ATWT Update Tuesday 6/8/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/8/04

By Jessie
Pictures by Susann

Margo is at the firing range when Doc shows up. He lets her know that he is interested in her and despite her denial, he knows she feels the same way. Margo tells Doc that she doesn't want to sleep with him because she would be betraying her husband.

Doc says that Margo denying her feelings will make things worse for her marriage. Doc also says that something will eventually happen between them. Doc leaves the key to his hotel room with Margo. After remembering her kiss with Doc at the country club, Margo reluctantly takes the key.

Mike goes to see Katie to tell her that he believes her about Pilar and Katie suggest that it is too late for that. They discuss how Katie chose Simon over Mike and Mike tries to convince Katie that Simon can't trusted and Katie disagrees and tells him they weren't meant to be. Mike offers Katie a shoulder if she ever needs it and Katie says
she won't.

Pilar begs Simon for help to pay off Russ but Simon refuses saying that she is on her own for making Katie suffer. Pilar says she had no choice because Katie wouldn't let Mike go. Pilar recounts her meeting with Simon in Spain, where Simon offers her money to break-up Katie and Mike.

Simon won't help so Pilar threatens to go to Katie with the truth. She backs down when Simon threatens to go to the cops with proof that she stole Katie's jewelry. Simon says he'll be in touch. Simon gives Katie her jewelry back and she is overjoyed. Pilar goes to Mike's to find her bags packed and on the doorstep. She begs to speak to Mike but he doesn't let her in.

Carly goes to see Rosanna and tells her that James is only trying to stick it to Barbara and Paul and that he'll forget about Cabot sooner or later. Carly's attitude about the situation changes when Rosanna tells her Paul's theory about Jordan being James' son. Carly says that Rosanna is in for the fight of her life and she'll be right by her side. After Carly leaves Rosanna makes arrangements to leave on the Cabot Jet.

Barbara goes to see Jen to try and warn her away from Jordan but she doesn't listen. Paul reports to Rosanna that James is in fact Jordan's father. After learning Jordan went to see James, Paul goes to the prison to confront his father and brother.

James tells Jordan about how he had a hand in raising him and when Jordan asks about his parents James says that they are dead. James tells Jordan that he has a dream life, Cabot, Rosanna and wealth. When Jordan tells James of his plans to divorce Rosanna and be with Jennifer, James threatens Cabot which angers Jordan. Jordan threatens to take on James and brings him down, which pleases James.

Paul burst in and asks James why he threw "his son" into their lives. Jordan asks what Paul meant and James confesses: He's Jordan's father.

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