ATWT Update Friday 7/23/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/23/04

By Eva
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At Metro: Margo and Doc have a talk. Margo blasts Doc because she is angry that Doc caused problems in her marriage. Margo thinks meeting Doc was the biggest disaster of her life. She is also angry that Doc didn't trust or respect her enough to tell her the truth. Doc asks Margo what truth she is referring to, and she tells him that she knows about his affair with Jessica.

At the police station: A smiling Nikki arrives and asks Hal if Starzyak has been brought to the station yet. Hal explains that there were some problems, and Starzyak shot and killed officer Cain.

At Jack and Carly's house: Carly has a vision of Jack dying in her arms, and then she pricks her finger on the thorn of a flower.

In Jack's car: Starzyak tells Jack that if he follows his directions he may let him live. Jack takes one of his hands off the steering wheel and grabs for the gun. They struggle for a bit, and Starzyak takes one hand and turns the wheel. Jack attempts to turn the wheel in the opposite direction, and the car crashes.

At Ben and Jessica's place: Ben continues to wonder why Jessica and Margo are fighting with each other. Ben is worried that the stress between Jessica and Margo might affect Jessica's pregnancy. Ben thinks Margo cheated on Tom and wonders how Tom could trust Margo again.

At Tom and Margo's house: Casey wonders what is going on with his parents. Casey tells Tom that he has noticed the distance and wonders if they are having problems. Tom tells his son not to worry, and that they are just having problems at work. Casey leaves to go to the movies with some friends. Jill arrives to talk to Tom about Margo and Doc.

At Metro: Margo continues to blast Doc. She tells him she is also angry that he didn't tell her about the scene at the Country Club with Jill. Doc says that the situation is taken care of because everyone thinks Jill is a crazy ex-waitress who is spreading rumors. Doc explains to Margo that he was only trying to protect her. Margo doesn't buy that story.

At Jack and Carly's house: Holden arrives with Parker. Holden explains to Carly that Parker was anxious and worried and they couldn't get him to calm down, so they told him he could come home. Parker asks Carly where Daddy is, meaning Jack. Parker says something is happening... something bad.

At the crash site on the bridge: Starzyack screams for help. Jack regains consciousness and gets out of the car carefully as the car swings slowly on the edge of the bridge.

At the hospital: Allison apologizes to Susan for the ruined wedding dress and promises to pay her back once she wins the contest. Allison also begs her mother not to mention anything to Chris. Susan says she shouldn't keep secrets from the man she is going to marry. Emily arives with Chris but leaves to get a bandage put on her hand so that Allison won't see her.

At the police station: Nikki tells her father that she feels selfish for wanting to solve the case just so she can impress her boss. Nikki thinks she should have given more thought to the people who might get hurt solving the case. Hal tells Nikki that she did a good job on the case. Hal also says that it is perfectly normal to want her boss to think of her as more then a pretty face. Hal tells Nikki he is proud of her and gives her a hug.

At Jack and Carly's place: Carly tells Parker that something bad did happen, but everything is okay now, and Jack is taking the bad man to the hospital. Parker wants to wait outside to watch Jack's car pull up in the driveway. Carly explains that she doesn't know when Jack will arrive. Carly takes Parker upstairs to watch T.V. Molly gives Holden all the details of what happened with Starzyak. Holden holds Molly as she cries.

At the crash site: Starzyak begs Jack to help him out of the car. Jack hesitates for a second or two and then pulls Starzyak up to safety. Starzyak grabs Jack and pulls him back down into the car.

At Ben and Jessica's place: Jessica tells Ben she doesn't want to talk about Margo anymore. Jessica assures Ben that she and Margo will work things out. Ben gives Jessica a bottle of prenatal vitamins he picked up for her at the drug store. Ben gets a page from the hospital. Jessica wonders why Ben forgave her for sleeping with Marshall but doesn't think Tom should forgive Margo again. Ben explains that what happened with Marshall happened before they were married, and the vows they took before God are sacred. Ben says he could never forgive Jessica if she cheated on him during their marriage. Ben leaves to go to the hospital.

At Metro: Margo continues to blast Doc. Margo feels like she is the one paying the price for Jessica's affair. Margo tells Doc she never should have wasted her time with him. Margo decides to go home and tell Tom the truth.

At Tom and Margo's house: Jill is about to tell Tom what she saw in the country club locker room.

At the hospital: Allison tells Chris that she found another key. Allison also tells Chris that she ruined a wedding dress that she hadn't paid for yet when she fell in the pond. She is upset because Kim was there when she arrived at Fashions in the ruined dress. A distracted Chris just says, "Stuff happens," and gives Allison a quick kiss. Allison wonders why Chris is at the hospital when he isn't on the schedule. Chris tells Allison he is there to check on a patient and leaves to do so.

At Carly and Jack's place: Carly continues to worry and pace the floor. Carly wishes Jack would call her from the hospital.

At the crash site: Starzyak tells Jack to make it easier and just let go. He steps on one of Jack's hands. Jack screams in pain but manages to hold on to Starzyak with his other hand.

At Snyder Pond: Allison is surprised to see Aaron pop out from under the water. Allison wonders why Chris didn't seem to care about her latest crisis. Aaron encourages Allison to forget her troubles and skinny dip with him. Allison accepts the offer.

At the hospital: Chris calls to check on Emily's condition. Emily arrives before Chris can finish his phone call, so Chris hangs up the phone. Chris checks Emily's hand. Emily wants to back out of the contest because she feels it's wrong to lie to Allison. Chris persuades her that they are lying for a good reason: to suprise Allison. Emily agrees to stay in the contest.

At Tom and Margo's place: Jill tells Tom about seeing Doc and Margo in the country club locker room. Jill also tells Tom that another country club employee saw Doc and Margo come out of the steam room together after spending a long time inside.

Doc arrives at Ben and Jessica's place demanding to know just how much of the truth everyone knows about so that he can protect her. When Jessica leaves to take a phone call, Doc notices the prenatal vitimins on the table.

At the pond: Allison continues to be upset and the pond water isn't relaxing her. Aaron suggests that they get out and stare at the stars a bit. Allison tells Aaron to turn around while she gets out of the pond. Aaron promises not to look at her, but he sneaks a peek anyway.

At Ben and Jessica's place: Doc asks Jessica if she is pregnant as he holds the bottle of prenatal vitamins in his hand.

At Tom and Margo's place: Margo is suprised to find Jill when she arrives home.

At Jack and Carly's place: Hal calls to inform Carly that Jack hasn't arrived at the hospital. Hal also tells Carly he has been unable to reach Jack.

At the crash site: Starzyak continues to move the car in an effort to get Jack to let go so he will fall. Jack warns Starzyak to stop moving the car or they will both fall. Starzyak says he is willing to take the risk. The car continues to swing slowy. Jack yells, "Hold on, we are going down!" The audience hears both men scream as the car falls in the water.

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