ATWT Update Monday 6/28/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/28/04

By Eva
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At Susan's house, Alison asks Chris to repeat his marriage proposal because she can't believe that he proposed to her. Alison thinks Chris is joking and isn't serious about the proposal. Alison is also confused because she thought that she and Chris were going to wait until he finished medical school and they could afford their own house before they even considered getting married. Chris explains to Alison that he doesn't want to wait years to marry her he loves her and wants to marry her now. Alison tells Chris she wants to be able to pull her own weight in their marriage and not depend on Chris to be their sole means of support. Alison is positive she can win the six keys to the kingdom contest . Alison makes Chris promise that when she wins the contest he will allow her to use the money to buy a house for them. Chris tells Alison he still wants to marry her now.

At their hideout, Dusty explains to Lucy that he needs to go meet with Starzyack so that he can tell him the name of the person with the tattoo on his wrist. Dusty is positive that the tattooed man will lead them to the people who are trying to kidnap Lucy. Dusty tells Lucy to stay there and lock the door until he returns.

Lucy explains to Dusty that she is tired of this and she misses her family and demands to go home. Dusty explains that as soon as she steps out the door, the kidnappers will grab her again. Dusty tells Lucy she will be able to go home soon; once they find out who intended to kidnap her.

At Lily's guest house, Niki and Hal meet with Craig, Lucinda, Sierra's husband, Lily and Holden. Craig is doubtful that Niki is the right person to find his daughter because he thinks she is a rookie .

At the docks. Henry arrives and is surprised to see that Mike is still there. Mike explains that the police took his statement and picked up Pilar's body to take to the morgue Mike tells Henry he couldn't go home.

Mike blames himself for what happened to Katie because he didn't believe her when she told him Pilar was trying to hurt him. Mike also feels like he let Katie down. Henry thinks Mike is being too hard on himself because he (Mike) did save Katie's life. Henry tells Mike he will always be grateful to him for saving Katie's life. Mike is glad that Simon is back in Katie's life because he (Simon) loves Katie and never stopped believing in her. Henry explains that Simon does love Katie but he (Simon) always causes Katie pain.

At the cottage, Katie demands answers from Simon. Katie wants to know if Pilar had something on Simon . Katie also wants to know why Pilar told her Simon was a liar. Simon tries to avoid Katie's questions by telling her she needs to rest.

Simon tells Katie that Pilar was crazy and he is very hurt Katie would take Pilar's word over his word. Katie is convinced that there is something Simon isn't telling her. Katie wonders why Simon wants to stay in Oakdale now. Katie also thinks Simon is acting like he is safe now that Pilar is dead. Simon explains to Katie that she has been through a terrible ordeal and she needs her friends and family around her now. Simon asks Katie to just let him spend the rest of his life loving her. Simon and Katie hold each other and share a brief kiss.

At Susan's house, Alison doesn't see the reason why they have to rush to get married. Chris assures Alison that their love is all they need and they don't have to wait for anything else to get married. Chris again asks Alison to marry him.

At Lily's guest house, everyone fills Niki in on the last phone call they got from Dusty. Niki assures Craig she will bring his daughter back home.

At Metro, Aaron tells Molly he is finished unloading the shipment. Molly asks Aaron to stay with her until closing time because she doesn't want to stay there alone. Molly asks Aaron to give some change to a customer. Aaron walks over to a man with a tattoo on his wrist who picks up his change and gets up to leave. Before he leaves he stares at Molly for a few minutes.

Inside Starzyack's car, Dusty demands that Starzyack, give him the name of the guy with the tattoo on his wrist. Dusty yells that if he doesn't give him the name the feds will blame both of them for Lucy's kidnapping. Starzyack assures Dusty he wasn't involved in Lucy's kidnapping. Starzyack gives Dusty the name Donald Creel. Starzyack, explains that Creel is a thug for hire and works on his own.

At Metro, Aaron has to leave when someone calls to tell him that there is a gas leak in his apartment.

At Susan's house, Chris tells Alison he wants to rent a small apartment for them after they get married. Alison is excited and gives Chris a hug and a kiss. Chris thinks that the hug and kiss mean yes so he tells Alison to pack a bag so they can go to Vegas and get married. Alison tells Chris she doesn't want to go to Vegas. Alison explains to Chris she wants the Cinderella experience; a wedding where their friends and family can see her marry her prince charming.

