ATWT Update Friday 6/18/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/18/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Jessica met Ben at the hospital. Ben told her that she should be home in bed but she insisted she was fine. Then she told him she had made an appointment with a fertility specialist to talk about in vitro fertilization. Ben was not happy with this news!

He told Jessica that he wasn't comfortable with her trying such a risky procedure yet. He suggested that they just try making love and see what happens. This ticked off Jessica and she angrily informed him that she was keeping the appointment with or without him. (Apparently she forgot that you need sperm for IVF to work!) Just then Ben got paged and had to leave. As he was leaving, he told Jess, "Let's talk about this again when you're more rational." At that point, I have to say I was yelling "Wrong answer, Ben!" at the TV. "Oh, now I'm not rational?" Jessica snapped. Naturally, she was even angrier at him after that.

Meanwhile Margo was supposed to meet her son for lunch but Doc stopped by first. Margo told him she was having second thoughts about sleeping with him. Doc told her he had made a reservation at a hotel in Bay City where no one would see them.

Margo finally agreed to go through with it, but insisted that Doc leave before Casey showed up. Conveniently, Tom came with Casey. He could tell that something was wrong with Margo, and asked if Doc was upsetting her. Horrified, Margo asked him why he would think that. Tom said that he thought with Jess in the hospital Doc might be bothering her for help with his multiple legal problems. Margo assured Tom that that wasn't the case. Tom still thought that something was wrong, but Margo insisted she was fine. Of course, any experienced soap viewer knows that the more someone insists everything is fine, the more it's not!

After Margo told Tom she was fine about a half a dozen times, he and Casey left and she called Jessica. When Jessica arrived, Margo told her that she was planning to sleep with Doc. Jess was horrified and tried to talk Margo out of it, reminded her that it could be the end of her marriage. Jessica recalled what a huge mistake cheating on Ben with T. Marshall Travers had been for her.

She had nearly lost Ben, her career, and her daughter. She begged Margo not to make the same mistake. Margo said she was going through with it anyway. She said she wasn't asking for Jessica's approval, just her silence. Jessica promised to keep her secret.

Meanwhile, Katie still couldn't find Faux Snickers, who Pilar had abducted from the cottage.

Pilar also left a smashed photo of Simon and Katie in a very theatrical-looking pool of blood. Fortunately, Simon found the photo and cleaned up the mess before Katie could see it. He told Katie he was going to drive up and down the road to look for Faux but really went to meet Pilar. Pilar teased him that she was going to have some rabbit stew and Simon got mad.

He told her that she was never going to have Mike, Mike didn't want a crazy shrew like Pilar, and she better get out of town and leave Simon and Katie alone. Pilar said that if she didn't help her she would tell Katie the truth about their plan. Finally Simon told her to go ahead. He pointed out that neither Katie nor anyone else would believe Pilar since they all knew what a liar she was. (Why didn't he think of that before he started giving in to her demands?) He told Pilar that if she didn't stay away from him and Katie she would regret it.

Meanwhile, Katie called Tom and asked if he knew where Margo was. She told him she'd called the police station and no one could track Margo down. Tom said he didn't know but they would both come to the cottage when he found her.

Of course Katie wanted to tell them about her move to Australia with Simon. Tom ran into Jess at the Lakeview and asked if she'd seen Margo. Jessica lied for her friend and said she didn't know where she was but promised to give her the message that Katie needed to see her if she found Margo. Then she went over the the hotel in Bay City to try to talk Margo out of the whole thing - or at least interrupt their good time! Fortunately Margo got the message on her way to the hotel and went back home. She called Doc to tell him she couldn't make it. Jess didn't know that Margo had gotten the message and banged on Doc's door. He let her in and she was relieved to find that Margo had gotten the message and wasn't there.

However, Jess was still upset about her own problems and started telling them to Doc (WHY is anyone's guess). She didn't tell him exactly what her problems were, just that she wanted something very badly, but every time she got close it slipped away. Doc was probably thinking about Margo while she was babbling on about it, but tried to comfort her anyway. Then Doc and Jess started to kiss. (I don't know about you, but I see a who's-the-daddy storyline headed their way!)

Meanwhile Margo arrived at Katie's cottage. Simon was back by then and Katie told Tom and Margo that they were leaving. Tom was still suspicious about Margo's disappearance that afternoon. She lied to him about it, but he didn't look convinced.

Meanwhile in Stenbeckland, James gave Jordan some information on Rosanna and Cabot's whereabouts, and Jordan boarded a plane for Bermuda. He was surprised when Paul sat down next to him. Paul told Jordan that he'd had someone tailing him. He was going to Bermuda to stop Jordan from getting his son back. They had yet another argument about what was best for Cabot. Jordan promised he would keep Cabot safe from James, and wanted nothing more from James after he got Cabot. He insisted that Cabot was better off with him. Paul insisted that only Rosanna could keep Cabot safe from James.

Paul vowed that he would keep Jordan from Cabot. As soon as Paul returned to his first class seat, Jordan summoned the flight attendant. He told her that Paul was trying to smuggle drugs into Bermuda! Naturally, when they landed, Paul was detained by security who wanted to search him and his luggage. This gave Jordan time to leave and get to Rosanna. (Wouldn't security want to talk to the person who made such wild accusations?) At any rate, Jordan headed for Rosanna's hotel room while Paul insisted he was no drug runner!

Meanwhile, Rosanna got Paul's message that she wasn't safe in Bermuda and planned to leave. She had her assistant arrange for them to hide on a secluded island and packed up to go. Just as she was getting ready to leave with Cabot, she opened the door and Jordan was there.

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