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As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/15/04

By Jenny
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Ben asked what was going on. Jessica said that they were having a "best friend fight" and that's why they were both crying. Ben said they obviously needed to work it out and started to leave to go take a shower. Margo yelled at him to wait, they needed to get everything out in the open. "Do you want to tell him or should I?" she asked Jessica. "Do you hate me that much?" Jessica wailed. Margo yelled that Jessica was being a lousy friend, etc. Ben announced that he knew what they were fighting about, apparently thinking they were arguing about Margo and Doc. Margo looked at him and said "You really have no idea, do you?" Ben tried to reason with Margo. She told him that he had no idea how good his wife was at keeping secrets. Ben jumped in and told Margo to stop being so hard on Jess. Margo snarled "You don't deserve him" at Jessica and stormed out the door.Ben told Jess that he had overheard Jill at the country club, telling the everyone in earshot about Doc and Margo's affair, before she got fired. He assumed Margo's affair with Doc was the subject of the argument. When Jess heard about Jill's announcement at the club, she told Ben she had to go and rushed out the door.

Jess found Margo at the coffeeshop. She thanked her for not telling Ben. Margo said she didn't do it for Jess, she did it for Ben. Then she read Jess the riot act about being unfaithful to Ben - she brought up her own situation, how she had kissed Doc and flirted with him, but had not ACTUALLY broken her marriage vows. (Never mind that the only reason she didn't was because Doc backed out.) And yet, she was still mad at Jess for sleeping with Doc because MARGO wanted him for HERSELF. Good logic, Margo.

Anyway, Jessica wanted to repair their friendship. Margo said no way and started to leave. Jessica grabbed her and said she had to tell her something - and that Margo should listen if she wanted to save her marriage. Then she told Margo what Ben had told her about Jill's scene at the country club. Margo sat back down and listened to the whole story. "Great, you slept with him and I get outed?" she snapped. Then she told Jess that telling her about Jill's outburst didn't get Jess of the hook. Jess pleaded with Margo to rethink that. She said they'd been great friends for years, the told each other everything, they needed each other, etc. She begged Margo not to throw away their friendship over a guy like Doc who had only caused trouble for both of them. She said they needed each other more than ever now and begged Margo to give their friendship another chance. Margo said no way and told Jess she was on her own now. Then she left Jessica sitting there crying.

Meanwhile, when the lights came back on at Barbara's party, Rosanna rushed to Cabot's crib - and discovered he was gone! The security guard said he had been posted at the door the whole time and no one could have gotten by. Jack called the building's security and ordered them to shut down the exits. Then he called for police backup. They all searched the apartment but couldn't find Cabot. Someone remembered that there was an exit through Jennifer's room - too bad they didn't think to post a guard there. Rosanna accused Barbara of being behind the diappearance. Barbara said she had nothing to do with it. Rosanna wasn't convinced and started screaming at her. Then she attacked Barbara, screaming insults at her and trying to hit her. Barbara tried to defend herself, yelling that she was innocent. Walker managed to pull them apart and Paul dragged Rosanna to a neutral corner. She still insisted that she didn't believe Barbara. Carly said that if they found out Barbara did it Ro should attack her again - and finish the job. Jack's cops came back and said they had sealed the exits, but there might have been time for someone to escape. Jack promised a horrified Ro that he would do everything possible to try to find Cabot. He asked if she had a recent photo. She just happened to have one handy, and he sent the cops to locate all the building employees and search for Cabot.

Paul pulled Barbara aside and asked if she knew anything about Cabot's disappearance. He pointed out that she had almost died because she had kept secrets before, they she had a chance to do things right this time, that they had promised to be honest and open. He concluded this speech by asking her to tell him if she knew or even suspected anything about Cabot's disappearance. Barbara told him she didn't.

Rosanna's phone rang and she answered it. Jack stood next to her to listen. It was her maid, Phyllis, calling from Fairwinds. She said she had to talk to Ro about Cabot. Ro asked if someone had contacted her about Cabot. Phyllis said of course not, but she thought that Ro took Cabot with her. Ro said she did. "Then why is he here?" Phyllis asked. Apparently the kidnapper had moved Cabot to Fairwinds. Ro was relieved that Cabot was at home, apparently safe. Jack grabbed the phone and told Phyllis to pick up Cabot and hold him until they arrived.

Paul, Jen, Jordan and Ro went to Fairwinds with Jack and the cops. They found Cabot wearing a clown suit - just the sort of thing Stenbeck would do. Paul and Ro told Jack that Stenbeck had to be behind the kidnapping. Jack said he'd investigate it thoroughly, but without hard evidence he couldn't do anything based on "supposition". (What could he do anyway? Stenbeck's in jail. What's Jack going to do, arrest him?) Paul and Ro were horrified that Jack might not be able to do anything to protect Cabot. Jen and Jordan said they were going to take Cabot upstairs, change him out of the clown suit, and put him to bed. Jack gave them a plastic baggie and told them to save the clown suit for evidence. He said he'd pick it up in the morning, then told Ro not to hesitate to call if she needed anything or remembered anything helpful. He also put some police on duty outside Fairwinds. He told Paul to take good care of Ro.

