ATWT Update Thursday 7/8/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/8/04

By Jenny
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Nikki hugged Mike and he asked if they knew each other. She told him she was Nikki Munson and he finally remembered. She expressed how happy she was to see him. Meanwhile, Henry watched them and tried to figure out how to weasel his way into the conversation. Nikki told Mike that she was back in town, working as an IRS agent and staying with her father. While Mike and Nikki were catching up, Henry brought over a tray of drinks. Nikki mistakenly thought he was a waiter! To add insult to the injury, she didn't remember him from the police station. Mike told Henry that Nikki was an IRS agent and Henry choked on his drink, spraying spit on Mike and Nikki. Nikki asked Henry if he was afraid of the IRS. Henry insisted that he had no reason to fear the IRS because he didn't owe a cent to Uncle Sam, being such a law-abiding, upstanding citizen. He proceeded to try to smooth-talk Nikki, but she was obviously more interested in Mike. She told him how uncomfortable she felt living with Emily at Hal's. Henry interjected that what she needed was a night out. Nikki thought that was a great idea - and asked Mike to go out with her. Henry managed to weasel his way into the date as a third wheel, but it was blatantly apparent that Nikki only had eyes for Mike. Henry asked for Nikki's number. She told him he could leave a message for her at Hal's, but gave her number to Mike and asked him to call her. Then she said she had to get back to the station and left. After she left, Henry yelled at Mike because Nikki liked him better. Mike pointed out that it wasn't his fault. Henry told him to butt out in the future and let him go on "their" date with Nikki alone.

Holden was still helping Jack look for Molly. Jack got a lead on several buildings owned by Starziak. He took some cops over there to look into it. Holden went to one of the building they hadn't investigated yet and was just in time to save Molly from one of her kidnappers. She had tried to seduce him so she could attack him with a plastic knife. Obviously, that didn't work too well, and he had her in a headlock when Holden arrived. Holden played the hero and fought off the kidnapper while Molly cowered in the elevator, crying. The thug pulled a knife on Holden. He was about twice Holden's size and about as muscular as Hulk Hogan. However, Hero Holden was still able to overpower him and get the knife out of his hand. Just then Jack arrived with the cops and took over. He handcuffed the thug while Holden comforted Molly. She was very upset, but Holden got her to calm down some. She told him that she didn't know what would have happened if he hadn't arrived just in time. He explained that he thought he'd come over to the building, alone and unarmed, to check things out, while the cops looked in some of Starziak's other buildings. Jack came back and said that Molly needed to make a statement for the cops. Molly was very upset and Holden asked if it could wait. Jack left and called the D.A.'s office. He came back and said that the D.A. need Molly's statement right away. Molly agreed to go to the station and make a statement. She still seemed upset and Holden agreed to accompany her to the station. She said that would make her feel better.

Meanwhile, the Margo/Jess/Doc saga continued. Jessica arrived at her lunch date with Margo and was shocked to see that Margo had her compact. Margo told Jess that she knew it was her compact and demanded to know what she was doing with Doc the other night. She thought Jess was having an affair with Doc herself, which Jess denied. She said that she met Doc to discuss business. Margo was still suspicious and asked why they had to meet all the way out at the Snyder pond instead of in town. Jess said that Doc was just trying to avoid any more bad publicity and wanted to talk to her in private. Margo still didn't buy it. She wanted to know why Jess didn't tell her or Tom that it was her compact if that was true. Finally, Jess said that she met with Doc to talk to him about Margo - to make sure he wouldn't do or say anything that might get back to Tom. She said she didn't tell Margo about it because Margo got upset every time they talked about Doc. She told Margo she didn't want to lose their friendship over a silly ex-jock like Doc and assured Margo that she had no interest in Doc. She reasserted that she only met Doc to make sure he didn't do or say anything to hurt Margo's marriage. Margo finally started to believe Jess. She started crying and said she didn't know how her life got so messed up. She said she didn't understand why her job and her marriage and her family weren't enough anymore. She didn't know why she was so attracted to Doc. She said that Tom worked a lot and the kids weren't around much anymore and she felt lonely. Jess told Margo that she just needed to talk to Tom about this and they could work things out. Margo apologized for accusing Jess and they tearfully hugged and made up.

