ATWT Update Tuesday 6/15/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/15/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Susann

Pilar told Simon that she wanted more than just the money he paid her - she wanted Mike too. Simon told Pilar no way, and she threatened to tell Katie about his scheme to separate Mike and Katie. Simon was barely able to hide Pilar in time when Katie came downstairs.

She asked him who he was talking to and he lied that he was planning a party to celebrate that they were back together. He said he was talking to a party planner and sent her back up to their bubble bath, claiming that he just needed a quick snack. Once Katie was safely out of sight, he once again tried to throw Pilar out. She told him if he didn't help her she would rat him out to Katie. Simon agreed to discuss the issue further with Pilar if she would leave for the time being. Then he rushed upstairs and suggested to Katie that they take a trip to Australia.

Meanwhile, Henry begged Mike to be his partner in the Six Keys to the Kingdom contest. Mike declined, but offered Henry a beer and they chatted about Simon and Katie for a few minutes before Henry left.

Meanwhile, Allison was looking for the key, not knowing that Tom and Casey had already found it. She found Margo and Doc lying on the ground tangled up together. Fortunately for them, Allison was channeling her inner blonde and totally misunderstood the situation - she thought they were on the ground because they were looking for the key! She then yelled at them for trying to win the money when they already had plenty and she and Chris didn't.

Margo caught on just in time to realize what Allison thought and played along, quietly urging a puzzled Doc to do the same. Allison suggest that they help her look, but then her mom called to tell her that Tom and Casey had already found the key. Frustrated, Allison went back to the Lakeview. After Allison left, Margo confessed to Doc that she could no longer control her feelings for him and wanted to sleep with him. Doc promised to find a discreet place for their tryst.

Allison ran into Tom and Casey at the Lakeview and told them that Margo and "a partner" were searching for the key. When Margo arrived, she told Tom that Allison was just confused and he bought it. (You'd think an attorney would know when someone was lying to him!) Allison found Chris and yelled at him for leaving her to go to the hospital. She told him that he was no longer her partner and later enlisted Nancy as her new partner.

Chris and Tom shared a drink at the Lakeview. Chris complained about his problems with Allison, who apparently didn't understand his work commitments. Tom told Chris that something seemed to be wrong with Margo but she wouldn't confide in him. However, he didn't suspect what was really going on.

Meanwhile, Sierra's new hubby Allan showed up to help Craig look for Lucy.

Craig made lots of snide remarks at Allan's expense, but Lily convinced him to go semi-easy on the guy. Then Dusty called and told Craig to meet him. He promised Craig he would tell him where Lucy was. After Dusty left, Lucy tried to get her hands free so she could escape. Craig went to meet Dusty with Allan in tow. The cops tried to find Lucy but weren't successful at locating her. Lucy continued working at getting her hands free so she could escape.

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