ATWT Update Tuesday 7/6/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/6/04

By Jenny
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Jess and Ben were thrilled to learn that she was pregnant. Dr. Schiller told Jess to schedule some prenatal appointments before she left. Jess and Ben weren't exactly quiet about how happy they were, and Doc overheard. He walked up and asked if congratulations were in order. Jess quickly told him that she had won a big case, and that's what she and Ben were celebrating. Ben pointed out that it was none of Doc's business in the first place and made it clear he was still mad at Doc for coming between Margo and Tom. Doc excused himself to go visit a sick child. Jess told Ben that she didn't want Doc to know she was pregnant. Ben said he understood. Then Jess told him that she didn't want anyone to know for the first trimester. Ben said he was fine with that and they agreed to keep it a secret. Ben had to get back to work but they agreed to meet for lunch to celebrate. Jess went to schedule her appointments with Dr. Schiller.

Meanwhile, Jill tried to blackmail Margo. She told Margo to get her a date with Doc - or else she'd sing like a canary about what she'd seen! Margo threatened to arrest her for blackmail, but Jill pointed out that then she'd HAVE to tell her story - and of course the D.A. would probably hear about it. Margo told Jill that her plan to one-night stand the big football stud was really sleazy. Jill snidely pointed out that Margo had been rolling around naked with a man who wasn't her husband - "Now that's sleazy!", she yelled at Margo. Backed into a corner, Margo had no choice but to try to talk Doc into spending the night with Jill.

Margo found Doc at the hospital, where he had just finished a conversation with Tom. Tom told him that he and Margo had talked and were working things out. Doc said he was very happy for them. Tom didn't believe him, but he said he would believe Margo from now on. He told Doc to stay away from Margo.

Margo didn't want to talk to Doc at the hospital - "This place is full of in-laws!", she exclaimed. Doc assured her that he had just seen Tom and Bob leave for lunch. She still didn't want to talk in the open, so they snuck into Bob's office. Margo started to explain the mess with Jill to Doc, but then they heard Tom and Bob coming. Doc stashed himself under the desk. Tom and Bob walked in, looking for Bob's wallet. Margo said she was looking for Tom and knew he was planning to meet Bob at the hospital. She said that they had received a letter from Casey's school about a meeting before the new semester. Bob suggested that she and Tom go have lunch while he ate in his office. Margo insisted that Tom had been looking forward to lunch with his father. She told him that they could talk about Casey later. Then she told Bob that she wanted to check in with the station, and couldn't use her cell phone in the hospital (quick thinking, Margo!). She asked Bob if she could use his phone. Bob said that was fine. Margo helped him find his wallet, then he and Tom left for lunch.

Doc came out from under the table and Margo told him the problem with Jill. She begged him to go out with Jill to get her off the hook. She told him that if Jill blabbed, she would lose her marriage to Tom. She also said that the scandal her affair would create could cause her to lose her job, too. She begged him to spend the night with Jill, pointing out that he was always chasing skirts anyway. Doc told her that he had already encountered Jill, and had made it clear to her that he wasn't interested. He said he was not going to sleep with Jill. Margo started crying and begged him some more. She told him she couldn't stand to lose her marriage to Tom. She told him she knew he was out with another woman the night before, anyway. Doc asked her what she was talking about, but she didn't go into detail. She told him that if he really cared about her, he'd do what he was probably doing every other night anyway, and have a one-night stand with her. Doc said he had a feeling that Jill was trouble and didn't want to get involved with her. Margo pleaded with him to help her save her marriage to Tom. She even admitted that she hated the idea of Doc sleeping with another woman. She pointed out that she knew Doc had been with someone else the night before, but said it didn't matter. She said she didn't want to argue about who pushed who away - the important thing was that it was over, and they had to move on. She begged Doc to sleep with Jill so she could preserve her marriage to Tom. Doc finally told her that he would think of some way to handle Jill, and they left Bob's office.

On her way out, Margo ran into Jess. She filled her best friend in on what had happened with Jill and her conversation with Doc. Then she told Jess about how Tom had grilled her about the compact. She said that Tom would find out who the compact belonged to, and then she would be off the hook. Jess looked worried, realizing that he might find out it was HER compact.

Meanwhile, Chris and Emily were still stuck in tango class, trying to get at the pink booties in the window. Emily created a distraction by pretending to have a foot cramp (is there such a thing?) She got the male instructor to massage her foot, moaning about how much better it felt already, while Chris went for the key. Chris was just about to grab the key out of the pink booty, when he saw Allison and Aaron outside.

