ATWT Update Thursday 6/10/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/10/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

At home, Jessica has a fantasy about holding her little baby. Ben, Margo and Kim are there, smiling with her. She looks at a pregnancy test in her bathroom and frowns.

Margo has run into Doc in the steam room. They are both clad only in towels. She didn't want to run into him there. She starts to leave, but he grabs her arm. He sweet-talks her and she can't seem to run away. He kisses her on the neck as he talks about how much he only thinks about her and must have her. Finally they kiss and discard the towels. We see that he is lying on top of her when one of the spa employees knocks. She hurriedly puts her towel back on and goes out. The guy notices she is flushed and asks if she's okay. She tells the guy that he needs to check the equipment because it's way too hot in there. Doc uses the distraction to sneak out.

The IRS guy has hold of Dusty's arm and he's twisting it behind him as he tells him that he's under arrest for money laundering. Dusty tries to tell him that Lucy's been kidnapped and he recognizes the guy who did it, but the Fed doesn't want to listen. Dusty pretends to give in. As the guy reaches for his handcuffs, Dusty smacks him in the head with his elbow and knocks him out.

Lucy is in the limo. A shady-looking guy is driving her limo. She notices he missed the turn for the airport and asks him about it. He says there is construction so they are taking a detour. This seems to mollify her. Dusty searches for them and miraculously finds the car. He speeds up but the guy takes a sudden turn and loses Dusty, knocking Lucy over in the back seat. The driver apologizes to Lucy for taking that last turn so quickly. She yells at him but he assures her that they are safe and everything is going according to plan. She is still suspicious about where they are headed. I guess they are stopped or driving really slowly because Dusty opens the driver's door and socks him. He opens Lucy's door and urges her to hurry up and get out. Stunned, she tells him she won't go anywhere with him. Next we see that he has flung Lucy over his shoulder and carting her into an abandoned house. He tells her that the limo driver was one of the guys who attacked her the other day; he recognized his tattoo. Lucy doesn't believe him. He tells her to use her head. She starts to run out so he grabs her. She goes to scream so he puts his hand over her mouth. She struggles, to no avail. He tells her to shut up and sit down, so they can talk. She does, giving him an evil look the whole time. He asks her to think about what's happened and why he would be there otherwise. He says he thinks that guy had a partner, so he brought her there to this abandoned place that he knows from when he grew up there. He is fairly sure he got there without anyone following them. She asks him why he doesn't call the police. He says he will, he was just waiting for her to stop and shut up. He goes outside to make a call to Hal, but he props open the door so he can keep an eye on her. He warns her not to run out the back way because he isn't going to chase her through the woods.

The Fed that Dusty knocked out is talking to Hal angrily about the charges he is going to press against Dusty. Dusty phones Hal and says they have a problem. Hal interrupts and tells Dusty that they certainly do because Dusty is going to prison for money laundering charges and is in trouble for hitting a guy from the IRS. Dusty is fearful when Hal says he's going to jail. He goes back inside and tells Lucy they will be changing their plans.

Jennifer and Jordan are kissing and end up horizontal on the couch, but he stops. He has to go see Cabot. She understands completely. After he leaves, Barbara arrives. Jennifer informs her that she is not going to break it off from Jordan. They are in love and staying together. Barbara is shocked. She reminds Jennifer of how awful James is and how vengeful he would be as a father-in-law. Jennifer resents Barbara's interference and reminds her of all the terrible things she's done to their family. No matter what Barbara says, Jennifer doesn't care. Jennifer storms out. Barbara is about to follow, but Walker shows up. He gets Barbara to calm down. He asks her to tell him what's going on. She doesn't want to bore him with another drama in her life. He says he enjoys a challenge. He cheers Barbara up and stops her from phoning Jennifer to renew their arguing. Barbara forgot they had a dinner date so she tries to beg off. He forgives her for forgetting but insists they go out now. She looks amazed at how good he is for her.

Rosanna is on a private plane with Cabot. She tells the pilot that they have a new flight plan. She instructs him not to tell anyone where they are going. He objects but she tells him that he'd better do as she says. Later, they arrive at their destination.

Carly and the guard outside Cabot's room are shocked to discover that Rosanna has taken off with him. Jack shows up, too, and phones the police to put out an APB out on Rosanna. Carly phones Paul and tells him to get his butt over there. He pretends he doesn't know what's going on, but he has a flashback to him urging Rosanna to take Cabot and run. He arrives and continues to pretend he didn't know anything about it. Jordan arrives, too, and is upset to learn that Rosanna fled with Cabot. He attacks Paul and they have to pull him off. Paul tells him that he should support Rosanna leaving with Cabot so that James won't get his hands on the boy. Jordan thinks he's crazy and won't abandon his son, particularly since he was raised in an orphanage. Jordan accuses Paul of engineering the whole thing since he knows he went to the Buffalo orphanage where he grew up. Paul admits he was there and that he also visited James. Jack is shocked to learn that Jordan is James' son. Paul talks about how horrible it was to have James as his father. He tells Carly he didn't want any of this to happen, but he thinks it's for the best for Cabot. Jack tells them that Carly's plane deviated from their flight plan, so they don't know where she is. He tells them to prepare for the worst. Jordan says that since he knows Rosanna so well, he knows exactly how to find her.

Ben meets up with Tom in a bar; they have a drink together. They discuss how Ben and Jessica are trying to get pregnant. Ben is a little embarrassed but is put at ease by Tom's good wishes. Ben shares that he's worried that Jessica is trying fertility drugs too soon and what effect they might have on her. Tom has a gift for Margo. He tells Ben that their wedding anniversary was last week, but both of them forgot. Ben thinks that it's unusual for a woman to forget something like that. Tom figures they were just working so much, it slipped both their minds. So he got the present and plans to give it to her tonight as a surprise. Jessica arrives later and tells Ben dispassionately that she thought she was pregnant, so she took the test, but it was negative. He is a little stunned by what she says and that she doesn't seem to want to talk about it. She assures him that there's nothing to talk about and they'll just keep trying. He wonders why she took the test, so she tells him that she felt a little nauseous. He worries that it's because of the drugs doing something bad to her body. She says she gets nauseous easily and it's no big deal, just a minor side effect at most. He gets paged to go to the hospital, then she gets a frantic phone call from Margo.

Kim chews Doc out for being late to work; he assures her that it won't happen again. She gives them some copy to study and mentions to her assistant that she needs to call Margo. Doc has a fantasy about he and Margo having just made love, but they are interrupted by Kim yelling at them.

Margo meets up with Jessica. Margo beats herself up for being stupid and selfish. She explains part of what happened to Jessica. Again Jessica urges her to avoid Doc, but Margo says it's very difficult because it's such a small town and they move in the same social circles. Talking to Jessica seems to strengthen Margo's resolve to keep away from him. She cries as she talks about how horrible it would be if Tom found out. Jessica tells her to resist. Margo gets a call from the police station and has to leave. She thanks Jessica for listening.

Jessica visits Doc at the TV station to yell at him. He pretends not to know what she's talking about. Kim watches them, curious about the loud voices.

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