ro and Jordan. For once Barbara was reluctant to plot against her children. Ro was trying to talk her into it, pointing out how Barbara wanted to protect her children from Steinbeck, when Paul knocked on the door. Ro ran and hid in the other room while Barbara answered the door.

Paul told his mother that he loved Ro and wanted her to accept that, period. He said that after Rose died he was lost and did a lot of regrettable things, and Rosanna had helped him through it. He said he was in love with her and wanted Barbara to leave them alone and let them be happy. Barbara pointed out that it was a bad situation with James. Paul said he could handle it. He reiterated that he wanted Barbara to leave him and Rosanna alone so they could be happy. Barbara said she would, and Paul left.

Ro, having overheard the conversation, came back into the room. Barbara told her that if she loved Paul after hearing what he had said she would forget her plan. Ro said she couldn't. She said she would do anything for her child, and staying married to Jordan would help her protect Cabot, as well as help Barbara protect her children from James. Barbara said she'd think about it. Ro said she knew Barbara would do it because James always gets what he wants. Then Rosanna left Barbara's apartment in a hurry.

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