Aaron couldn't believe that Ali was marrying Chris and hadn't bothered to tell him, her supposed best friend. Ali said she thought she already told him, which was a lie. Aaron asked when they were getting married. She told him they were getting married in September. Aaron told her she was making the biggest mistake of her life. He said she was too young to get married to anyone. Ali told Aaron that she loved Chris and was thrilled that they were getting married. She explained how he had proposed to her and she said yes. Aaron said they should have discussed marriage before Chris proposed. He also pointed out that the Hughes' would be Ali's in-laws and asked her if she was ready for that. Ali tried to insist that the Hughes' were happy about their engagement, but finally admitted that they were only faking it. But she insisted that she was okay with that because she loved Chris. She told Aaron that he would have to support their marriage if he wanted to be her friend. Reluctantly, he apologized and agreed not to criticize their upcoming marriage. Then they went after the key together.

Chris saw them coming and snagged the key. By then, the dance instructors had figured out they Chris and Em were only after the key. When Ali and Aaron arrived at the door and asked if they could look at the booties in the window, everyone in the room ran for the window to try to find the key. Chris and Em managed to hide before Ali and Aaron saw them. Chris showed Em the key, while Allison and Aaron managed to get to the booties first. They were disappointed to find that the key wasn't there.

Ali and Aaron went back to Metro. Aaron apologized again for yelling at Ali about her engagement. She said they could be friends as long as he was supportive of her engagement and butted out. Then she suggested that they become official partners in the contest, with Nancy remaining their "consultant" to help with the clues. Aaron agreed, apparently forgetting he was already Curtis' partner.

Meanwhile, Chris and Em talked about how much Ali wanted to win the contest. Chris said that Ali wanted the money so they could have a home of their own - a stable home, like she'd never had before. Em realized how well he understood Ali. She suggested that they become partner, find five more keys and give the money to Ali - but convince her to donate some of it to charity. Apparently, Em also forgot that she already had a partner - her mom! Chris pointed out that Em had a job and a family to take care of - did she have time for the contest? Em said that her workload wasn't that heavy anymore, and her family apparently didn't need her that much. She looked sad and Chris asked her what was wrong, but she assured him everything was fine. Chris agreed to be her partner in the contest.

Meanwhile, Rosanna was very upset to find that Cabot had been moved. Neither she nor Paul had moved him. Rosanna was afraid that someone had access to Fairwinds, despite her terrific security. Paul suggested Jordan might have come home and moved him. He called BRO and found out that Jordan had been there all day - Jennifer, too. Still, he told Ro not to panic. They questioned the maid, Iris, and she insisted that she hadn't moved the baby. The other maid was already gone for the day. Rosanna was afraid that someone had broken in and moved the baby. She was panicking and thinking the worst - Stenbeck, of course. Paul tried to calm her down, saying there must be a reasonable explanation. Eventually, Ro calmed down and admitted she was overreacting. Just then, Paul told her he had talked to Iris again, and it turned out that the other maid had left later than usual. She had said something about being late for an appointment on her way out. Paul told Ro that she probably moved the baby, then forgot about it in her hurry to leave. Ro was relieved and thanked Paul for being so helpful. She decided to rest for a while, and Paul told her he would stay with the baby and make sure nothing happened to him. Ro was touched that he would do that for her. Paul told her he would do anything to protect her and Cabot. He told her he knew that she had been alone and frightened for a long time, but that she didn't have to feel that way anymore - now that she had him to look out for her and Cabot.

Meanwhile, Barbara was lunching with Walker. He suggested that they take a beach vacation together. Any woman in her right mind would have said yes to hitting the beach with Walker, but Barbara declined, saying it was a bad time. Walker asked if it was really a bad time, or if she was just embarrassed about being with him. Just then her celly rang and she answered it. It was James, calling from jail (apparently they allowed him to have a cell phone in jail, too). He told her that he had taken care of what they discussed the previous day, meaning the Houdini baby mess at Fairwinds. He told her to call Fairwinds. Barbara acted like the call was about work so Walker wouldn't know who she was talking to. Then she hung up and called Paul. He said he couldn't talk because he was in the middle of something. She asked if it was a problem with work. He said no, it was personal, and hung up.

Satisfied that James had kept his word, Barbara turned her attention back to Walker. She assured him that it really was a bad time for her to go on vacation, but she was not ashamed to be seen with him. She told Walker that she had been in a very bad place before he came into her life. She said he had believed in her, believed she could change for the better. She said she was grateful to him for his love and support, and was proud to be with him. She suggested that they have a dinner party together, to let everyone know that they were a couple, and Walker agreed.


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