ATWT Update Monday 6/7/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/7/04

By Jessie
Pictures by Boo

Margo goes to Mike's to question Pilar about the break-in at Katie's cottage. Margo notices that Pilar is uneasy during the questioning and she reports that to Katie and Henry, who wonders where Simon is. Margo tells Mike that she is looking at things from Katie's side and suggests that Mike do the same. After Margo leaves Mike has questions of his own for Pilar which angers her more. Pilar gets a call from Russ, after learning the cops are looking for him again and demands that she meet him behind Yo's.

She goes to see him and Russ threatens to expose their plan unless he is paid, and Russ gives her 24 hours to do so. Simon has followed Pilar and he confronts her saying that she's in big trouble and Pilar tells him it's about time he showed up.

Paul and Barbara go to the orphanage and question Sister Angelica about Jordan. She tells them that a woman named Annie Weatherbe brought Jordan to the orphanage and she stayed to make sure that Jordan would be taken care of and left after Jordan went to college. Paul wants to speak to Annie but Sister Angelica tells them she has no idea where to find her. Sister Angelica leaves Barbara and Paul alone in her office so they can search Jordan's birth certificate for answers. Barbara is pleased to learn she isn't Jordan's mother. The birth certificate lists James as the father but the mother's name is marked by an "X".

Jack goes to see James to question him about Jordan and Cabot but James is uncooperative saying that he knows nothing, but he agrees to see Jordan. Jordan is frustrated because, instead of enjoying their time together, he and Jen are pre-occupied with this mystery. Jordan once again thanks her for reuniting him with Cabot. Jack arrives and says that James wants to see Jordan.

Jennifer wants to come along but Jordan refuses. Jen tells him to be careful, and they admit their love for each other. At home Jen has a daydream about James getting Jordan locked away for life and this scares her even more. At the prison, Jordan tells Jack that he should go in alone, that way he can get the answers that he needs. Jack warns Jordan about James once more before leaving.

Jordan walks into the room and meets James for the first time.

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