ATWT Update Friday 6/25/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/25/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo


Jennifer informs Rosanna that if Jordan lives with her, she will be around a lot, too. Paul objects to Jordan living there because he doesn't think having James Stenbeck's pawn around is a good idea. The baby cries so Jordan offers to go up and see him; Jennifer goes with him.

Carly arrives and she, too, objects to the arrangement. Jennifer thinks that having Cabot's father around outweighs the risk of James. Plus, she knows she will lose if they go to court, since she is not biologically related to Cabot. Jack phones and Rosanna begs Carly not to get him involved in all this, so Carly tells Jack that everything is fine.

Later, Paul convinces Rosanna to let him move in, too, to help protect her and Cabot from James. She is reluctant at first, but he is very persuasive. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Jennifer how happy he is, even with all the stress, to finally have his family. He is glad to have her there, too. They hug and then kiss.

Jennifer says goodbye to him downstairs but won't kiss him goodbye while Rosanna is watching. When Paul returns with his bag, he informs Jordan that he is moving in (Rosanna hadn't told him yet).


Pilar holds a knife at Snickers' ears to get Katie to do what she wants. She tells Katie to climb out the window and down the trellis, so Katie does. Pilar also hints that she killed another bunny. She slips a card or note onto the couch.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Tom and Margo are arguing about their marriage and Doc. She keeps denying that anything happened with Doc but won't give him details. Jessica tries to help but her help is not wanted. Henry and Simon also try to help. Tom and Margo leave because they are both upset. Also present are Alison and Chris, Ben, Nancy, and Bob. Henry goes upstairs to see what is keeping Katie. He is surprised to find Snickers out of his cage and he asks the bunny where Katie went. Simon comes in and notices that the window is open. They figure that Pilar must have taken Katie. Simon goes after her but insists that Henry not phone the police, saying that it might push Pilar over the edge. He also insists that Henry stay there and not follow him. Henry phones Mike instead and tells him to get over there. Henry tells the guests downstairs that Katie is not feeling well. Bob offers to help, but Henry says she's sound asleep. Bob leaves but the others stay. Mike arrives, so Henry takes him aside and tells him what's going on. Mike phones Pilar and also the police. Later, Henry tells the remaining guests that Katie has been kidnapped. Ben remarks to Jessica that he's glad nothing like Doc happened to their marriage.


Tom and Margo go home; they are very quiet at first.

They argue more about their marriage and about Doc. He asks her if she slept with Doc, and she says no. He asks her if she wanted to, and she evades the question. They talk about how lately they have both been working too much. He apologizes if he took her for granted or didn't pay enough attention to her. That makes her feel worse so she gets more upset. She ends up going upstairs alone. Later, she gets called to help Katie. Casey comes home and starts watching TV. He suggests to Tom that they find out about some tennis scores. Doc is on the TV so Tom gets angry and yells at Casey to turn the damn thing off now. Casey goes upstairs, hurt, as Tom tries to apologize, frustrated.


Pilar has taken Katie to the boathouse. She shows Katie the sign "Lady Kate" and explains that Mike was fixing it up for her as a surprise. When Mike phones, she gives him a clue as to where they're at. She tells Katie she's going to kill her because she has lost Mike and he only loves Katie. She knows that killing her will cause Mike the greatest pain. Katie's eyes fix on some netting. Katie tries to talk her out of killing her, saying she will be leaving town anyway, but Pilar won't listen. Pilar makes some comments about how Simon is not trustworthy and she would only break Katie's heart. Katie keeps saying that Pilar doesn't even know Simon, but Pilar won't tell her anything else. Katie says she wants to choose where she's going to die, so she chooses the area near the netting. Mike comes rushing in just about then, so Pilar's attention is distracted and Katie throws the netting over her, knocking her down.

Mike and Katie find that Pilar has fallen on her own knife. Katie is very upset because she didn't want Pilar dead. Mike comforts her in a hug. Simon comes in and stops short when he sees them. Katie hugs Simon, too, still upset. They both tell her not to blame herself. Simon wants to know what Pilar said to her, so Mike says that's a strange thing to ask. He also wants to know why Simon didn't call the police, but Simon doesn't answer. Margo and the other police come in.

Margo questions them. Mike tells her that Pilar fell on her knife and he's sure the ME can confirm that. He asks Margo to let Katie go home because she's upset. Margo says okay, but she will have to get her statement tomorrow. Simon starts to lead Katie out, but she first makes sure that Mike is okay, since he used to have feelings for Pilar. Mike asks Margo to phone Henry to let him know that Katie is okay. Mike blames himself for Katie's kidnapping.


Henry is overjoyed when he gets the news, and he lets the others know, too. Nancy and the others head out. Meanwhile, Chris gets all romantic with Allison and asks her to marry him. He says he's tired of waiting for their life together to start. She gets this expression on her face like she just saw a big hairy spider (I'm not kidding!). Katie hugs Henry (and Snickers) when she returns. Simon asks him to get her some tea, but he wants to go get some lattes. She doesn't want him to leave, since it's her last night, but he insists on treating her one last time. Simon says that maybe they shouldn't go to Australia after all. She gets very suspicious and wants to know what he's suddenly changing his mind. She wonders if it's because of Pilar. He says yes, that it's because she just had this horrible night, so maybe she doesn't want to leave right away. She tells him what Pilar said and wants to know what that was all about.

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