ATWT Update Friday 6/11/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/11/04

By Cheryl
Pictures by Boo

Sorry it is so short!

Jessica and Doc argue at WOAK about his relationship with Margo, but Jess doubles over in pain from cramps.  Doc takes her to Memorial and calls Margo.  Margo comes to the hospital and thanks him for calling her but says that they cannot have a relationship. As they get close and things heat up – Kim walks up and asks why Margo is all flushed!

James is in his cell speaking to someone about Jordan and how he had so many plans for his son Paul.  But since Barbara got in the way of that with her mothering influence, he now has Jordan to be the son he dreamed of.

Paul tries to convince Jordan to stay away from James and that it is not safe for Jennifer or Cabot.

Lucy is still at the cabin with Dusty.  She insists on leaving but Dusty tells her it’s the safest place for her to be.  Craig and Lucinda worry about Lucy but Lily tries to assure them that Dusty is many things, but he would not harm Lucy.  Lucy tries to escape so Dusty ties her up and calls her a spoiled brat.

Jordan goes to see James for help in finding Rosanna.  James says he will help if Jordan promises to bring Cabot to see his Grandfather.

Jen and Paul both run to Barbara’s suite to ask her help with the Jordan/James situation.  However Walker answers the door and tells them that their mom needs her rest and they can come back tomorrow!

At the hospital Dr. Schiller tells Jessica and Ben that an IVF treatment is an unnecessary option at this time. If Jessica insists on having it done, she will need to find another doctor.

James decides that he will be patient and wait for Jordan’s respect.  He sits down in his cell and starts to read the book “Fatherhood” by Bill Cosby.

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