ATWT Update Monday 6/21/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/21/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

It was a sad, sad day for Bessica fans, as Jessica hit the sheets with Doc. She apparently didn't even give it a second thought before she jumped into bed with him!

Meanwhile, Margo was at the Lakeview telling Tom that nothing was wrong. Tom told her he knew something was wrong (other than Katie leaving) but Margo insisted she was only upset about her sister and everything else was fine. Tom didn't buy it, but Casey walked up with the paper and insisted that Tom help him with the next clue. Tom was reluctant to leave Margo in the middle of their conversation, but she urged him to go with Casey.

After Tom left, Margo ran into Lisa, who said she looked stressed. Lisa offered to give Margo a complimentary massage at her spa. Margo thanked Lisa but said she'd have to pass. Then she told Lisa she had to "take care of something" and hurried off to find Doc. After Margo left, Tom ran into Lisa. Lisa told Tom that Margo had looked upset, and that made Tom even more worried about her.

Meanwhile Margo hopped in her car and headed back to Doc's hotel room in Bay City. She turned on the radio and fantasized about being with Doc. In her fantasy, she turned away from Doc and Tom was there. She apparently couldn't choose between them. When she got to the hotel room, she hesitated before knocking on the door, thinking about how much she loved Tom. However, she eventually banged on the door anyway. By this point, Jess and Doc
were finished in bed and Jess was already regretting what she'd done. Doc told her she must have been trying to keep him and Margo apart so she could have him to herself! Jess was horrified and ran into the bathroom to get dressed (apparently forgetting the guy had just seen her naked five minutes ago!) As she locked herself in the john, she yelled at Doc that they had to pretend this never happened (and we all know how well THAT usually works). That was when Margo knocked on the door. Doc looked through the peephole and saw Margo. When Jess heard the knock she opened the bathroom door and looked out. Doc mouthed "Margo" at her and Jess ran back into the john to hide. Doc was left standing at the door wondering what to do.

Meanwhile, Allison couldn't figure out the new clue but Nancy Hughes did. She told Allison that the key must be at Luther's Corner church - where new beginnings and last goodbyes (christening and funerals) happened, where some were free and others bound (apparently it had been part of the underground railroad and led slaves to their freedom, and the bound part referred to married people who were now "bound" to each other.  Jess must have
missed that part of her marriage ceremony!) Nancy said she was keynote speaker at the hospital auxiliary club (whatever that is) and couldn't go with Allison, so Allison went alone. Unfortunately, when she arrived, there was a christening taking place, and it was a private ceremony so Ali wasn't allowed in. She waited anxiously, but the
ceremony wasn't finished before Tom and Casey showed up. Apparently they had figured out the clue too.

Aaron had been following them, hoping for a lead, so three teams were now waiting to get into the church and search. Meanwhile, Allison insisted to Tom that Margo and her "partner" were in the competition too. Tom told her she was wrong, but Allison told him how when she was searching for the first key, she'd found Margo and Doc "on the ground, really going at it, searching for that key". Tom looked as if the puzzle pieces had just fallen into place for

Meanwhile, Barbara and Walker arrived at Barbara's suite to find that Jen had turned it into a nursery for baby Cabot. She said that she wanted everything ready for when Jordan returned from Bermuda with Cabot. Barbara was horrified, but both Paul and Walker had counseled her to support Jordan and Jen's relationship or risk losing Jen, so she tried to be supportive of Jen's decision. "Tried" being the operative word here. Her civility lasted all of five minutes before her resolve crumbled and she told Jen what she really thought. She yelled that she was not going to let Jen turn her home into a nursery for James Sinclair Stenbeck! Jen got mad and they had a big fight.

Finally, Barbara remembered that she was trying to be nice to Jen and tried to make up, but warned Jen that her instinct was to protect her children. She told Jen she hoped she had the same instinct to protect Cabot from James if she was playing Mommy to him.

Then Barbara went downstairs to meet Walker. She told him that she didn't want to lose Jen by opposing her relationship with Jordan, but was scared for Jennifer. She said she was very close to letting her "motherly instincts" lead her to try to protect Jen.

In Bermuda, Jordan was still wearing a three-piece suit in the summer. He told Rosanna he wanted to talk about Cabot. Meanwhile, Paul was still being searched by airport security who thought he was a drug runner. Apparently they searched Paul's luggage - and Paul -VERY thoroughly. Eventually they had to let him go for lack of evidence.

Paul rushed to Rosanna's suite and found her arguing with Jordan. Jordan wanted Ro and Cabot to come back to Oakdale with him. He assured her that they could share custody of Cabot, but he wanted to be part of his son's life. He also promised to keep James out of Cabot's life. Rosanna was still leery of James and returning to Oakdale. When Paul walked in, he told her that Jordan was right - she should go back to Oakdale with them. Jordan told Ro that if she came back to Oakdale she could still be part of Cabot's life, but he was taking Cabot back with or without her. Reluctantly Ro agreed to leave with Paul and Jordan. On the plane, Jordan played with Cabot while Rosanna worried that she was going to lose her baby. S

he had a nightmarish daydream in which child services helped Jordan rip the baby away from her. She told her fears to Paul, who promised he would help her keep Cabot - and keep Cabot safe from James. However, Ro was still worried about what would happen when the plane landed in Oakdale.

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