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As the World Turns Update Monday 5/24/04

By Boo
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Police station:

Margo and Tom are having dinner at the police station. Margo is worried because she hasnít heard anything from Henry. She thinks he would have been checking in with her to see how Katie is doing. Another officer overhears some of her conversation and tells her about Dr. Tanner coming in a reporting Henry Coleman missing from Deerbrook.


Nurse Rockwell tries to get Katie and Sgt. Musgrove to go to bed. Katie wants to see Henry first, and Sgt. Musgrove declares that he has an important message for Captain Destiny (Henry). The nurse reminds Katie that Henry broke the rules and is in isolation for 48 hours. Sgt. Musgrove tells Katie that he found Agent 62904 from planet Zarcon. He tells Katie that the agent is in their quadrant and he is watching her. The nurse takes off to get night time meds for Sgt. Musgrove and tells Katie that it is lights out for her too. Katie refuses to go anywhere until she sees Henry.

Tom and Margo show up in the day room looking for Katie. When Nurse Rockwell informs them that Katie has been sedated and is probably asleep by now, Tom demands to know why she was sedated. The nurse tells them that Katie had demanded to see another patient and got very agitated. Tom and Margo figure out that Henry is the patient that Katie wanted to see. They demand to see Henry tonight. When the nurse refuses to pull Henry out of isolation, Tom threatens a court order and Margo threatens muscle. They suggest to the nurse that they can tear the place apart looking for Henry. Nurse Rockwell takes off to call Dr. Tanner.

Margo and Tom try to figure out what is going on. Henry is probably there to take care of Katie, and they think the Ďday tripí that the nurse mentioned probably had something to do with Mike and Pilar. Katie sneaks into the day room and sees Margo. She tells Margo that Henry checked himself in so he could make sure she is okay. She asks Margo to get Henry out of there. Margo tries to get Katie to tell her everything that has been going on, but Katie is in a hurry. She explains that she canít be seen out of her room or the nurse will give her a shot. She can pretend to take the pills, but she canít fake her way out of a shot. Margo thinks she hears someone moving around, but Katie blows it off saying she didnít hear anything. She begs Margo to question Henry as her sister, not as cop. Margo agrees as Katie quickly hides when they hear the nurse returning. Nurse Rockwell wheels Henry into the room in a wheelchair. Henry is obviously very drugged up. Margo and Tom are both very upset to see Henry in this condition. Tom demands to see his chart and realizes that Henry signed himself in. Tom and Margo both bully the nurse into getting release papers so that Henry can sign himself out. Margo tells the nurse to get some coffee for Henry too so they can try to sober him up. After the nurse takes off, Katie comes out of hiding and rushes to Henry.

She is really upset to see Henry like this and prays that he is okay. She asks Tom and Margo to promise that they will take care of him, and they will listen to him. She knows that Margo thinks she is crazy, but if Margo will just listen to Henry she will see that Pilar is the nutcase around here. She tells Margo about Pilarís visit to Deerbrook. They continue to pour coffee down Henry and he starts to wake up just a bit. Katie hurriedly tries to tell Margo what she knows, before she runs off to hide again when the nurse brings the release papers back for Henry to sign. Henry struggles through signing the papers and Tom takes off to bring the car around. Margo tells the nurse to be sure and tell her sister how much she is loved before they all walk Henry out to the car. Katie comes out of hiding. She is still very worried about Henry. Sgt. Musgrove comes up behind her and wants to know where they are taking Captain Destiny. Katie tells him that Captain Destiny got an honorable discharge, and then she notices that his helmet is missing. Sgt. Musgrove tells her that the Zarconian took it, and without it he is not protected. Katie promises him they will find it tomorrow and that she will protect him now. Someone is watching the two of them very carefully.

Mikeís House:

Pilar has candles burning all over and has set a very romantic scene. She gets a call from a still very angry Russ. He lets her know that he isnít playing games anymore. She needs to get him out NOW. Mike comes home and is pleased to see the place looking so nice. Pilar tells him that they need to talk, about Russ. Pilar tries to convince Mike that she just doesnít want to go through the trial. She doesnít want to be painted as a liar, like her attorney said Russí attorney will do. She tells Mike that she wants to make a deal with Russ.

She wants the two of them to refuse to testify if Russ will promise to never come near the two of them again. Mike refuses to make any deals with Russ. Pilar tells him that Russ has friends that owe him favors. She tries her best to talk Mike into dropping the charges, but Mike does not listen at all. Finally Pilar gets angry that she is making no head way with Mike and storms out of the room telling him that she is going to do what she thinks she has to do. Mike heatedly reminds her all that he has done for her. He is upset now because he stood behind her and put himself out there on the line. He tells her that she wonít even have to look at Russ in the courtroom, and once they both testify Russ will never be able to hurt her again. Pilar pretends to give in and tells Mike that she will do it for him. A little later Russ calls back. Pilar pretends that she is talking to the manager of the Wagon Wheel. When she tells Russ that she needs more time, he tells her there is no more time. Tomorrow morning he is going to grab the first cop he can, and they are going to have a little chat. When she gets off the phone, she tells Mike that the manager of the Wagon Wheel is insisting that she come and pick up her last check tonight, or he is tearing it up. Mike offers to take her, but she assures him she can take care of herself and rushes out the door.


