ATWT Update Thursday 7/22/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/22/04

By Jenny
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Allison and Aaron arrived at the old mill just seconds before Kevin the genius and his friend. Kevin and Allison exchanged snide remarks until they both spotted a treasure chest in the corner. They both rushed for it. Kevin got it open and pulled out a map. Ali grabbed for the map, they struggled with it, and ended up tearing it in half. Kevin and his friend raced away with his half. Ali and Aaron considered going to the paper and showing them their half of the map, but then Aaron figured out what the map showed. He told Ali if they got there in time, they could find the key without the rest of the map, so they took off. Kevin and his friend were shocked to see Ali and Aaron there. They started yelling again, and all of them continued to search for the key. Ali was looking in some rushes near the water when she saw a duck. She tried to shoo the duck away, but it wouldn't move. She realized it was a decoy - and that the key was around its neck! She yelled for Aaron, but just then, Kevin ran up to her and saw the duck. She tried to push him away, and they struggled. They both ended up going into the water together, lunging for the duck. Allison, of course, was still in her very expensive, UNPAID FOR wedding dress. When she climbed out of the water, Aaron was shocked to see her in the ruined dress, but she proudly showed him the key. She threw her arms around him, knocking him over. They both ended up on the ground.

Meanwhile, Lisa was looking all over the place for the dress. She found Ali's clothes in the dressing room and realized Ali must have left in the dress. Just then, Kim arrived to meet Lisa for lunch. She asked Lisa what was wrong. Lisa explained that Allison had been trying on a very expensive dress and it disappeared. They tried to think of a logical explanation. Then Susan walked in. Lisa asked if she'd seen Ali. Susan assumed Ali was still there. Lisa explained the situation. Susan suggested that Ali hung up the dress and left. Lisa insisted that she'd looked everywhere and Ali had left her clothes - the dress was gone! Susan tried to call Ali, got her voice mail, and left a message to call her immediately. Then she reassured Lisa there must be a good explanation for the whole thing. Kim decided to call Chris to ask if he'd seen Ali. Susan once again got overly defensive and accused Lisa of calling Kim so they could gang up on her daughter. Lisa pointed out that Kim had a lunch date with her and was on her way over anyway. Just then, Ali and Aaron walked in. Ali was wearing a big sheet or blanket wrapped around her to hide the dress. Everyone was shocked to see her. Lisa insisted on seeing the dress and ripped off the sheet. She gasped when she saw the dress was ruined. Susan asked how it happened. Ali explained that she fell in the pond looking for the key, then whipped it out to show everyone. Susan yelled at her for ruining the dress trying to win some "stupid contest". She pointed out that Ali only had two keys so far. Ali said she would find the others, and assured her mother that is she won she could buy all sorts of wedding dresses. She said she'd pay for her dress when she won. Lisa informed her that she'd already bought the dress. Susan, not wanting to lose face in front of Kim, handed over her credit card. Lisa asked if she wanted the dress gift wrapped.

Meanwhile, Henry and Mike showed up at the police station for their date with Nikki. They met Hal, who said he didn't know where she was or anything about her having a date with them. He said she'd already left for the day. Mike and Henry left and went to a bar, where they were surprised to find Nikki had just beaten a big, tough-looking guy at pool. She apologized to Mike and Henry for forgetting their date and they all sat down at a table. She explained that she'd had a very bad day. Henry said he'd be happy to forgive her. Nikki sent him to the bar to get them drinks.

While he was gone, Mike explained that Henry was a really good guy. He said that Henry had been through some rough times with a good friend of theirs, and most of it was Mike's fault. Nikki asked where the friend was. Mike said she was in Australia with her husband. Then he asked Nikki to give Henry another chance. She said she couldn't, because she was leaving the next day. She explained to Mike that she was being sent back to her boring job in D.C. She told him how much she hated working in a cubicle, when she'd signed on for an exciting job in the field. Mike asked why she didn't just quit the FBI and go work for her dad at the O.P.D. Nikki pointed out that losing Starziak hadn't exactly endeared her to the O.P.D. Henry came back with the drinks, and Nikki tried to be nice to him. He was trying to talk her into a game of poker when her phone rang.

