ATWT Update Tuesday 6/22/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/22/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Margo pounded on Doc's door and he let her in. Jess was still hiding in the john. Doc told Jess that it was a bad time and said he had a poker game with some old friends. Margo didn't believe him so then he told her he'd had a change of heart. He said he felt bad about breaking up her marriage and wanted her to go home to her hubby instead of sleeping with him. Margo was smart enough not to buy his sudden change of heart and stormed into the bathroom. Fortunately Jess was hiding behind the door and before Margo could check there, Doc hauled her out.

He told her he did not want to pursue their relationship any more and once again told her to go home to hubby. Margo finally agreed but insisted they meet at the Lakeview to talk the next morning. After Margo left, Jess followed suit. She told Doc that she was going to forget it ever happened and asked him to do the same. Doc told her that it sounded like she had experience cheating too. Jess left angrily.

Meanwhile, Tom told Allison she MUST have been wrong about Margo and Doc playing the game. Ali replied "They were crawling around on the ground, what else would they be doing?" Tom had a pretty good idea what else they might be doing so he went home to ask his dad for advice. Dad wasn't there but Tom did see the news and noticed that Doc wasn't on the show. When he met with Margo later, she said she had "personal business" which coincided with when Doc wasn't at work. Tom remained suspicious but didn't call Margo on it yet.

After a conversation with Margo, where she told him to take it easy on Jess, Ben brought her flowers and apologized for their fight. As they were leaving to go home, Ben ran into Doc. They shook hands like old friends while Jess looked horrified. Finally Ben and Jess went home.

Meanwhile, Nikki Munson appeared at the police station to work on the Donovan money laundering case. Hal was happy to see her but told her he couldn't give her any info on the Donovan kidnapping fiasco (after he told her there WAS a kidnapping fiasco). Nikki sent him to get her coffee and nabbed the kidnapping file from Jack.

Emily came to meet Hal and saw him with Nikki. She acted happy to see Nikki but was surprised to learn Nikki would be staying with them. Hal hadn't bothered to ask Em of course.

Meanwhile Jack informed Hal that Nikki was only assigned to the case as an assistant to a senior agent who had broken his leg. Nikki begged Hal to let her work on the case so she could earn her stripes as a fed. Hal was reluctant but finally gave in. He left Em waiting on him to help Nikki research the money laundering case.

Dusty and Lucy spent another day at the warehouse, hiding. Dusty was so desperate, he called Starziak and asked him for help tracking down the real kidnapper. He reasoned that Starziak must know every bad guy in town. Why Starziak would help Dusty is beyond me, but hey, I'm not writing this show!

Lucy admitted she was scared, but Dusty convinced her to stay put while he went for food. He left her his cell phone. She could have called the cops or run while he was gone but didn't, so apparently she trusted him. After Dusty got back, they ate then turned in for the night. Lucy made beds out of all the paper towels stored in the warehouse.

After Allison accidentally spilled Margo's secret to Tom, she and Aaron ran into the church to search for the key. They got to it at almost the same time and fought for it.

Aaron grabbed it and Ali bit him to try to get the key, but he hung onto it. She begged him to let her have it, promising if he won she would pay him back everything she owed him with interest. Aaron gave in and let her have the key. He then suggested they be partners, but she said she already had a great partner - Nancy, of course.

Ali went home and showed the key to Chris, who was impressed. She told him that Nancy was her partner, and he looked happy that they were getting along.

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