ATWT Update Wednesday 7/14/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/14/04

By Jenny
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Margo stormed into Jessica's house and said she had just been at the Bay City Hotel. She said that witnesses confirmed Jessica was there that day. She said she knew Jess had slept with Doc. "How could you do this to me?" she wailed.

"I did it for you!", Jessica answered. Then she told Margo that she knew she was making a mistake, and went to the hotel to tell Doc not to sleep with Margo. She said she told him what a mess Margo was going to make of her marriage, and he must have listened to her. Margo didn't believe her. She asked Jess why she hid in the john if all they did was talk. Jessica said she was afraid Margo would be mad at her for meddling. Margo still didn't buy it. She grabbed Jessica and yelled at her that she knew she was lying. She said the bed was messed up and the maid said she looked flushed and disheveled when she left. Finally, Jessica broke down in tears and admitted that she slept with Doc.

Margo was also crying by then and started wailing "How could you do this to me?" The whole thing turned into an estrogen-soaked screaming and crying match at that point. (In fact, I'm pretty sure those two were trying their best to get an Emmy nomination.) Between sobs, Margo pointed out how much she wanted to sleep with Doc, and asked Jess how she could sleep with him when she KNEW Margo wanted him so much. Jess said it was an accident. "You acidentally slept with him?", Margo snapped. Jess said that they were talking, and he grabbed her and they started kissing and one thing lead to another...and it just happened. Margo shot back that it sounded just like Jessica's first encounter with Marshall Travers. Jessica got all hurt and wailed, "I can't believe you'd say that!" Margo asked her how she could do this to Ben, wailing that he didn't deserve this. Then she muttered something about Tom not deserving it either, but apparently that wasn't as important. Jessica kept saying she was sorry, that it was over and that was it.

Margo noticed Jess' pregnancy book at that point and told her that it wasn't over at all. She said that the baby was Doc's, wasn't it? Jessica denied it but Margo wasn't convinced. She pointed out that Ben and Jess had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive, then Jess slept with Doc and bingo she was pregnant. Then Jess wailed that it COULD be Ben's child. (Deja vu anyone? Remember when Carly said the same thing about Jack?)Margo said that it probably wasn't Ben's baby, though. Then she realized that Jess planned to keep this a secret. She started wailing about how horrible Jess was to force Ben to raise another man's child and never tell him. Jessica tried to defend herself and they ended up yelling at each other some more. They were both screaming and crying so much, I could have sworn I was watching the Lifetime network! Finally Margo left, tears still running down her face. Jessica was still crying too. Margo flung open the door to leave and found Ben standing there. He saw them both crying at looked perplexed.

Meanwhile, Barbara was preparing for her dinner party. She was nervous about pulling it off but Walker reassured her. The doorbell rang and Paul arrived - with a guest. He announced that his guest was a security guard he had hired to prevent whatever Barbara had planned. Barbara was horrified. She said that after Paul provoked James, he had the audacity of accusing HER of scheming something and she was very hurt. Paul said that she didn't want him and Jennifer involved with Jordan and the Cabot mess. He suggested that James was helping her with her agenda. Barbara and Paul started yelling at each other. Walker stepped in to mediate. He said it was clear that both Paul and Barbara were just afraid of James, and that they should let the security guard go ahead and search the premises to keep them safe. Barbara agreed, and Paul and Walker left to show the security guard the apartment.

As soon as they left, Barbara's phone rang - it was James. He hinted to her that he was planning something for the evening. Barbara told him not to do it at her party. She asked him what he had planned, but he wouldn't tell her, just that it was a surprise. Then he hung up.

Meanwhile, Rosanna was begging Carly and Jack to come to the party with her. They had been planning a romantic evening to themselves and certainly didn't want to attend Barbara's party. They tried to refuse but Rosanna begged them. She told them how Cabot had been moved around at Fairwinds and switched at the coffee shop and said she'd feel safer in Jack was there. Carly pointed out that Paul had hired a security guard, but Ro said she'd still feel better with Jack and Carly there. Reluctantly they agreed.

