ATWT Update Wednesday 6/9/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/9/04

By Jessie
Pictures by Boo

Margo goes to Doc's room and stands outside daydreaming about what would happen. Her first fantasy involves her and Doc making love, and her second is about her telling him their flirtation is over. Margo slides the key under Doc's door and head to the gym where, unbeknownst to her Doc has showed up.

Margo runs into Jessica and tells her about ending things with Doc. Jessica feels sick and rolls over in pain. Margo suggest that she goes to take a pregnancy test. Margo goes to the steam room to relax where she runs into Doc.

Lily, Lucinda, and Craig are having a goodbye dinner for Lucy when Dusty shows up and tells them that the men that assaulted Lucy weren't after him but they were after Lucy.

They don't believe him and brush Dusty's theory off. Dusty says if anything happens to Lucy, it will be their fault.

As this is going on a mysterious man watches Dusty.

After Craig and Lucy say goodbye and prepare to leave, Dusty notices the tattoo on the driver's arm as being the same one on the man that attacked him. Dusty tries to stop them but he is stopped by the man who was watching him, who turns out to be a Federal Agent.

Rosanna vows not to let Jordan anywhere near Cabot again because of the Stenbeck connection.

She pays a maid to sneak Cabot out of the hotel room, and then as she heads out to meet her, Paul shows up. Rosanna lies and says that she has a business meeting but Paul knows that something's up and he follows her.

Just as Rosanna is about to board her jet Paul catches her and tries to convince her to stay. After pleading with him, Paul lets Rosanna leave, but not before sharing a touching goodbye.

At the prison, Jordan is shocked to have learned the truth about James. Paul warns James that he will find out what his plan is. James has Paul kicked out. James tries to get Jordan to see that they should be a real father and son but Jordan wants nothing to with James and says that he will divorce Rosanna and share custody with her and never
mention James Stenbeck ever again.

James says that he will be back because Jordan needs a parent.

Barbara tells Jen about Jordan's parentage and she is in denial. Barbara says they have proof and urges Jen to get Jordan out of her life before it's too late. Jordan walks in and Jennifer goes and hugs him. Barbara leaves but not before telling Jen to do what she has to do in order to protect herself.

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