ATWT Update Tuesday 6/29/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/29/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Nikki Munson wanted to arrest Dusty and take Lucy home. Dusty told her that the real kidnappers would nab Lucy the minute she left the warehouse. Lucy agreed with Dusty, telling Nikki to take the cuffs off Dusty. Nikki didn't believe Dusty. He told her that Lucy was free to leave at any time - she wasn't being held against her will. Lucy told Nikki that Dusty was protecting her from the real kidnappers. Nikki said she thought that Dusty and Starziak were in cahoots. She told Lucy that she was stupid to believe Dusty. Dusty told Nikki that Starziak was not involved. He gave her Donald Creel's name and told her that Creel was working for someone else - but NOT Starziak. Lucy told Nikki she wasn't stupid and Dusty was protecting her. She refused to leave with Nikki. Nikki finally believed them and took the handcuffs off Dusty.

Dusty suggested they talk outside, with Lucy out of earshot. There he told Nikki his theory that the kidnapping was an inside job. He told Nikki that after he talked to Dusty and Allan, the real kidnappers showed up at Lucy's hiding place in the cabin. He told Nikki the kidnapping must be an inside job - someone who worked for Lucinda, or at Craig's club, or for Sierra, etc.

Nikki reluctantly agreed to leave Lucy with him and left.

After Nikki left, Lucy yelled at Dusty for treating her like a child. She demanded to know what he discussed with Nikki. Dusty skirted the truth and told her they were just discussing the kidnappers. She asked if he had any idea who they were. He said he had an idea but wouldn't get specific. He asked if she was still mad at him. Lucy said she wasn't sure.

Meanwhile, Lucinda demanded that Lily kick out Craig. Lily told Lucinda to butt out. Craig heard them arguing and joined the conversation. They all went inside and the fight continued. Lucinda told Lily that Craig did not deserve her sympathy - or a place in her guesthouse.

Lily told Lucinda she should be more compassionate. She pointed out how Craig had lost his marriage, his adopted son, and his place to live. Lucinda said all Craig's problems were his own fault. She said that Craig was using Lily the way he used both his children. She brought up Bryant's death and suggested that Craig had "replaced" Bryant with his stolen "adopted" son. That upset Craig and everybody started yelling. Lucinda said that Craig must want money from Lily.

Craig said he didn't want money, he still had the club, the paper, etc. Then he left to check with the police about the kidnapping. He promised Lily he would come back, leaving her with a fuming Lucinda.

After he left, he met with Nikki, who told him that Lucy was safe. She said she couldn't tell him where Lucy was, only that she was safe. Naturally, Craig didn't take that news very well. Nikki insisted that she could not give him any more information, but told him she was working on the case. She assured him she would get Lucy home safely. She told him Dusty's theory. Craig was reluctant to believe hearsay from Dusty, but Nikki convinced him to consider it.

Craig then tracked down the kidnapper with the tattooed wrist, who was playing cards with a buddy. Craig told them he knew what they were up to.

Meanwhile, Katie told Simon she couldn't forgive him for his deception. She said even if she forgave him, it wouldn't help. She insisted that their relationship was over. Simon begged her to reconsider, but she told him they couldn't be happy together anymore. She said that they were over for good and she never wanted to see him again. She finally convinced him to leave, for good this time.

Meanwhile, Margo had a drink with Mike. He told her he was happy for Katie. However, he was still reminiscing about their time together. He said that when he held her briefly at the boathouse, it reminded him of how wonderful holding her was. He continued to drown his sorrows in liquor. Margo took his car keys and left to go see Katie.

When Margo arrived at the cottage, she saw Simon leaving. Katie showed Margo Pilar's note and explained about Simon's deception. She told Margo that she was sure she didn't want Simon back ever again. Then she said how bad she felt for Mike, who blamed himself for the mess with Pilar. She said Simon never believed she could love him fully after her relationship with Mike. Margo asked if it was true. When Katie couldn't answer, Margo told Katie to go after Mike and tell him how she felt. Katie said she couldn't. She said that she had been horrible to Mike and she couldn't talk to him now. Margo told her she had to. She told Katie that once she found the kind of love she had with Mike, she had to fight for it or she would regret it forever. Then she told Katie where to find Mike. Katie took Margo's advice and chased Mike down at the bar. She asked him if they could talk.

Meanwhile, Jack and Holden discussed Molly's kidnapping. Jack said it was too big a coincidence that Molly disappeared the day she talked to Nikki. He believed Starziak was involved. The cops searched the bar and found one of Molly's shoes, proving she didn't leave voluntarily. Jack and the cops continued to search for Molly.

The thugs who kidnapped Molly locked her in a downstairs room - it wasn't clear where. Molly begged them to let her out. There was a metal screen above her head, but apparently no one could hear her yelling through the vent. She yelled and begged for someone to help her but no one came. She was crying hysterically, and apparently had some sort of panic attack. While she screamed and cried, the cops continued to search for her.

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