Meanwhile, Jen and Jordan met before the party. They talked about how it was Cabot's first birthday tomorrow. Jen gave the baby a stuffed dog and cooed over him. Jordan gave Jennifer a gift, even though it wasn't HER birthday anything soon. He gave her plane tickets, and promised her they'd take a vacation as soon as the situation with Cabot was worked out better. Jen told him that it might be a long time, and Jordan agreed, but said he loved her and they would go away together as soon as the situation stabilized. Then they went to the party.

They arrived at the party and told Barbara how it was Cabot's first birthday tomorrow. Barbara did her best to be civil, despite her reservations about Jen and Jordan's relationship. Then Rosanna arrived. Barbara was just shutting the door behind her when Carly and Jack pushed it open again. Barbara was shocked to see them. Rosanna explained that she'd brought them as guests. Once again, Barbara tried to be nice (although it must have been killing her). She said that it really wasn't necessary for Jack to be there since Paul had brought a security guard. Ro said she wanted her sister and brother-in-law there. Carly pointed out that she and Barbara could get caught up on work. Barbara reluctantly agreed and ushered them in. Jack stopped her and said that he didn't trust her. Barbara was offended by his suggestion and swore she had nothing to do with James or the problems with Cabot. Jack told her that if anything happened to Cabot or Rosanna, he would make it a police matter and investigate her thoroughly - phone records, etc.

They all went into the main room and tried to get into the party mood. The brought out some champagne and Walker called for a toast. He pointed out how much Barbara had struggled recently. Barbara said she was getting a second chance at her life. Walker toasted to Barbara's second chance at life. Then Barbara toasted Walker, "the man who is making all my dreams come true". Just then, the lights went out and Rosanna screamed.

Meanwhile, things were just getting better and better for Craig. Lily came over and told him Dusty had been arrested and Lucy went to the station to see him. Craig wasn't happy about that. He was even less happy when Don's partner, Wayne, showed up. Wayne said that his partner was dead and Craig was going to pay. He had his hand in his pocket and it looked like he planned to draw a gun and shoot Craig. However, that was just the writers trying to create suspense. Actually, Wayne just demanded that Craig pay him the money he was going to pay Don. Craig got out the briefcase of cash and opened it. Wayne said that that wasn't enough - he had asked for a million, and Craig only had a quarter of a mil. Craig said that was all he could get his hands on. Wayne hit him in the back of thehead and slammed his face down on the table near the money. "The price just went up, " he snarled in typical bad-guy mode. He then demanded that Craig pay him two million within forty-eight hours, or he'd tell Lucy that Craig had planned the kidnapping and killed Creel. Then he left.

Meanwhile, Hal was explaining to Dusty that the ballistics report showed his gun had killed Creel. Nikki remained skeptical and looked at the report. Just then, Lucy stormed in and demanded to know what was going on. (Do they let people just barge into interrogation rooms like that?)Hal told her to butt out, but she said she already knew Dusty had been arrested for Creel's murder. She said he was innocent and they had to believe him. Hal said the ballistics report showed otherwise. Nikki dragged Lucy out of the room and Hal continued to grill Dusty. Dusty said that he kept the gun at the club and anyone could have grabbed it. Hal said that it was a pretty big coincidence that Dusty was found with the body AND the gun that killed the body. Dusty asserted that he didn't do it. He still thought that Craig was guilty. Hal was not convinced, of course. He said that Dusty was just trying to pin a murder that he OBVIOUSLY committed on Craig. He told Dusty he would be held overnight.

Meanwhile, Lucy questioned Nikki. She asked if the gun in question was the one from the club. She said Dusty had told her about it when they were hiding out. She said anyone could have taken that gun from the club. Nikki was a little more easily convinced than Hal, and at least considered what Lucy had to say.

When Hal came back out of the interrogation room, Lucy begged him to let her see Dusty. Hal reluctantly agreed and she went into the room. Nikki told him that was a bad idea. She said that Dusty might tell Lucy that her father was a murderer - obviously, Nikki believed Dusty's version of things.

Meanwhile, Lucy asked Dusty who he thought really did it. He said he had a suspect but wouldn't tell her who. Lucy continued to press him. She demanded to know who he thought did it.

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