Meanwhile, Ben ran into Dr.Schiller at the hospital. She told him that a second sperm test showed that his sperm count was abnormally low. She said it didn't matter now that Jess was pregnant, but that it seemed almost impossible for him to father a child. She called Jess' pregnancy a miracle. Poor Ben blindly believed her. Apparently, he didn't even consider that he might not be the father, even though Jess had cheated on him before. The happy father-to-be left to find Jess. He arrived at the club and walked up to Jess and Margo, who were still crying after their tearful best-friends scene. Ben assumed they were crying because Jess told Margo she was pregnant so he walked up to them and said as much. Margo looked shocked and Jess looked like she needed to come up with another lie fast.

Meanwhile, Tom had a father-son chat with Bob. He told Bob he appreciated his advice about Margo. He said that he had thrown out the compact and planned to trust Margo from now on. Bob told Tom that he should get romantic with Margo, make her fall in love with him again, and that would solve all their problems. Tom admitted he had talked to Doc but that it was a mistake. He vowed to forget about Doc and concentrate on working out the problems in their marriage. He decided to take his dad's advice and get romantic with Margo again.

Back at Fairwinds, Rosanna told Paul that she had talked to Phyllis. She said Phyllis denied moving Cabot. Paul said that maybe Phyllis was lying or just forgot that she moved Cabot. He insisted that their had to be a logical explanation. He pointed out how Cabot seemed fine. He and Ro were talking about how if you looked at Cabot, you'd never know anything had happened to him. Just then Jordan and Jennifer walked in and overheard. Jordan demanded to know what happened to Cabot. Paul and Ro covered by saying that he had had a fever. They said they took him to the pediatrician, it wasn't serious, and he was fine now. Jordan and Jennifer were a little suspicious but finally bought the story and decided to take Cabot to the park - if Rosanna thought he was up to it. Rosanna said he seemed fine now and thought it was a great idea for Jordan and Jennifer to take him to the park.

Just then, Walker and Barbara walked in. (Doesn't Fairwinds have a doorbell?) Anyway, Barbara apologized for her recent actions and said she wanted to make it up to Paul, Rosanna, Jennifer and Jordan. She said that she and Walker had been seeing each other and wanted to announce their relationship by having a dinner party. She invited Jen, Jordan, Paul and Ro. She said she also wanted to have the party to show that she had her own life and wanted to let her children live THEIR lives - without her interference. Paul pointed out that they'd all heard THAT one before. Walker said that Barbara was really trying this time and asked everyone to give her another chance. Jennifer said she'd think about it. Ro offered Barbara and Walker some iced tea. While she went to get the tea, Barbara told Paul that she really was sincere this time. She asked if Cabot was okay. Paul asked why she asked that. She said that he mentioned Cabot was sick earlier, and wanted to make sure he was all right. Paul said Cabot was fine but looked suspicious. Barbara wandered back over to her boyfriend and Ro served them some iced tea. Ro went over to Paul and said that Walker had tried to persuade her to attend the dinner party. Paul was watching Walker and Barbara and said that something had suddenly fallen into place.

Jordan and Jen finally left for the park with Cabot and Paul pulled Barbara off to the side so they could talk. He told her that he figured out what was going on. He accused her of moving Cabot around to upset him and Rosanna. Ro and Walker overheard him yelling this at her and looked surprised. Barbara denied knowing what he was talking about. Paul didn't believe her. He said he knew she had moved Cabot. He said she must have thought that he and Jennifer would be scared off, and that would get Jordan, Cabot, and Stenbeck out of Barbara's life. He said it wasn't going to work and she better butt out of his and Jennifer's lives. He said that he wasn't going to let her hurt anyone that he cared about again - meaning Rosanna and Cabot.

Meanwhile, Jen and Jordan were having coffee at a nearby shop. Jen told Jordan that she didn't really believe what Paul and Ro said about Cabot being sick and thought something else was going on. Jordan said that kids were resilient and he didn't think anything of it. Jen still felt uncomfortable with Jordan and Cabot living at Fairwinds. She suggested Jordan take Cabot and move out. Jordan said that Ro was still Cabot's mother, and he needed her. He didn't want to uproot Cabot from Fairwinds and Rosanna. However, he agreed to plan a few days at a hotel with Jennifer and Cabot. (Yeah, that sounds romantic.) He and Jen were standing in the coffee line, discussing their plans. Jordan said he'd take the baby home and then spend the rest of the day at a hotel with Jennifer. They shared a sultry kiss and headed back to where they'd park the baby. Jen looked into the stroller and yelled for Jordan. He ran over and she picked up the baby. "It's not Cabot!", she exclaimed, showing him the baby. Apparently somebody had switched babies.

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