ATWT Update Wednesday 7/21/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/21/04

By Jenny
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Allison and Susan went to Lisa's shop to look for wedding dresses. Lisa excitedly told Ali "It's your first wedding dress!" "It's my only wedding dress," Allison replied. "Well, we all said that..." Lisa muttered. Then she showed Ali to the dressing room to try on a dress. Ali emerged in a huge gown that she perfectly described as looking like a cream puff. While she was explaining to Lisa that she wanted something more modern, Susan got a look at the price tag and gasped loudly in shock. Lisa realized that Susan was concerned about price and left to get something "simpler". After she left, Ali yelled at Susan for being so obvious about the price. Susan snapped that they could buy a luxury car for the price of that dress, and they started arguing. Just then Ali's phone rang. It was Aaron, calling to tell her about the clue in the paper. He said that some genius kid had found five keys already and they needed to get moving. Ali explained that she was trying on dresses and asked him to bring the paper to the shop.

Dusty had just given Aaron the day off to work on the contest, after Aaron congratulated him on escaping the murder charges. Lucy showed up at Metro right before Aaron left. Dusty asked her what she was doing there. She said she'd bribed her bodyguard to stay in the car. Then she told Dusty about her plan to stay in Oakdale rather than go back to Montega with her mother. Dusty told her again that he wasn't interested, she should go be with people her own age, etc. Lucy didn't want to take no for an answer. She said she wanted to pursue their relationship. Dusty again tried to tell her that it wouldn't work, they couldn't be together, etc. He ended this by apparently trying to kiss her goodbye. This turned into a big liplock instead. Dusty looked a little surprised afterward.

They stopped kissing just in time, because just then Lucinda walked in. She asked Lucy what she was doing there. Lucy said she came to congratulate Dusty on shaking the murder charges. Lucinda pointed out that that shouldn't take very long. Then she added that she'd fired Lucy's bodyguard. She reminded Lucy that they had a date to go back-to-school shopping for college. Dusty told Lucy to go shopping with her grandmother. They said goodbye and Lucy left with Lucinda.

Later, Lucy asked Lucinda why she fired the bodyguard. Lucy said she liked THAT bodyguard. Lucinda said she didn't like the fact that he let her go into a place like Metro alone. She said the club was owned by unsavory people. "You mean like my father?" Lucy asked. "Among others," Lucinda said. She pointed out that Lucy was almost kidnapped there. Lucy smiled and said that nothing happened today that she didn't want, thinking of her kiss with Dusty.

Meanwhile, Ali tried on a boring, plain looking dress and didn't like it either. Just then, Lisa was walking by with another dress. Ali practically tore it out of her hands, screaming that it was her dream dress. Lisa realized Susan's concern about price and tried to talk her out of it, but Ali insisted she had to try it on. She went in the dressing room. Susan's phone rang and she had to leave for an emergency at the hospital. She told Lisa that if Ali liked the dress, she should hold it for her. She said she'd figure out some way to pay for it.

Just then, Aaron arrived. Lisa said she had to run to the bank. She asked Aaron to watch the shop and tell Ali her mother had to leave. Aaron agreed. Ali emerged in her dream dress. Aaron was practically drooling at the sight of her. He stammered that he was just thinking about the contest. They couldn't figure out the clue until Lisa arrived, and just happened to mention that a "mil" was an old coin worth less than a penny. They figured out that they needed to go to the old mill. Ali went to change out of the dress but couldn't get it off. Meanwhile, Aaron got another call from Curtis, saying that the genius kid was leaving his house to search for the key. Aaron told Ali, who had come to seek his help getting the dress unhooked. When Ali heard the news, she decided to leave right then - in the dress! She said they couldn't waste any more time and they took off.

Meanwhile, Emily was met Chris and Bob at the Lakeview. Emily told Chris that she couldn't be his partner any more. He asked her why not. She said she realized that she was joining the contest just to get out of her house and avoid her problems with Nikki and Hal. She said she needed to deal with her problems instead of avoid them, and apologized to Chris. She suggested Chris and his dad become partners instead. Then she said she was going to the station to see if Hal wanted to have lunch with her.

After she left, Bob said that the Emily he used to know would never have made such a mature decision. Chris wistfully said he'd forgotten how great Emily was. Bob raised his eyebrows. Chris said he was just talking about the contest. Then they tried to figure out the clue, with no luck.

