ATWT Update Friday 7/2/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/2/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Country Club, Allison and Chris get ready for a brunch with their families to tell them about their engagement. Bob, Kim, Nancy, Susan and Emily arrive for brunch. Kim is surprised that Chris invited Susan and Emily. Kim softly asks Chris what Susan and Emily are doing there. Chris reminds his mom that he told her he invited the family. Kim tells Chris she thought he meant their family. Once everyone is seated Chris tells Allison she can have the honor of telling everyone the news. Allison is nervous but begins her speech. Allison says that she loves Chris very much but then gets nervous and quickly says that she thinks Chris is a special guy since he still loves her after having a thing for Emily and seeing her mom naked so she should make an honest man out of him and get married. Kim only hears that Chris saw Susan naked and Bob asks if she said they were getting married. Allison repeats that she is getting married. Emily is very happy and gets up from her chair and hugs Allison. Nancy congratulates Allison and Chris while Kim is speechless.

At BRO , Jordan meets with an obnoxious buyer named Melvin Smenk. Melvin says he is used to meeting with Jennifer because he would buy anything from a woman with such a hot body. Jordan explains that Jennifer has other plans.

At Rosanna place, Paul gets a call from Jennifer who tells him that Barbara is demanding they meet to talk. Paul tells Rosanna and Carly he needs to go talk to Barbara. After Paul is gone, Rosanna tells Carly she had a nice relaxing time with Paul.

At Barbara's place. Paul arrives and Barbara is annoyed that he took so long to get there.

At the Police station, Hal and jack wonder if Molly's disappearance is connected to Starzyack. Holden arrives and Jack informs him that there is no news about Molly.

Inside the elevator where Molly's kidnappers are keeping her. Molly cries and talks to herself. Molly vows that she will not die because of Dusty.

Inside the truck, Dusty and Lucy huddle close together as they hear someone coming. Dusty tells Lucy not to move or make any noise.

At the police station, Nikki arrives and is told there isn't any news about Dusty and Lucy. Nikki admits she never should have made a deal with Dusty. Hal assures his daughter that they will find them as soon as they find the truck.

Near the truck, Dusty and Lucy hear that the truck drivers must drive back to Oakdale because the police want to search the truck. Lucy gets a look of panic on her face as the truck drivers start driving back to Oakdale.

At Rosanna's place, Rosanna wonders if Paul could have romantic feelings for her. Carly wastes no time in answering a yes to her question. Carly wants to know what Rosanna feels for Paul.

At Barbara's place, Paul tries to persuade Barbara that Jennifer loves Jordan and even though he (Paul) doesn't like him, he respects her choice and Barbara should do the same. Barbara wonders about Paul's relationship with Rosanna. Paul tells his mother that he and Rosanna are just friends. Paul tells his mother that he and Jennifer have decided to stay with the people they care about and fight James if necessary.

Inside the elevator, Molly hyperventilates and daydreams that Doctor Bob has Dusty on a gurney and Dusty is dead Dusty gets up and tells her they were just playing a joke on her. Molly screams and pounds on the elevator door.

At the police station, Jack and Holden question Starzyack,. Jack explains to Starzyack that Molly has disappeared. Starzyack tells Jack he is sorry to hear that Molly is missing . Starzyack says he feels badly for Molly's children Abigail, Bridget and Michelle. Holden punches Starzyack in the face.

At the Country club, Kim tells Chris she thought they were going to wait to get married until they had saved some money. Emily asks if they have set a wedding date. Allison tells everyone that they want to get married in September. Allison worries that she won't have enough time to plan a big wedding. Kim assures Allison they will do everything possible to give her the wedding of her dreams. Kim toasts the happy couple and wishes them a sarcastic good luck on their marriage. Allison doesn't notice the tone in Kim's voice and tells her it means allot that she supports their marriage. Allison nervously calls Km mom for the first time. Chris thinks they are getting a little ahead of themselves. Kim thinks her son has reconsidered his decision. Chris tells Allison he the way she just dives into life and doesn't care if she makes mistakes. Chris explains he loves the way she makes mistakes and is crazy, compassionate, and doesn't judge others. Chris tells Allison he couldn't imagine his life without her. Chris gets down on one Knee and formally asks Allison to marry him. Chris places the ring on Allison's finger and they kiss each other.

