ATWT Update Thursday 6/17/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/17/04

By Cheryl
Pictures by Boo

Simon brings Katie to Memorial to speak with her supervisor about not returning to work as planned. As Katie goes to speak to her boss, Simon has a flashback of Pilar threatening him that he better help her get back with Mike or she will tell Katie everything.

Katie is speaking to her supervisor and tells her that she and her husband are leaving Oakdale for good and Mike overhears her!

At the abandoned cabin where Lucy had been held, Hal, Craig and Alan search for clues and discuss Lucy’s disappearance.

Jordan, Jennifer and Barbara are in her suite discussing the box of cigars that James sent to Jordan and what else James will expect from him in the future. Barbara asks Jordan if he enjoys putting his life in danger? She tells him that she feels Rosanna had good sense to get Cabot far away from James.

Paul goes to the prison to see James Stenbeck. They share some angry banter about Jordan, and James tries to show Paul that he cares for Jordan as a son now. He tells Paul that Jordan will realize the benefits of having him in his life and Paul responds “he might want to talk to me about that first!” Paul says he knows that James is only using Jordan, and that he waited many years to spring him on the family.

Pilar calls Simon on his cell phone and tells him that he has to talk to Mike but not at the hospital. Simon tries to tell her that they aren’t exactly drinking buddies but she says that’s his problem.

Simon meets Mike at the Lakeview and tries to explain to a very suspicious Mike that Katie feels she overreacted about Pilar and wanted him to know. Mike wasn’t buying it at all!

Pilar hides and listens to the conversation.

Paul tells James that Cabot belongs with Rosanna because she will keep him safe. James tries to trick Paul into revealing if he knows where they are, and that he is a traitor for helping Rosanna instead of his brother and nephew. James tells Paul that he knows Paul isn’t really trying to help Cabot – its Rosanna that he wants!

Jen and Jordan discuss James, Cabot and their relationship together with James in their lives. Jordan tries to tell Jen that maybe they should stay clear of each other for a while, but Jen says she is staying. He tells her that he loves her and she replies that she loves him too and they will get through this together!

Dusty takes Lucy to an abandoned warehouse. She complains about how dirty it is and worries about mice. She also wonders why he can’t just take her to her Grandma’s house and drop her off? Dusty says he will be put in jail for kidnapping and then she won’t be safe. They share a candy bar and Dusty notices her bandaged hand. He offers to look for a first aid kit to clean it up for her.

Hal is concerned that perhaps Lucinda or Sierra may have received a ransom call and tried to handle it on their own. Alan, aka Gilligan, calls Sierra who says she got no such call.

Paul goes to Barbara and tells her that James is using Jordan to destroy the family! Just at that time Jordan shows up at the prison.

James and Jordan discuss finding Cabot. Jordan says he is worried that James will want more than just a visit with Cabot so James says he will settle for a photograph.

Jordan and James shake hands for the first time.

Dusty calls Hal to say that Lucy is with him and safe. He explains the fake state troopers and that Lucy cut her hand, that is where the blood is from. He tells Hal that Lucy will be staying with him and hangs up.

Barbara and Paul tell Jennifer about his visit to see James. Jen says that Jordan is at the prison now with James because he is helping find Cabot. Paul and Barbara promise Jen that they will stop interfering with her and Jordan. When Jennifer leaves, Paul says he will do anything to help Ro keep her son.

Paul calls Cabot Motors and leaves a message for Rosanna. “Tell her she is being followed and she needs to leave where she is immediately”

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