After Jack left, Ro told Paul that Stenbeck planned the kidnapping to prove that he could take Cabot away at any time. He had given the baby to them, and he could take him away whenever he wanted. Paul promised to help Ro protect Cabot. Then Phyllis walked in and said that there was someone to see them. Paul asked if it was a cop. It wasn't. A guy in a clown suit walked in with balloons and a card. Paul threw him up against the wall and demanded to know who sent him while Ro grabbed the balloons and card. The poor clown said he was sent by the Looney Balooney - a party boutique. Paul realized he was threatening the messenger and apologized, giving the guy a huge tip. The clown practically ran out the door. Paul turned back to Ro, who was reading the card. It was from James, wishing Cabot a happy first birthday. Rosanna was terrified for her son's sake. Paul comforted her, promising he would help her keep Cabot safe from James.

Meanwhile, Jen and Jordan were upstairs with Cabot. Jen said they should talk about Stenbeck. Jordan said how helpless he had felt when Cabot disappeared. He said he thought in the coffeeshop he had just let his guard town, that he wasn't prepared. But when the baby disappeared from the party, he realized there was nothing he could do to protect his son. He said that when he first held Cabot after finding out he was his son, there was nothing he wouldn't do to protect him. He said he finally understood how Ro felt, how she had done everything to protect Cabot and get him back, even lying and scheming. He said he would do the same if necessary to protect Cabot from James.

Meanwhile, Sierra arrived at Lily's, and they all went to visit Craig in the guest house. Craig had been contemplating how to get the two mil for Wayne. He thought about selling the club or the paper, but that would have taken too much time - he only had forty-eight hours. Then he thought about his rich friends - Rosanna wouldn't give him the money, Lily wouldn't, and Lucinda definitely wouldn't. Just then Lily and Sierra walked in, and he told Sierra she was just in time. Apparently he planned to hit her up for the money. However, he told her that they had to go talk to Lucy at the police station. Then he said he wanted to talk to Sierra about the kidnapping. He was just about the reveal his theory about Alan's involvement with the kidnapping when Alan walked in. Sierra suggested he accompany her to the station to get Lucy. Alan said that maybe Craig and Sierra should go alone. Sierra reluctantly agreed and they left. After they had gone, Lily offered Alan a drink. Thinking about what Craig had told her earlier about Alan, she questioned him. She said she was surprised he didn't go to the station with them, that he'd want to be away from Sierra, since they were newlyweds. Alan said he thought Lucy would be more comfortable without him there. Lily offered him a drink and started getting him into a conversation.

Meanwhile, at the station, Lucy told Dusty that he needed to find the real killer. Dusty refrained from telling her that he thought the real killer was her father. Lucy said that Dusty needed money for his defense - so he could get a good lawyer. Dusty said he would never take money from her. Lucy said that she'd seen her father get accused of crimes he didn't commit, and that he'd need the best attorney money could buy. She insisted that she was going to help him whether he liked it or not. Finally, Dusty agreed to let her hire him an attorney if he was still stick in jail the next day. Then Lucy told him that he needed to find the real shooter. She offered to help, but Dusty insisted that he would handle tracking down the killer himself. Just then, Hal came in and asked Lucy if she'd answer some questions. Dusty told her he was fine and she should go ahead. She left with Hal and Nikki came to talk to Dusty.

Hal asked Lucy if she knew Dusty was going after Creel. She said yes, but he would NEVER kill the guy, he only wanted information. She insisted that Dusty was innocent. Hal explained the ballistics report to her. He said that the bullet had come from Dusty's gun. Lucy maintained that Dusty didn't do it. Just then, her parents showed up. Lucy asked Sierra to help her help Dusty. She said that Dusty had saved her life and tried to protect her. Craig was unhappy with the idea that Lucy wanted to help Dusty. Sierra suggested that they all talk about it in the morning.

Meanwhile, Nikki was talking to Dusty. He told her that someone else must have used his gun to kill Creel. He told Nikki to find out from the medical examiner what time Creel was shot. He said he knew when Creel died because he was there, but he wanted to know when Creel was shot. He thought it would prove his innocence, because he wasn't there at the time that Creel was shot. Nikki promised to find out the time Creel was shot from the M.E. in the morning. Then Hal came back with some officers. He told Dusty that he was going to be held overnight, and basically said that the case against Dusty didn't look good. Dusty told Hal that he wasn't guilty. He asked why he would call Nikki and ask her to meet him on the roof if he was going to shoot Creel. Hal wasn't convinced and told the officers to cuff Dusty and take him to a cell.

As Dusty was being led out, he saw Lucy, and she saw him. She called his name and he turned to look. The exchanged a meaningful glance before Craig and Sierra pulled Lucy away. Hal told Dusty to keep moving, and they led him away.

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