After they finished skinny-dipping, Carly and Jack decided to get started on their baby-making project. Later, they were getting dressed and Jack picked Carly a bouquet of wildflowers. He gave them to her and she said she would save them, so she never forgot this wonderful day. Then they packed up the car and headed home.

Meanwhile, Molly was having a very bad day. Starziak walked in and threatened her with a gun. She told him that her cousin was a cop and he would hunt Starziak down. That just made Starziak more determined to kill her. Then she promised not to testify. She pleaded with him not to kill her. She said she'd never testify, that she would leave town and he'd never see her again. He assured that no one would ever see her alive again. Then she hit him, and they had a brief struggle. She knocked the gun out of his hand, but he was able to get it back. She gave him a good scratch on the face but he managed to corner her. He had the gun pointed at her and was about to shoot.

Right about that time, Jack and Carly showed up. Apparently, they were in a tight liplock and somehow managed to make it up to their front porch without ever noticing that the door was open and there was a body sticking out of it. Only when they nearly tripped over the body did they realize it. Jack send Carly back to the car and grabbed Kane's gun. He walked in just as Molly was hitting Starziak in the arm with a fireplace poker (weapon of choice on soap operas). Jack yelled at Molly to stop hitting Starziak and pointed the gun at him. He told Starziak to drop his weapon, then he cuffed him. Carly came back in and hugged Molly. Molly was crying hysterically.

Jack called Hal and explained the situation. He gave him the sad news that Kane was dead. Hal asked if Starziak hurt Molly. Jack said that Molly hurt Starziak. Hal said good for her. He promised to send over backup and told Jack to wait for the backup and the ambulance to arrive.

However, Molly was completely hysterical. She begged Jack to get Starziak out of the house. Jack assured her the ambulance would be there soon to transport Starziak to the hospital. Molly kept screaming and crying that she wanted him out of there. Starziak kept making threatening remarks to her, which just made her more upset. She kept begging Jack to take Starziak out of there until he caved. Carly tried to talk him out of it, saying how it was a bad idea, he was dangerous, etc. Jack assured her that everything was fine but asked her to call Hal and explain what he was doing. Carly agreed reluctantly. She told Jack to be careful.

Then she called Hal and told him what Jack was doing. He wasn't happy to hear it, but promised to send a unit to the hospital. He assured Carly that the paramedics would be over to get the body and look over Molly soon.

After Hal got off the phone with Carly, he called Nikki - that was when her phone rang at the bar. He told her that Starziak had been captured and was on his way in - so she better get to the station. Nikki apologized to Mike and Henry, saying she had to leave for work, then she took off.

Carly reassured Molly that everything was fine, and she probably wouldn't have to testify now anyway. Then the paramedics arrived. While they checked on Molly, Carly called Jack, who was still in the car with Starziak.

Meanwhile, Starziak was pretending to be asleep, but he was quietly pulling a knife out of his pants leg. Jack didn't notice, even though he was keeping an eye on Starziak. (I still can't figure out why an experienced cop like Jack wouldn't bother to frisk a dangerous criminal like Starziak.)Anyway, Jack's phone rang and he talked to Carly. She said Molly was being looked at and everything was fine. She asked if he was at the hospital yet. He said he was almost there. She told Jack she loved him before hanging up. Jack said he loved her too and hung up the phone. She told Molly that everything was fine, she just wanted Jack to hurry up and get to the hospital with Starziak.

After Jack hung up, Starziak pulled the knife on him. Jack ordered him to put the knife down. Not surprisingly, Starziak didn't do it. He told Jack to do as he was told and keep his eyes on the road, or he would never see his wife again.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Lucinda had finished their shopping trip. Lucinda suggested they go back for a little black dress, but Lucy declined, saying she didn't think she'd need one. She asked why Lucinda was acting like they were saying goodbye, when she wasn't leaving yet. Lucinda told her she'd be leaving sooner than she realized and said she wanted to give her a gift now. She gave Lucy a circle pin. She said the pin was given to her by a friend who believed in her years ago, and it changed her life. Lucy said that Lucinda should keep the pin. Lucinda said she wanted Lucy to have it, so she could look at it and remember how quickly everything could change for the better. Lucy asked what was wrong with loving the life she had here in Oakdale. Lucinda said that was fine, but she should be open to new possibilities in her future.

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