ATWT Update Monday 7/5/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/5/04

By Suzanne
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Alison is all excited as she tracks down Nancy. She wants her help finding the latest key from the clues that are in the newspaper. Nancy says she can't help her right now because she has to go to a meeting at the hospital. Alison pouts and tries to change her mind, but it doesn't work. Alison finds Aaron at The Metro. He tells her that he is busy working. She begs him to help her find the key. She hides her engagement ring from him and doesn't tell him about why she wants the money. He agrees but only if she promises not to cry, bite him, or put a guilt trip on him. She agrees and they look at the paper. The clue mentions tripping the light fantastic but they have no idea what that means. They realize they are terrible at this sort of thing. Nancy phones Alison and tells her that her meeting was over early so she's headed there to help her out with the contest. Alison is overjoyed. Nancy tells them that the clue leads to a dance studio where she took lessons once. She gives them the address and they rush off.

Doc tries to say hi and shake Ben's hand when they run into each other in a restaurant, but Ben won't shake his hand and yells at him for chasing a married woman. Jessica comes in just when Ben is saying this. Doc says he understand and leaves. Jessica assures Ben that Margo did not sleep with Doc, as she has a flashback to her sleeping with him. She suggests they forget about the whole thing. He tells her that he was reading up on the in vitro procedure and he thinks that they should get it done, if her doctor says she is strong enough. She is thrilled at his suggestion and they kiss. She is tearful and looks for her compact, but it is missing.

Tom is sitting in a restaurant looking thoughtful when Margo comes in. She insists that they talk about their problems. He doesn't want to do that in public, but she points out that he's always gone or shutting her out. She begs him to talk to her. He asks her where her compact is. She thinks it's a strange question, but he insists, so she looks through her purse. He has a flashback to finding it. Just when he is certain that she won't find it, she pulls it out. She asks him why he wanted that. He tells her that he followed Doc and saw a woman that he was with, but she rushed off before he could see her, dropping a compact. She doesn't care about the woman. He asks her again if she just had the one kiss with Doc. She flashesback to being naked in the spa with Doc, but assures Tom that it was just the one kiss. She then proceeds to tell him how much he means to her. He agrees to try to put this behind them. Tom leaves. A woman who's been listening to them, Jill, comes up and sits down with Margo. She says she was eavesdropping on her conversation with her husband. She knows that Margo lied, that she was with Doc in the locker room, the steam room, and at the gym. She has a friend who works there. Margo gets incensed at what the woman is saying. Jill offers to keep her secret if Margo does her a favor.

Barbara visits James in jail. He is confident that he knows what's going on with Rosanna and Jordan. He feels they will fall for each other. She tells him that his spies are not working for him because they are getting an annulment. She also tells him that Jennifer is cozy with Jordan and that Paul has moved in with Rosanna and Jordan. He is not happy about that. She tells James that she doesn't want either her daughter or son mixed up with James and his schemes. James likes the two of them working together; she is not happy about it at all. He says he will do something to take care of the situation, but he promises her there will be no violence.

Paul and Rosanna kiss. She breaks away and seems to be awe-struck by it. They discuss their feelings. He says he has always had a thing for her and maybe she felt that way, too, even when they were both married to other people. She realizes that Craig was right to be jealous of him. She wonders about Paul's real motivations. He assures her that he just wants her and will stay there to protect her and Cabot. She goes upstairs to check on Cabot at one point. He stays home from work so he doesn't have to share her with Jordan. Later, she finds that Cabot is sitting in his stroller in the living room. She is shocked and wonders how he got there. She calls Paul in but he has no clue.

Chris jokingly refers to Susan as "Mom" at the hospital. They talk about getting the keys from the newspaper clues. He wonders if she was working with Emily, but she says sadly that they don't work well together. She jokes about needing the money to pay for Alison's royal wedding. He offers to help out but she assures him that she's kidding. She leaves, calling him "son". Bob comes up and wonders why Chris is involved in the newspaper contest instead of focusing on patients. He changes his tune when he finds out that the prize is $300,000 and that Chris wants to help Alison get it as a wedding present. Bob figures out that the clue is pointing to the dance studio, too, so he tells Chris to go check it out. Chris is amazed at how Bob's attitude changed so quickly.

Chris goes to the dance studio, but when he goes in, he finds that people are doing the tango. He quickly leaves but runs into Emily, who has also figured it out. She just happens to be wearing a skirt outfit that is perfect for dancing, LOL! She suggests they go in and get the key together to help Alison. She also confides that it will help her ego but doesn't explain why. The instructor grabs Emily and starts tangoing with her in a very seductive manner. They tango well together and everyone applauds. Chris and Emily team up to dance, their only goal to get the key from the window display. The tango instructor pushes their bodies together, saying there must be intimacy in tango. Alison and Aaron arrive outside. As they are about to go in, he notices her ring. She tells him that Chris asked her to marry him. Aaron is a little annoyed that his best friend didn't tell him she was getting married.

Doc visits the hospital with a camera crew. He takes a minute to say hi to Jessica. She thanks him for keeping his promise and not telling Ben they slept together. He says it is no problem and walks away. Jessica has her doctor's appointment. Later, the doctor tells both her and Ben that she can't do the in vitro procedure because Jessica is already pregnant. The couple hug each other, overjoyed, but then Jessica sees Ben across the hall and her smile fades.

Barbara meets Walker for a drink. He notices she is in a good mood. She says that she had an unsolvable problem but decided to delegate it to someone else. She thinks everything is going to turn out great.

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