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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/13/04

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Margo used her badge to investigate at the hotel where she and Doc had planned their tryst. She questioned the maid who let her into the room. She showed the maid a picture of her, Tom, Ben and Jessica and asked if the maid had seen Jessica in the room on the day in question. The maid was suspicious of Margo's motives. Margo insisted that she was their on official police business. The maid asked if she could check that with the Oakdale P.D. She thought that Margo was some sort of private investigator and said she didn't want to get involved. Finally, Margo told what was more or less the truth - she said that Jessica was her best friend, and she was worried that she was having an affair with Doc. The maid said she wouldn't blame her. "I wouldn't kick him out of bed - would you?" she asked Margo. Margo made no attempt to answer but moved the conversation right along, saying she feared Jessica would mess up her marriage. Finally, the maid admitted that she had seen Jessica enter the room before Margo did, and leave after Margo left.

Meanwhile, Jessica was sitting at home, suffering from her guilty conscience. She sat down to work and noticed a book about pregnancy sitting on the table. She picked it up to look at it, and heard Ben's voice in her head, saying how happy he was that they were having a baby. Then she flashed back on her tryst with Doc. Then she got mad,threw the book on the floor, and buried her head in her hands. Ben walked in, saw the book on the floor, and asked her what was wrong. She said she was surprised to see it there. She told him that someone like Curtis might see the book. Ben assured her that Curtis knew about the birds and the bees. But Jessica, starting to get a little hysterical, starting going on about how she didn't want anyone to know about the baby yet. Ben was confused and asked if she was worried about losing the baby. She told him not to even mention it. Ben tried to reassure her that the baby would be fine. He pointed the great odds their baby had overcome just by being conceived - I'm sure that made Jess feel better! She was still acting weepy and hysterical and blamed it on her hormones. That apparently made sense to Ben. He told her again not to worry and asked her if she was okay now. She assured him that she was fine. He kissed her goodbye and went to work, happily oblivious to the truth.

After Ben left, Doc showed up at Jessica's doorstep, seeking her help. Jessica said she didn't want anything to do with him, but he assured her the problem was purely professional - and that it involved Margo. She let him in, and naturally the first thing he saw was the pregnancy book. Jessica said they had the book because they had been trying UNSUCCESSFULLY to have a baby. Doc asked Jess how desperate she was to conceive. She snapped that she was NOT desperate enough to use him for a "stud service". Doc assured her that babies were "not his bag". Jess asked him what he wanted anyway. He explained the problem with Jill and asked for her help. Jessica told him he probably could handle the matter legally, but would have to get another lawyer. She said she wanted nothing more to do with him and refused to represent him anymore. She suggested that if he wanted to make the problem with Jill go away that he should just leave town, pointing out that it would be better for everyone. Doc said he didn't want to cause trouble for her or Margo or their husbands, but he wasn't leaving town. He asked Jess to help him again, and she declined again, demanding that he leave her house. Then she asked him if he had any idea what he'd done to her and Margo and their husbands. She said she had "briefly forgotten" how important Ben was to her, and wished she hadn't been with Doc at just that moment. (I guess no one ever explained the concept of self-control to her.) Doc pointed out that no one forced her to go to bed with him, that she was "very, very willing". Jessica snapped that a nice guy wouldn't have taken advantage, or that he would have left her alone after the fact. She said that a nice guy would go away, leave her and Margo alone, leave town, etc. Then she demanded that he get out of her house again, and he finally left.

As soon as Doc left, Margo showed up at the door. Jessica answered it. "You lied to me," Margo yelled at her. "You slept with Doc!" Jessica looked shocked.

Meanwhile, Margo's coworkers were actually working on REAL police business, back at the station. Nikki and Hal were grilling Dusty Donovan. He told them that Donald Creel said Lucy's father set up the kidnapping. Hal didn't believe him. He admitted that Craig was dishonest, but said he knew Craig would never kill anyone. Nikki pushed him to let Dusty finish. Dusty said that Craig had arranged the kidnapping and then killed Creel to cover it up. Hal still didn't buy it. Dusty asked him why he didn't think Craig was behind it. Hal said because there wasn't anything in it for Craig. Dusty said that there was. He pointed out the timing - that Lucy was kidnapped right before she was about to leave with her mother, and Craig didn't want her to go, so he had her kidnapped. Hal still didn't buy it and accused Dusty of lying to cover his own butt. They started yelling at each other and Nikki dragged Hal out of the room. She told him to at least consider what Dusty had to say. Hal said that she just liked Dusty and wanted to believe him. Nikki denied it. She said that Hal was a great cop who had taught her to be objective and investigate every lead. Finally, Hal agreed to go talk to Craig.

