ATWT Update Monday 6/14/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/14/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

In the Hughís kitchen Margo daydreams about her and Doc Reece seducing one another in kitchen, before being interrupted by Casey about a contest. 6 Keys of the Kingdom.

Emily tries to talk her mom into entering the contest as her partner. Saying if they win her mom will be the envy of Kim Hughes. Chris also tries to talk Allison into entering the contest. She questions their free time together and do they want to spend it on a stupid contest.

Tom enters the Hughís kitchen claiming that he planned on entering the contest with the best detective. Casey explains that the contest is to receive keys that are hidden. The first clue goes out in 30 minutes. It is decided that Tom and Casey are going to team up. Tom asks Margo to drop off some things at WOAK for Kim. Margo says she canít.

Doc starts daydreaming about Margo seducing him at WOAK. Kim, who is trying to explain to him that they want him to introduce the winners of the contest, interrupts him. While she is talking to him he starts to come out of his dreaming and pay attention to his boss.

Henry tries to talk Katie into partnering up with him to win the contest. She tells him that she doesnít feel comfortable with that since Simon is in town. She claims that she has to prove that she can devote herself to Simon. Henry reminds her of her feelings for Mike and how Simon left not only once but also twice. Katie tells Henry that she trusts Simon and knows that he wouldnít betray her. Meanwhile across town Simon is doing just that. Pillar and her sidekick are waiting for a meeting with Simon. He arrives with money, but perhaps not for Pillar.

Allison claims that she is shocked that Chris wants to enter a stupid contest. They continue to make fun of Chris seeing Susan naked. She says that she is not wasting her time. Emily and Susan come inside claiming that they are entering the contest. Allison claims that they are supposed to be the responsible ones not playing a game, but then learns that the reward is $300,000. She is then in a hurry to get to the Lakeview for the first clue.

Casey questions why Margo canít drop off the papers to Kim. Margo then agrees to drop off the papers. While Casey gets his wallet Tom questions Margo about going to WOAK. Tom and Casey go to the Lakeview.

Henry continues to try to talk Katie into entering the contest. A female then distracts him; he also tries to talk her entering the contest. Mike distracts Katie and Henry interrupts causing him to ask her about reconsidering Mike. She claims that she is not devoted to Simon.

Simon gives Pillar her money and a bonus. She gets upset at him and wonders why he didnít show up when he said he would. Simon tells her that she got what she wanted, and they are done. Pillarís partner asks her what she has planned, telling her that she must be dying to get out of Oakdale.

Pillar approaches Mike, telling him that she is not ready to say goodbye.

Margo drops off the paper to Kim at WOAK, as Doc Reece watches. Kim explains to a nervous Margo that she has a book for Casey that might help him win the contest. Doc then gets up to chase Margo.

Henry approaches Casey trying to get him to partner up with him. Casey reminds him that his dad is the DA, and his mom is the Detective.

Emily, Susan, Chris, and Allison register at the Lakeview for the contest. Susan reminds Allison that the contest is based around Oakdale town history.

Aaron and Curtis make fun of Henry and decide to enter the contest.

A representative explains the way to win the contest. The clues will be printed in any edition of the Times, and they will be a clue to finding one of the keys. Dozens of Keys will be hidden but it only takes 6 to win and receive $300,000. The first clue is a poem.

Simon enters the cottage looking for Katie. Katie thinks that he entered the contest but he tells her that he just ran some errands. She tells him that she wants things back the way they used to be.

Mike and Pillar have a heated discussion. She tells him that Russ is no longer an issue. He tells her that he doesnít know what her game is. She claims that there is no proof that she came to break up him and Katie. She then tells him that she did it, but she didnít do it alone.

Simon and Katie then play with Snickers. He tells her that it is ok to talk about Mike. She then tells him that she loved Mike but he let her down by not believing her. He then questions her about what would happen if Pillar hadnít come back into town. She then talks about figuring out their future. She says that they could stay in Oakdale or go to Australia. He talks her into figuring it all out after a bubble bath.

Across town Mike asks Pillar if she was in on everything with Russ. She says that Russ was just someone from her past that wouldnít let go. She says that she was jealous of Mike and Katie, and that she wanted Mike for herself. She says that Katie was unfair to Mike and used him and is now obsessed with the man from the outback. She says that she only wanted to make Mike happy and that they were good together. He tells her that there is no chance in hell for the two of them, and that she is to get out.

At the Lakeview Allison listens to Aaron and Curtis and what they can make out of the clue given. They then say hello to Allison. Chris then comes to Allison, says that he knows where the first key is.

Margo goes sits down on a bench in the park and starts to remember what happened between her and Doc in the steam room. Doc then shows up telling her that he got her signal. She tells him that she sent no signal. He claims that he know what she is thinking. She tells him that he never thinks, she is married and he will loose his job. She was just dropping off papers for her husband. He claims that they need to act on their feelings, and she say they need to stay away from each other. It turns into a heated kiss.

Chris tells Allison that the first key is in WOAK. He tells her that she needs to go by herself because he receives a page. Allison stands alone and watches each group leave. Curtis teaches Allison a lesson by pretending to talk to Aaron on his cell phone. She takes the bait.

Katie puts Snickers back in his cage after he chews at Simonís ankles. Katie then goes to get the bath ready when the doorbell rings. Simon answers the door to find Pillar.

The nurses at the hospital explain to Bob Hughes about the contest that the paper is running. Chris then explains to his dad that he and Allison entered. His dad then tells Chris that money isnít everything.

Chris then daydreams about nurses dancing around him, and then Susan and Kim arguing over money, and then him and Allison getting rich.

At WOAK, Kim starts getting frustrated at all of the people in the studio going through everything. Casey and Tom try to go to the roof with every following. They start digging in Kimís plants when they find the first key.

Margo and Doc continue their heated kiss. Margo claims that she must stop. She says that she must stop before someone sees; he then knocks her to the ground as Allison walks by.

Pillar tells Simon that it is not over. It is not about money. Katie then asks who is at the door. Pillar asks if Simon is going to tell her or is she.

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