ATWT Update Wednesday 6/30/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/30/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

Scene One: Warehouse

Dusty and Lucy have a conversation about Nikki Munson. Dusty tells Lucy that he thinks that Nikki can help. Lucy starts complaining about the pretzels, and Dusty agrees that they have been around a while. Dusty then hears a truck, and blames it on Nikki. He then calls Nikki about the truck, and Nikki tells him that she didnít send anyone.

Scene Two: A hotel room

Craig tells two men that they have been figured out. They tell Craig that everyone is going to figure out that he set up his own daughter to be kidnapped.

Scene Three: Tom and Margoís house

Tom is putting sheets on the couch. He and Margo then discuss Katie and that she is all right and about Pillar. Margo tells Tom that she wants him to know the whole truth about her and Doc Reece.

Scene Four: Lakeview

Mike asks Katie why she is there. She tells him that her plans changed, and that she has something to tell him and believes that he will like what she has to say.

Scene Five:

Nikki tells Dusty that she kept her word, and Emily overhears.

Lucy then realizes that they are just trucks.

Emily asks Nikki if she was talking to Dusty. Nikki tells her that she is driving her out of there.

Scene Six: hotel room

Craig tells the men that he has nothing to do with them. They ask where their money is. Craig tells them that all of what they were supposed to do, didnít happen, so there is the door. The men tell Craig that it is not going to work like that.

Scene Seven: Gym

Doc comes in and an employee tells him that she remembers walking in on him and Margo. She wants to know if he and Margo are seeing each other. Doc tells her that she doesnít know what she is talking about, there is nothing going on between him and Margo.

Scene Eight: Tom and Margoís house

Margo tells Tom that Doc told her that he was attracted to her, and she hoped that it would end. She explains about Doc kissing her. Tom asks her if she kissed him back.

Scene Nine: Lakeview

Mike thinks that Katie is there to thank him for finding her. Mike tells her that he loves her, but love sometimes isnít enough. Katie tells him that nothing has been easy.

He tells her that he wonít come after her and ask her back. She tells him that she learned something about Simon, and things will never be the same. Mike tells Katie that he doesnít want to know about Simon, because when she talks bad about Simon it gives him hope. They share an awkward moment, and then share what Mike thinks is their last goodbye.

Scene Ten: Tom and Margoís house

Tom wants to know why Margo kissed Doc back, and didnít slap Doc. A very upset Margo tells Tom that she donít know why things happened between her and Doc, she made a mistake. Margo tells him that if they have forgiveness and love they can make it through everything. Tom wants to know if that was the only time, and Margo tells him yes. Tom tells her that he donít believe her.

Scene Eleven: hotel room

The two men threaten to tell the police. Craig tells them that he covered his tracks. Craig starts to call Hal, and the two men then offer to leave.

Scene Twelve: warehouse

Two truck drivers come into the warehouse and find the pretzel bag and Magazine that Lucy had. They believe that they are not alone.

Scene Thirteen: Gym

The employee wants Doc to go out for dinner with him. Doc tells her that he needs a break from dating. She offers him breakfast, and he tells her that she shouldnít have trouble finding someone else for meals, and cross him off her list. He then closes the door to the dressing room. Doc then grabs his cell phone and plans to call Margo and then stops thinking she is with Tom.

Scene Fourteen: Tom and Margoís house

Tom tells Margo that there was more. Margo tells him that there was an incident at the Sauna. He wants to know about the courtyard. Katie then shows up and asks Margo to go with her to the cottage. Tom tells Margo that she shouldnít hurry, she doesnít have anything meaningful to say. Margo then leaves.

Scene Fifteen: Munson house

Emily tells Nikki that her problem is that Nikki keeps trying to attack her for no reason. Nikki tells her that she didnít plan on staying there. They continue their discussion about neither one of them liking the situation. Emily tells Nikki that she wants her out of there.

Scene Sixteen: Warehouse

Dusty and Lucy stay hidden in a box. Lucy starts to talk and Dusty covers her mouth, he slowly moves his hands and their eyes glare at one another.

Scene Seventeen: Lakeview

Henry joins Mike. Mike tells Henry that he saw Katie. Henry tells Mike that is not possible their flight left an hour ago.

Scene Eighteen: Cottage

Margo offers to bring charges brought against Simon. Katie tells her no, but she wants Margo to tell everyone that she did go away with Simon. She tells Margo about her and Mikeís conversation at the Lakeview. Margo tries to talk Katie out of leaving. Katie tells Margo that she needs to go somewhere and think. She promises Margo that she will keep contact. The two sisters then tell each other goodbye.

Scene Nineteen: Hotel room

The two men agree that things are not over with Craig, and then leave. Craig then cleans up the room.

Scene Twenty: Warehouse

Dusty and Lucy come close to kissing, when they hear a truck.

Scene Twenty-One: Lakeview

Henry wanted to know why Katie came to see Mike. Mike explains that all he wanted was Katie.

Scene Twenty-Two: Cottage

Katie remembers all of the memories with Mike at the cottage as she stands there with a bag preparing to leave. She then locks up and leaves.

Scene Twenty-Three: Tom and Margoís house

Margo returns home to find that Tom is not home.

Scene Twenty-Four: Gym

Doc turns around to find a very angry Tom.

Scene Twenty-Five: Munson Home

Hal comes home to find out that Nikki is not coming home. He wants to know why, finds out that Emily asked his daughter to leave.

Scene Twenty-Six: Hotel

Craig leaves the hotel room and drops a picture of Lucy with directions on the back. While he is leaving the hotel Nikki comes around the corner.

Scene Twenty-Seven: Warehouse

The truck drivers start to lift the box that Dusty and Lucy are in. Dusty tells Lucy that they are being shipped.

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