ATWT Update Thursday 6/24/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/24/04

By Jenny
pictures by Boo

Jess told Doc she wanted to forget that they slept together. Doc told her he just wanted to make sure Margo didn't get hurt. He said he was concerned about her and Tom. Jess said she had no plans to tell Margo and wanted them both to forget the whole thing. Then she called him a womanizer, jerk, etc, and they started yelling.

Ben walked in and heard them yelling at each other. He didn't know what it was about but told Doc not to yell at Jess like that. Doc said he had gotten into a fight the night before and Jess, as his lawyer, was lecturing him. He asked Jess not to tell anyone about his "bad behavior". She advised him to do the same and he left.

Ben told Jess that he wanted her to get rid of Doc as a client - he said she didn't need the stress while they were trying to get pregnant. Jess asked if he still wanted to have a baby. He told her of course, it was going to happen. Jess assured that Doc "wouldn't be a problem". Then they went to Katie's party.

As Doc was sitting at the bar, his guilty conscience started to get to him. He daydreamed that both Tom and Ben come after him with a gun for sleeping with their wives.

Meanwhile, Margo wanted to know why Tom seemed so upset. Kim walked in and told them that the present they planned for Katie had fallen through. It was obvious that Margo and Tom were having bigger problems than that, so Kim dragged Margo out to "borrow some earrings". Nancy went with them. Bob and Tom talked about Tom's problem with Margo. Tom said if he couldn't get answers from Margo he'd get them from Doc! Bob advised against that and reminded Tom that he had no proof Margo was cheating. He suggested Tom and Margo stay behind to chat instead of attending the party. Just then Kim, Nancy and Margo returned and they all left for the party, although it was clear that there was great tension between Tom and Margo.

Meanwhile, Pilar was about to knife Katie when she heard Simon coming. Pilar hid with the knife. Katie told Simon she was still worried about the move and leaving her friends and family. Simon assured her that everything would be fine once they got to Australia.

Pilar snuck up on both of them with the knife, but once again had to hide when Henry arrived. Simon went down to greet party guests while Henry and Katie said a pre-goodbye. Katie told him she wanted him to find a girl and fall in love. She also told him he was the best friend she had. Then they went downstairs.

The Hughes family arrived at the party with Ben and Jess. Simon talked to Nancy about Snickers's care. Then they talked about Katie and everything she'd been through recently. Nancy thought Simon knew Pilar from before she arrived in Oakdale. Henry overheard her telling Simon this. Simon assured Nancy that he didn't know Pilar, he had just heard a lot about her.

Later, Henry cornered Simon and told him what he'd overheard Nancy saying. Katie walked up on THIS conversation. Simon told them both what he had told Nancy - that he didnt know Pilar, it just seemed that way because he had heard so much about her. Henry and Katie were convinced. Simon then suggested they forget Pilar and never mention her name again. Katie and Henry were very eager to go along with that!

Then Simon went up to get a rabbit book for Nancy. Pilar had been about to knife the rabbit but ONCE AGAIN ran and hid when she heard Simon coming. Simon got the book and left, not noticing that Snickers was out of his cage.

After Simon went downstairs, Katie went upstairs to feed Snickers one last time. She found Pilar holding the bunny in one hand and a knife in the other.

Things were pretty exciting downstairs, too. Kim overheard Tom telling Bob that Doc was sleeping with his wife. Tom went inside to find Margo. Kim told Bob, who didn't know she had overheard, that she had to get to the station. Then she went to find Doc.

Margo couldn't figure out why Tom was so tense. Finally, he told her she might not want to know. She insisted on knowing anyway. "Why don't you ask Doc Reese?" he yelled at her, and everyone at the party turned around to look at them.

At Fairwinds, Cabot wouldn't stop crying. Jordan arrived and covered Cabot with a warm blanket. The baby went right to sleep. Ro and Jordan once again started arguing about Jordan's place in Cabot's life. Paul walked in and suggested sarcastically that Jordan move in and be Cabot's nanny.Then Jen showed up with a diaper bag and baby items for Cabot. They all started arguing and Ro took the baby upstairs so he wouldn't wake up. Jen told Jordan that everything was ready for Cabot and the Lakeview. Jordan said he was glad, he wanted Cabot to feel at home there. Ro overheard and overreacted - she yelled at Jordan that he could see Cabot, but Cabot wasn't leaving Fairwinds without her.

Paul agreed with Ro and Jen sided with Jordan. They all started yelling. Finally, Ro offered Jordan a deal: He could move in and be Cabot's nanny, as Paul had laughingly suggested. Neither Paul nor Jen was thrilled with the idea, but Jordan agreed. He and Jen went upstairs to look in on Cabot. Jordan asked Jen if she was upset about him moving into Fairwinds. She said no, she was just upset that he made the decision without discussing it with her. Jordan said he was sorry, he was just eager to be part of Cabot's life.

Jen was also uneasy about him living in Fairwinds and the effect it might have on their relationship. Jordan told her he would never love anyone else and they would get through it.

Meanwhile, Paul told Ro that having Jordan move in was a bad idea. He said that Jordan served Stenbeck and by inviting him into her home, Ro was inviting Stenbeck in too. Ro said it was the only way to keep Cabot with her and not risk losing him to Jordan. She reminded Paul that he had advised her to be nice to Jordan. Jen and Jordan came back downstairs. Jordan said he would move in right away if the offer still stood. Ro said of course it still stood. Jen told Ro that she would be spending a lot of time there with Jordan and Cabot, which Rosanna did not look thrilled about.

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