Chris agrees to let her have the wedding she wants and Alison finally says yes. Chris and Alison kiss.

At the docks, Mike finds Katie's bracelet and Henry persuades him to take it to her.

At the cottage, Simon goes to feed snickers while he leaves Katie in the bedroom to get some rest. Katie is laying in bed when she flashes back to when Pilar told her she left a note for Simon. Katie sees the note where Pilar left it and gets out of bed to read the note. In the note Pilar tells Simon that by the time he reads this Katie will be dead. Pilar tells Simon that she kept her end of the bargain even if he didn't keep his part of the deal.

At the hideout, Lucy hears a noise and almost hits Dusty on the head. Dusty informs Lucy that Starzyack give him the name of the tattooed man and she will be able to go home soon.

Niki knocks on the door and tells Dusty to come out with his hands up. Dusty motions for Lucy to hide and opens the door.

At the guest house, Craig looks at a picture of Bryant and Lucy when they were children. Craig blames himself for Lucy's kidnapping . Lily assures Craig that Lucy will come home and he will have a chance to make things up to her. Craig thinks that the fact that he is staying in the guest house is causing trouble between Lily and Holden. Lily tells Craig that Holden hasn't said anything to her if he objects to Craig staying there.

At Lily' and Holden's house, Lucinda wonders why Holden is allowing Craig to stay in the guest house. Holden explains that ever since Rose's death, Lily feels like she needs to save the world and he doesn't have the heart to tell her she is making the wrong decision. Holden leaves to update Aaron on Lucy's case.

At Metro, Donald Creel arrives with his goons. Creel demands to know what Molly told the feds. Molly tells Creel she didn't say anything to the feds. Creel doesn't buy her story because he knows the feds subpoenaed her.

At the cottage, Mike arrives to return Katie's bracelet and talk to her. Simon informs Mike that Katie is sleeping but he will give her the bracelet. Mike asks Simon to let Katie know he is sorry he doubted her. When Simon goes upstairs Katie blasts him for bringing Pilar to town. Katie demands Simon tell her the truth. Katie asks Simon if he brought Pilar to town to break up her relationship with Mike. Simon admits he made a deal with Pilar.  Pilar's job was to keep Katie and Mike away from each other. Simon explains that Pilar lied to him and told him Mike still had feelings for her. Simon tells Katie that Pilar didn't stick to the plan. Simon tells Katie he didn't know Pilar was crazy and he wishes he could take everything back.

Katie refuses to listen to anything Simon has to say until Simon begs her to listen to him if she ever loved him at all.

At Metro, Creel gets ready to do something to Molly although the audience doesn't see it . The audience just sees the scared look on Molly's face as she stares at Creel and the goons.

At the hide out, Niki puts handcuffs on Dusty who tells her he won't talk until she promises to help him find the men who are after Lucy. Nikki says she won't do anything until he tells her Lucy's whereabouts. Nikki is about to take Dusty away when Lucy pops out from her hiding place . Lucy explains to Nikki that Dusty has been protecting her all this time. Lucy says she won't go anywhere with Nikki unless Nikki listens to Dusty.

At the guest house, Lucinda demands that Lily throw Craig out of the house.

At Metro, Holden arrives looking for Aaron . The place is dark . Aaron arrives and explains to Holden about the gas leak. Holden figures out the call was a hoax. Holden sees blood on the floor and Aaron wonders what they did to Molly.

At Susan's house, Alison wonders how their mother's will get along once they are related. Alison wants to call her mother to tell her the news.

At the docks, Mike daydreams about talking to Katie who thanks him for saving her life. Katie tells Mike she is in his heart forever before she disappears.

At the cottage , Simon explains that it killed him to leave her behind but Mike persuaded him it was best for her. Simon tells Katie he knew in his heart he would come back to her someday. Simon knew that Mike never respected Katie's marriage and he would have a clear shot at her. Katie tells Simon he will always be a con man no matter how hard she tried to believe he had changed. Katie refuses to believe a word Simon has told her. Simon apologizes to Katie. Katie says that apologies are not enough this time. Simon asks Katie what it will take for her to forgive him.

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