ATWT Update Friday 7/9/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/9/04

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At the country club, Margo reacts to Jessica’s pregnancy and hugs Ben. Everything happened so quickly, Ben says and then goes to workout Margo asks Jessica why her best friend didn’t inform her she was having a baby? Jessica explains how it was all so sudden and what has been going on between Margo and Tom and Doc, Jessica was a bit hesitant. She is adamant that Doc Reese needs to get out of their lives forever.

Meanwhile, Kim and Doc meet at Java about a letter she received from Jill, that was less than flattering, and it contains things about Margo. Doc lies and says Jill is just making trouble. Make it go away, Kim orders, or you will.

Jessica and Ben discuss her pregnancy and how it’s a double blessing for them since Ben was told he has a low sperm count and it would be almost impossible for him to father a child.

Lucinda checks on Lucy, and then discusses her granddaughter’s situation with Lilly over the phone. Meanwhile, in Lucy’s room, she is startled then happy to see Dusty as he sneaks in the window and she hugs him. Dusty is obviously affected by her embrace. Dusty says he came to check on her. She looks good, he says. Did she get his message? From Nikki, she says. He is impressed with her room, not since he was dating Lilly has he seen the place like that. Lucy is thrown to hear that he dated her aunt and that they were in love. Lucy sidesteps and asks how he got into her room. Easy, he says, and it concerns him. He warns her to be careful, and then Lucinda knocks on the door as she heard voices and sees that the window is open.

Lucy covers with a lame excuse about wishing on a star. Lucinda also warns her to be mindful and is happy that Lucy is home and assures her everything will return to normal soon. Lucy questions if that is possible.

Lucinda turns down Lucy’s bed, with Dusty hiding under it. Dusty makes fun of Lucinda’s coddling and Lucy shrugs it off and asks about his plans. She gives him a necklace from an ancient temple for luck and he wears it. She kisses his cheek and both are quite moved by it. When she will see him, she asks, and he hopes soon.

At Metro, Craig gets a visit from the thugs he hired to kidnap his daughter. Craig demands to know why they have not left town. They decide they have a better plan to get to Lucy since the previous plan didn’t pan out. They are still watching Lucy they say. They want a million dollars or they will go to granny’s house and let Lucy in on her daddy’s plan to play hero. Craig opts to pay the money so he can avoid anyone knowing his involvement in Lucy’s abduction. After he tells the thug he will pay and hangs up, Craig pulls a gun!

At Lilly’s, Holden arrives with a just rescued (and recast) Molly, who gushes how Holden did more than bring Molly home. This strikes a chord for Lilly. Holden explains to Lilly what he did. Carly arrives and consoles her cousin. Carly wants to take Molly to the hospital, but freaked out over being in another small space. Then Carly suggests she spend the night with her so Molly won’t be alone. She won’t be alone, says Molly, as Holden offered to let her stay with him.

Lilly is perturbed but Holden explains his reasons for telling Molly she could stay with them and Lilly finally relents when Holden says a couple of days.

Carly and Molly discuss her ordeal, and Molly is anxious to have Holden return. Carly wants Molly to come home with her. Molly refuses as she feels safe with him, this part Lilly overhears.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Rosanna confront Barbara over her obsession with James Stenbeck and the possibility that she would take Cabot from his room and leave him alone in the living room to try and keep Paul and Jennifer safe from James. Barbara denies any involvement in Cabot’s adventure. Barbara swears she was at the Lakeview when Cabot was removed and smugly declares her innocence.

Over at Java, Jen and Jordan freak when they realize they have another baby and that Cabot is missing! Jordan asks the waitress to close the doors and asks the other patrons if they have seen the boy. Then the other mother comes for her child and she has Cabot. Jordan and Jen are relieved to have him back.

Rosanna continues to drill Barbara about Cabot as Jennifer and Jordan return with the baby. Rosanna senses something and Jordan explains what happened at the coffee shop. Paul freaks out on Jordan as Jen steps up and defends her man. Rosanna then spills about her incident with Cabot as Barbara listens from the foyer. Jordan wonders if Ro thought Jordan was involved. Paul is bitter with Jordan. Jordan wants to call the police but Paul knows the culprit. James and this is only the beginning.

Jordan still doesn’t believe that James could do this and they discuss their options. They make a pact; one of the four will always have to be with Cabot. Ro aggress first, then Jordan and Jen.

Paul cares for Cabot and Rosanna is warmed by the site. Exhausted, Rosanna sleeps on one side of Paul, with Cabot on the other. Later they Ro thanks Paul for caring and they kiss. Paul backs off, he doesn’t want to complicate things. She’s ready, she says. And they kiss again. He begins to undress her just as Cabot begins to cry.

In the park, Barbara calls James from a payphone; James is pleased to hear from her. She warns him to leave Cabot alone. James is insulted but Barbara doesn’t buy it. She demands answers, but James is coy. Barbara tries to get him to reveal his plans. But James doesn’t budge. Barbara wants to be assured she won’t be implicated. James tells her not to worry.

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