At the police station, Hal gets a lead on Dusty and Lucy. Hal and Nikki leave to pursue the lead.

Inside the truck, Lucy worries that Dust will get arrested upon their return to Oakdale. Lucy tries to persuade Dusty to leave her so he won't be arrested. Lucy tells Dusty that her Grandmother can hire round the clock security for her. Dusty tells Lucy he thinks the kidnapping is an inside job and he refuses to leave Lucy alone inside the truck.

At Rosanna's place, Rosanna avoids Carly's question about her feelings for Paul and goes to check on Cabot although he isn't crying.

At Barbara's place, Barbara gives in to her kids and agrees to stay out of the situation. After Paul and Jennifer leave Barbara calls her driver and tells him she wants him to kidnap Paul and Jennifer.

At BRO , Paul and Jennifer tell Jordan that Barbara has agreed to stay out of their relationship although Jennifer doesn't think the promise will last long. After Jordan leaves to take care of some business, Jennifer tells Paul that if he is going to risk his life protecting Rosanna he should at least tell her he has fallen in love with her.

At Rosanna's place, Rosanna is unsure of how she feels about Paul. Carly tells her sister that she saw the look that she and Paul gave each other before he left. Carly admits to her sister that Paul is a complicated man with a lot of mother issues and he is the last person she would pick for Rosanna. Carly advises her sister to follow her heart. Rosanna says her heart belongs to Cabot. Carly thinks Rosanna's heart could make room for Paul if she wants to do so.

At Barbara's place, Barbara tries to persuade her driver to kidnap her children. Barbara tells her driver she is playing a joke on her kids. Walker arrives and catches part of Barbara's conversation . Walker wonders what Barbara is doing.

At the police station, Starzyack denies any knowledge of Molly's whereabouts and asks to be released unless Jack has evidence against him.

At the elevator. Molly's kidnapper slips food under the elevator door. Molly bangs on the door and begs to be released. The person leaves. Molly opens the bag of food and finds a plastic knife inside the bag.

At the country Club, Chris asks his dad why he didn't say anything after he heard the news. Bob explains that when you have been married as long as he has been married he knows when its best to keep quiet. Chris asks his father what he thinks about the news. Bob tells his son he is happy for him. Susan is angry about how Kim treated Allison after Allison poured her heart out to everyone. Susan tells Kim she is glad Chris decided to marry a warm, loving non-judgmental girl who makes mistakes. Susan thinks Chris knows the kind of girl he doesn't want after so many years of living with his mother. Kim fires back that she is glad Chris doesn't want a woman half his age who gets naked and throws herself in front of a younger man. Susan suggests Kim loosen the apron strings and seek therapy for this strange relationship she has with her son.

Also at the Country club . Jordan tells Jennifer he took care of her meeting with Melvin and cleared her schedule. Jordan and Jennifer decide to play tennis.

At Barbara's place, Walker doesn't buy Barbara's story that she was going to play a joke on her kids. Barbara admits that she is terrified that James will hurt her children. Walker tells Barbara that she should let her children go because they are adults and can take care of themselves. Walker thinks Barbara could be playing into James hand by alienating her children.

When Hal opens the truck Lucy is alone. Hal asks Lucy about Dusty. Lucy tells Hal that Dusty put her in the crate and left. Lucy says she doesn't even think Dusty was in the truck.

At the station, Holden is positive Starzyack has Molly. Jack and Holden search Starzyack's records for any information that could lead them to Molly.

Inside the elevator, Molly takes the plastic knife and begins to slowly work on opening the door.

At the country club, Bob offers to help with the cost of the wedding but Susan turns down the offer saying she has been saving money for Allison's wedding since she was a little girl. After Bob leaves Susan tells Emily she lied to Bob because she didn't want to give Kim the satisfaction of paying for her daughter's wedding.

At Rosanna's place, Carly leaves when Paul arrives. Paul and Rosanna make some awkward small talk before Paul and Rosanna share a brief kiss.

At Barbara's place, Walker advises Barbara to keep the lines of communication open so her children will come to her when they need her. Walker invites Barbara to lunch but she takes a rain check saying she has a meeting. Walker gives Barbara a quick kiss before he leaves. Barbara calls the jail and asks to speak to the warden because she must see James

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