ATWT Update Monday 6/21/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/21/04

By Cheryl
Pictures by Boo

In the Hughes kitchen, Allison and Nancy are reading the paper and trying to figure out the second clue. Ali doesn’t understand it at all. The clue read as follows "Where generations of Oakdale citizens go for last good-byes and first hellos. People come from miles around, where some were freed, others are bound. Ten paces from flowers that no water need, beneath the word that all should heed, history hides the second key."

Paul is still on the airplane being detained and searched by the police. He tells them again who he is, and that if he calls Margo Hughes, Jack Snyder or Hal Munson of the Oakdale PD they will vouch for him.

Walker and Barbara arrive back at her suite after a date to find Jennifer in there with all sorts of baby items like furniture and toys. Barbara starts to get upset with Jen while Walker gives her “they eye” to calm down.
Rosanna, with Cabot in her arms, starts to head out the door to make her escape only to find Jordan standing in the doorway and he says “Hello, Rosanna”. Jordan tries to convince Ro that he is not trying to take Cabot away from her and that he wants Cabot to have both parents. Ro doesn’t know if she should trust him or not.

At the Lakeview Tom tries to find out what is bothering Margo but she just says she is upset about Katie’s move. Casey shows up and wants to work on the keys to the kingdom contest so Margo tells the men to go ahead and leave.

Curtis and Aaron also struggle with the clue trying to figure out the next location.

Nancy figures out right away that the clue refers to the church in Luther’s Corners! Allison hugs Nancy and takes off for the church.

Jordan still tries to convince Rosanna that it’s best to come home with him. He tells her “what kind of life do you think you would have, living on the run? He has a home back in Oakdale and two parents who love him. And that doesn't have to change.”

In Doc’s hotel room Jessica realizes what she has done and that she has made a big mistake. Doc tells Jess that he wonders why she tried so hard to keep he and Margo from hooking up. Maybe she just wanted him all for herself! Curtis and Aaron figure that a good strategy would be to follow closely to Tom and Casey.

At the Luther’s Corners Church Ali realizes she is the first one there. Only one problem – a baptism is going on and they won’t let her in! She waits in the entrance way but locks the door so the other contestants can’t get in.

Jen and Barbara continue to argue about Jordan and Cabot. Barbara is so worried about Jen being involved in any way with James Stenbeck. She says to Jen that her living room will not be the nursery for Cabot St. Clair Stenbeck! Finally after they talk for a while, Barbara makes her fears clear to Jen but tells her the baby things can stay. She also tells Jen that she should be kind to Rosanna when she returns because Ro was only doing what any mother would do to protect their child. And that she hopes Jen will do the same for Cabot if he needs it.

Jordan pressures Rosanna for an answer just as Paul shows up at the room. He tells Rosanna that he agrees with Jordan for once – that she should return to Oakdale! Back on the plane Rosanna agonizes as she watches Jordan holding Cabot in the seats across from her and Paul. She has a daydream about Jordan taking Cabot away from her as soon as the plane lands.

Barbara tells Walker that she and Jen have agreed to disagree for now.

The flight attendant on the plane compliments Jordan on how adorable Cabot is and how much he looks like his Dad.

Rosanna’s heart is breaking as Paul tries to comfort her and tells her that he will be another set of eyes to watch over Cabot.

At the church the gang has all assembled to try and find the key but still aren’t allowed inside. Ali tells Tom that he better watch out when Margo and her partner show up. Tom says that Margo isn’t in the contest but Ali says, “sure she is. She and her partner, you know, the guy on the news. Doc whatever-his-name-is -- you know, the big jock. I saw them together at the courtyard near WOAK when I was looking for key number one. And they were on the ground together, searching for the key. They were really going at it, like their lives depended on it.” Tom looks a bit upset at that news.

In Doc’s room Jessica starts to get dressed as there is a knock at the door (on the other side we see its Margo!)

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