ATWT Update Wednesday 7/7/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/7/04

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Henry and Mike meet at the hospital. Henry knows Mike is there because Katie used to work there and he wants to be near her. Henry asks Mike for a job in his construction business because he owes $500 in unpaid parking tickets. Mike turns him down but gives him $300 toward his fines. Henry thanks him. He is lonely without Katie. He asks Mike to lunch and Mike suggests Metro. It's a funny scene because Henry is being really buddy-buddy and Mike is acting like, back off, okay dude?

Tom and Jessica meet up to discuss some legal business. Tom comments that they normally would do this sort of thing over the phone so he wonders why she wanted to meet. She wants to discuss his problems with Margo, but he is reluctant. She tells him that she knows about the compact he picked up. She suggests that he just move on and forget about all of the problems, and forgive Margo. He tells her it's not that easy. She continues to get on his case about it. She says that he should start by just throwing away the compact. She even offers to do it for him, but he says he left it in the car. Jessica feels a little twinge in her back. He tells her that he is headed to the country club. She is supposed to meet Margo there for lunch so she asks him to tell Margo she will be a little late because she is going to pick up a heating pad for her back.

Jill harrasses Margo at the country club about setting her up with Doc. Margo says she will. They argue. Doc comes in so Margo asks him to please help her out by getting together with Jill. Doc talks to Jill and asks her to meet him in his hotel lounge in an hour. She is thrilled. Later, they meet up in the bar. He says they will have one drink but that's it. He says that she's attractive but he is turned off by the blackmail. She tries to make excuses but he reminds her that he was in the NFL so he knows all about groupies and other crazies. He will not get drawn into her craziness. She thought he wanted to help out Margo, but he says he doesn't care that much about Margo, their relationship was not that deep. He says she can go ahead and ruin Margo's marriage, for all he cares. He tells her that she's attractive and doesn't need to do something like this. Then he leaves.

Agent Fox yells at Nikki for screwing up the case. Hal stands up for her. Fox thinks Molly is missing because of Dusty. After more arguing, Fox gives her 12 hours to find Dusty. Nikki tries to find Don through his prominent tattoo but has no luck. Hal offers her a couple of cops to help her out, so she is grateful. Hal assures Nikki she's doing a fine job and gives her a peck on the cheek.

Craig hugs Lucy. They argue about Dusty. She tells him that Dusty is trying to find this Don guy because he was involved in the kidnapping. Craig is not happy to hear the name. Lucy can tell by his reaction that he knows the guy, but he denies it. Lily and LUcinda come in and lend their support. Lucinda gets on Craig's case for badgering Lucy about what she knows. Craig says he has an idea who might be behind the kidnapping. Alan comes in and wants to hear who that might be. Craig blows him off, saying it's only a theory so he wants to wait. Alan is intent on making Sierra worry less about Lucy's safety. When Alan leaves the room, Lily tells Lucinda that Alan is the one that Craig suspects. Lucinda thinks that's ridiculous. She agrees to do a background check on Alan, just in case.

Dusty meets with Starziak in the park, hoping to get information on this Don guy. Starziak refuses to help him. He wants to know what's in it for him. He threatens to turn Starziak in. Starziak makes inferences about Dusty's relationship with Lucy, so Dusty gets angry. Dusty follows him and badgers him about finding Don. Starziak tells him to go this club that Don owns, where Dusty might be able to find him or get his whereabouts. Dusty assures him that he's never ratted anyone out so he won't start now.

Tom stops by Margo's table to say hi; he is meeting a judge for lunch. He delivers Jessica's message about being late. Jill says hi in a very familiar way, sending a subtle threat to Margo. Things are a little awkward. Margo asks Tom if he can stop by after his meeting for a glass of wine, but he says he's busy this afternoon. He urges her to keep trying, though. He tells her that Jessica really gave him a hard time about forgiving her and putting the past behind them, so he wants to do that. She suggests they have dinner later, and he agrees. He tells her that he is going to start to put everything in the past by throwing away that compact. He throws it in the trash while he's looking at her, showing her the symbolic gesture. Margo goes over toward the trash can as if she is going to fish it out.

Jessica goes to the hospital and tells her ob/gyn about her back pain. Ben is there, too. The doctor assures her that it's normal because her body is stretching to accommodate the baby. The doctor mentions an appointment to Jessica and says something about it being her first week of pregnancy. Jessica is shocked, saying that she didn't think the tests were that accurate. The doctor assures her they are. Jessica remembers being in bed with Doc and faints. Ben catches her. The doctor worries whether Jessica is eating enough. Jessica says she only had a yogurt and a muffin. The doctor scolds her for not eating more. Both Ben and the other doctor suggest she go home and rest. Jessica insists on meeting Margo at the country club and promises to eat a lot. Ben worries more. Jessica phones Margo to tell her that she's on her way. Margo tells her about her talk with Tom and says she wants to get the compact from the trash. Jessica tells her sharply to leave it alone, get a table, and order her a lobster salad. Instead, Margo pays a busboy to get the compact for her. She gets it and is looking at it when Jessica arrives. Margo looks at her and accuses her of being the woman with Doc last night.

Craig suggests to Lucinda that they all work together as a family to support Lucy. He wants to get information from Lucy and is trying to get Lucinda to help him out. Lucinda is suspicious and doesn't want to work with Craig. She assures him that she is going to track down who the kidnapper is and make sure they pay for it. She jokes that Craig should be glad it's not him.

Lucy phones Dusty to see how he's doing. He tells her he's fine and has a lead on Don. She worries that he has enough money and food. She mentions that she wishes she could see him. Craig comes in just then and wonders who she's talking about. She lies that it's someone from school, but he asks if it's Dusty. She tells him it's none of his business.

Dusty phones Nikki to let her know he's on Don's trail and to ask her to get Craig off his back. She agrees and leaves the police station. As she turns to go, she runs into Henry (literally). He is annoyed at first but then looks at her and is instantly smitten. He tries to kiss up to her but she ignores him as she rushes off.

Craig phones Don but gets his phone mail. Then he phones Dusty but hangs up when he gets him.

Nikki finds Craig at Metro and says they are close to the end of the money laundering and the kidnapping case. He acts surprised that they are connected.

Henry and Mike go to Metro for lunch. Henry is going on and on about Nikki to Mike when he spies her sitting at the bar. He is very flustered and asks Mike to go talk to her for him. Mike agrees. He goes up to Nikki and she says, "Mike Kasnoff?" and hugs him. Mike looks at Henry helplessly with a smile on his face to say "sorry!" while Henry rolls his eyes and says, "That's just great".

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