Things weren't going well at the station. Nikki's proud papa was telling her how sound the case against Starziak was when Holden walked in. He overheard Nikki say that they still needed to find Starziak. Then he chewed out Hal and Nikki for not finding him yet. He informed them that Molly was not at the Lakeview. Hal assured Holden that Molly spent the night with Carly and Jack, that she had a police officer posted at her door, and she was fine. Holden said Molly wouldn't be fine until they found Starziak. Just then, Agent Fox walked in. He announced that he was taking over the case. Nikki pointed out that she'd gotten Dusty to agree to testify. Fox snapped that they couldn't have a trial without the defendant. He criticized Nikki for not calling in FBI backup earlier. Hal tried to defend Nikki, saying that she worked with local law enforcement, which was the smart thing to do. Nikki snapped that she didn't need him defending her. Fox was obviously a fed snob who didn't think much of "local law enforcement". He said he was sending Nikki back to her desk job in D.C. and gave her a plane ticket for the next day.

When Emily arrived, she overheard that Nikki was leaving and asked her why. Nikki explained she was being sent back to D.C. Emily said she was sorry and asked if there was anything she could do. Nikki said she could explain why she looked so happy when she heard Nikki was leaving. Emily admitted that she hadn't been crazy about Nikki moving into her home and treating her like a servant, but said she was sorry and wished they could have gotten along better. She said that she and Hal had had a rough year and wanted to keep an even keel, for Will's sake. She tried to be nice but, unfortunately, that didn't last long and they started to argue again. They were interrupted by Hal, who wanted to know why Em was there. He asked if the kids were okay. She said they were fine. Then she told him she was hoping they could go out to lunch so he could take a break from work. Stressed out, Hal blew up at Emily. He yelled that he had unsolved cases, a murderer on the loose and NO HE DIDN'T HAVE TIME FOR LUNCH. Emily was offended and quickly stormed out. Hal realized he had overreacted and called after her to apologize, but she was already gone. He and Nikki turned their attention back to trying to find Starziak before she had to leave.

Emily went back to the Lakeview, where she found Chris poring over the paper. She announced she was back in the contest, and they went to work on the clue.

Carly and Jack were packing up their kids to visit Emma until Starziak was caught. Jack told Carly that Starziak had dropped all his business in town and hadn't been heard from. Carly asked why he wouldn't just forget Molly and run. Jack said Starziak knew he would be caught and his only chance was to make the case go away. "You mean make me go away?" Molly asked. She had been eavesdropping from the stairs, again.

Carly and Jack assured Molly that she would be safe at their house. They pointed out the police officer, Kane, posted at the door. At first, Molly was upset that they were sending the kids to Emma's because of her, but then she realized that that was the right thing to do. She offered to leave again, but Carly insisted she stay. Then they left with the kids.

After Holden left the station, he went to Jack and Carly's to see Molly. He brought her a care package from Lily, with chocolate, a romance novel, and playing cards. They played a few games of cards, then Molly told him he should go back home. He asked if she was sure she was okay. She said she was fine and he should go back home to his family.

Meanwhile, Starziak was sitting out in his car, loading his gun and sneering at radio news reports about how armed and dangerous he was. He was apparently watching Jack and Carly's place, and noticed when they left. Somehow, Jack and Carly didn't notice his car, and neither did the police officer at the door.

Molly offered the Kane a sandwich. He declined, but she assured him it would be no trouble, and he agreed. She went to make the sandwich. Kane got a phone call from Jack, who was picnicking at the pond with Carly. Kane said everything looked fine, and he didn't mind waiting an hour or so for Jack to come home.

After Kane hung up, Starziak appeared, claiming to be his relief. Kane asked to see his I.D. While he was looking at Starziak's obviously fake I.D., Starziak pulled a gun. (Wouldn't Kane have seen a wanted poster with Starziak's picture and recognized him immediately?)Starziak quickly shot Kane then went to cut the phone lines.

Molly returned with the sandwich and yelled for Kane to open to door. When he didn't answer, she called again. At that point, she put the food down and opened the door herself. Kane's bloody body fell in. Molly tried to give him CPR, not bothering to drag him inside and close and lock the door, which would have been the smart thing to do. Then she tried to call 911, but the line was dead. Big surprise. All this time, she never once even glanced through the still-open door. Naturally, Starziak showed up with his gun and said "Honey, I'm home!"

Meanwhile, Jack and Carly decided to stick around the pond for awhile. They talked about how Molly needed someone in her life - like more children. Carly said how happy she was with Jack and their kids. They talked about how Parker called Jack "Dad" sometimes. They talked about how happy both the kids made them. Jack suggested that they have a whole bunch more children - or at least start with one. Carly agreed. They started kissing, unaware of the problem Molly was having at home.

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