ATWT Update Wednesday 6/23/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/23/04

By Cheryl
Pictures by Boo

At the warehouse Dusty says good morning to princess Lucy. She wants to know when she is getting out of there. Lucy says if weren’t for him she would be laying on the beach. A pile of boxes starts to tumble and Dusty shoves Lucy out of the way!

Simon has a dream that Katie tells him she knows that Pilar killed Faux Snickers and she tells him to get away from her. He wakes up and calls out for Katie. He frantically looks for her and finds her coming in from searching for Faux. He tells her that Faux isn’t coming back and she says, “how do you know for certain?”

Mike is lying in bed and he mumbles Katie’s name. Katie isn’t with him but Pilar is in his room! He jumps out of bed and tells her to get out and stay away from him. Pilar tells him that the only reason he doesn’t want her is because of Katie.

Tom is with his dad and he tells him he thinks that Margo may be having an affair with Doc Reese.

Margo and Jess discuss Doc and Margo tells her that she went by his room and he was acting very strange. Jess tells Margo she knows that she didn’t sleep with Doc.

In Hal & Emily’s kitchen Nikki is running “command central” from the kitchen table and bossing Emily and Daniel around. Emily tells her that they need to find her a place to work because that is the kitchen and Daniel needs to have his breakfast. Nikki lets on that her dad has asked her to stay on for a while!

All the boxes tumble onto Dusty and his shoulder becomes dislocated. He needs Lucy to pop his shoulder back into place. She is adamant that she doesn’t want to do it, but he makes her help and they pop it back in.

Simon tells Katie that he just assumes that Faux went back to live in the woods, that’s what he meant. They decide they need to make a fresh start in Australia.

Out on Mike’s porch Henry finds Pilar standing there with her knife. She leaves and Henry goes inside to talk to Mike about Katie.

Bob tries to tell Tom that he could mistaken about Margo and Doc – that he should talk it out with Margo and get the real story.

Margo and Jessica discuss Margo’s attraction for Doc and Jess still tries to convince her to stay clear of him and the sexual attraction.

Nikki goes to the station and calls Molly in to question her about Dusty Donovan. Molly tells her that Dusty really cared about Rose and that he was forced into the money laundering because of the threats. Nikki asks if Molly thinks Dusty would have trouble being involved in a kidnapping and she replies “none at all”.

Dusty tells Lucy that she has one heck of a pout and he feels sorry for Craig being her daddy!

Jessica and Doc decide that they need to keep their one-nighter quiet.

Mike convinces Henry that Pilar still could be a danger and he asks Henry to keep an eye on her until she is out of the country.

Pilar sneaks into Katie’s cottage and hides. When Katie says to Snickers that she is almost ready for the party and she may never see him again. Pilar whispers to herself “you’ll never see anyone again”.

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