Meanwhile, Craig was back at the guest house, being bothered by his own conscience. He flashed back to the scene where he shot Creel. Then he turned around and saw a hallucination of Creel standing in the room. Creel pointed at him and said "You killed me!" Then Creel's partner in crime also appeared in the hallucination. Creel told him to go after Craig for him, and he agreed. Craig was horrified and started yelling at the mirage, but it disappeared. Just then, Hal showed up. He told Craig he had some questions about a shooting. Craig asked who died. Hal asked how he knew that someone died. Craig said he assumed someone was dead when Hal mentioned the shooting. Hal was starting to grow suspicious of Craig, who didn't help his case by defensively answering all of Hal's questions with his own questions. He asked Hal if the shooting was related to Lucy's kidnapping. Hal said that own of the kidnappers had been found dead. Craig said that must mean that the other kidnapper did it. Hal asked Craig where he was that morning. Craig said he was there at the guest house. Hal asked if he was there alone. Craig started stalling, asking if he was being accused of murder, if he needed a lawyer, etc. Finally, Hal asked again if he could prove he was home that morning. Just then Lily walked in and said she could vouch for it. She said that she brought Craig towels at around ten. She said she didn't talk to him but her him singing a terrible rendition of "Home on the Range" in the shower. Just then Hal got a call from the station and decided to leave. He told Craig that he was off the hook for now and left. Craig hugged Lily and said she had great timing. He told her that Hal suspected him of murder. Lily said she knew Craig would never do such a thing. Craig replied "Only in defense", then quickly changed the subject. He said that one of Lucy's kidnappers had been murdered, but the other was still at large and might be dangerous to Lucy. Lily agreed to help Craig keep Lucy safe. They agreed that the other kidnapper was probably on his way out of town now, anyway, but it never hurt to be safe. As Lily went out the door, she said she was glad one of the kidnappers was dead for Lucy's sake. Then she left Craig alone with his conscience.

Meanwhile, Lucy called Dusty on his celly. He was still at the station with Nikki. He told Lucy he had been arrested. She offered to come bail her out, but Dusty told her that would make things worse. He insisted she stay home and stay out of it. She reluctantly agreed but asked him to call her and keep her up to date. Nikki listened to Dusty's end of the conversation. After he hung up, she started to question him about it. Just then, Hal walked in. He told Dusty that Craig had an alibi for the time of the murder. Dusty insisted that either Craig or his alibi was lying. Just then, Hal got back the ballistics report and quickly scanned it. He told Dusty that the bullet that killed Creel came from the gun that was found on Dusty.

Chris and Em were still stuck in the wine cellar. They sat down to drink some wine while they waited for someone to show up and let them out. Chris was worried that he would be late for work, but neither his nor Emily's celly had a signal. So, they just had to wait - and drink wine. They had time for a nice, long chat. Chris admitted that he was nervous about being married, but said that he just wanted to be good to Allison - the way Hal was good to Em. Em looked unhappy when he mentioned that. She said that Hal was great but warned Chris that marriage wasn't always easy. Chris asked her if something was wrong with her and Hal. She explained how Nikki moved in and was getting on her nerves. She said she asked Nikki to leave and Hal invited her back. Chris pointed out how great she was with Hal's other kids and reassured her that everything would work out.

Meanwhile, Kim and Susan were still yelling at each other. They yelled at each other about everything from the size of the guest list to the "tender moment" Susan shared with Bob twenty or thirty years ago. The wedding planner practically ran away. Allison chased her and begged her to come back. The wedding planner said no way, and advised Ali to get out while she had the chance. Then she left. Ali tried to call Chris but couldn't get him on his celly. Then she went back to try to reason with Kim and Susan. She yelled at them to stop it. She said she and Chris needed their support. She said that needed Kim and Susan to give them away to each other at the wedding - and not just go through the motions, but really mean it. She begged them to try to get along for her and Chris' sake. Kim and Susan reluctantly agreed for Ali and Chris' sake. Just then, Bob walked in. He had great timing, missing the fireworks like that. Anyway, he said he was looking for Chris, who hadn't showed up for work. They realized that Em was missing too and started searching.

Lisa came down to the wine cellar and found Chris and Em there. They explained that they had found the key and gotten locked in. They told her that the keys were a surprise wedding gift for Ali and asked her not to tell anyone. She agreed, then told them that their families were looking for them. Chris and Em had to come up with a lie fast. They went to the coffee shop and told everyone that Em had had a flat tire. Luckily, Chris saw her on the side of the road and helped her. Bob asked why they didn't call. Chris said their cell phones wouldn't get out. Ali kissed Chris and smelled the wine on his breath. Suddenly, she said she knew what he and Em were up to. She said they both disappeared and couldn't be reached and now Chris' breath smelled like wine, so it could only mean one thing - Chris and Em were planning a wedding surprise for her! (A less trusting individual might have jumped to some other wrong conclusions.)Chris was too stunned to deny it, so he let Ali think she was right - and basically, she was. She asked what the surprise was and Chris told her that he couldn't tell her's a surprise. Ali said how happy she was about her wonderful fiancee and wonderful sister. Susan swallowed her true feelings about Kim and suggested the work on the guest list again. Kim agreed and they went off to try to plan the wedding - without killing each other!

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