Barbara has paged Walker to come to her room. When he comes in, she explains to him that she knows they are supposed to take the bandages off in the morning with Paul and Jennifer there. She has been thinking though, and she really would rather do it tonight. If she still canít see, she doesnít want to have to be strong for her children; she wants to be able to deal with it on her own. Walker understands and agrees to take the bandages off tonight, but he will not let her deal with it alone if she still canít see. Walker takes all the bandages off except the two patches taped directly to her eyes. (Wouldnít you think she would have at least a bald spot somewhere on her head since she had brain surgery?) He stops to remind her that even is she canít see right away, it doesnít mean that her eyesight will never come back. After Barbara assures him that she is ready, he takes off the bandages.

At first Barbara sees nothing but blackness, but gradually things start to come into focus. She lets Walker know that she can see by telling him: ďI'd forgotten how handsome you are, Dr. Daniels. Especially those dimples.Ē Barbara and Walker embrace and Barbara starts to cry. She is so happy. She tells him that she doesnít understand why any God would listen to her prayers after all the horrible things she has done. Here she is though with her health, her children, and her business. Walker asks her how a man can get on that list. She tells him that he didnít let her finish and smiles at him.

A little later a nurse brings in a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Barbara tells her to set them at the end of the bed so that she can enjoy looking at them. She asks the nurse to read the card for her since things are still a little fuzzy. She thinks Walker sent them to her.

Barbara is totally shocked when the nurse reads: ďGet well soon honey. Love, James.Ē


In Rosannaís room she is trying to take care of a cranky Cabot while discussing things with Paul. She thinks there is a possibility that James is lying. Paul knows his father all too well and knows that this whole thing has Jamesí fingerprints all over it. He advises Rosanna that they need to move fast on this. Rosanna is afraid that when Jordan finds out that Cabot is his biological son, he will just walk out the door with him. Paul has a plan and if they move fast on this, by the time Jordan finds out he is Cabotís father there will be nothing that Jordan or James can do about it.

Paul tells her that she needs to get an attorney that she knows and trusts to draw up annulment papers, papers for Jordan to give up all parental rights to Cabot, and legal adoption papers. Then she needs to go to Jordan and tell him that she has been feeling bad that he is all tied up in this and she is setting him free with his signature on the papers. Rosanna worries that Jordan wonít fall for it or that James will get to him first. Paul tells her that Jordanís growing feelings for his sister will help in their plan and not to worry about James. He then tells her that she needs to get all her travel documentation ready to go also. Rosanna asks if he is telling her to run. He confirms that he is telling her that she needs to run as far and as fast as she can. This time, there will be no coming back. Paul calls Walker and leaves a message for Walker to call him back at Rosannaís place. He tells Rosanna that Walker is a pretty stand up guy, and he knows how to keep a secret. He is pretty sure that Walker will run a DNA test for them. Paul tells her that she needs to concentrate on what her new life with Cabot will be like. Paul gets a call from Jennifer telling him that she needs to see him right away about Jordan.

Rosanna wonders if Jordan told Jennifer everything. Paul hopes that he did, then the two of them will be so wrapped up in each other they wonít see what is going on around them. Rosanna realizes that after she takes off, James will come after Paul again. Paul tells her that wonít be the hard part; the hard part will be saying good bye to her. Paul takes off to go see Jennifer.

A little later Walker comes to see why Rosanna wanted to meet with him. Rosanna tells Walker a little bit about her situation with Cabot and explains that she needs to have a DNA test ran. She tells him that some man is trying to extort money from her and she needs this test ran so that she has fuel to fight the man with.

At first Walker tells her to go through the courts and seems reluctant to help her. Rosanna convinces him to run the test for her in the end. He gathers the evidence he needs to run the test and asks if her new husband knows she is doing this. Walker suspects that her new husband is the one he is testing, but Rosanna convinces him that it is not her husband. Just as Walker tells Rosanna that he thinks she should tell her husband about all of this, Jordan walks in and asks what Rosanna should be telling him.

B.R.O. offices:

Jordan pulls away from kissing Jennifer. He canít take it anymore and spills his gut to Jennifer telling her everything he knows about why he is married to Rosanna. With a bit of questioning from Jennifer, the whole story comes out, right down to when Jordan gave Rosanna two weeks to figure all this out. He tells Jennifer very sternly that he is out of all of this mess in two weeks. Jennifer suggests talking to her father. She thinks that Hall might be able to find out who is behind all of this. Jordan tells her that is not the first impression he wants to make on her father and convinces her to let him handle all of this on his own. He tells her that Paul is also involved in all of this, and that Paul and Rosanna are buddies again. He again promises her that he will be free to be with her in two weeks. She tells him that she knows now that he is a good guy. He sacrificed himself to help save a baby. They kiss and Jordan takes off. Jennifer calls Paul and asks him to come and see her.

When Paul gets there, Jennifer tells him that she knows the whole story about Jordan and Rosanna. She tries to get some answers out of Paul, but Paul pretends to know nothing more than what Jordan has already told her. He does assure her that Rosanna wants out of this marriage to Jordan as bad as Jordan wants out. He thinks Jordan may be a free man sooner than she thinks. Jennifer is still really confused and tries her best to get more out of Paul. Paul finally convinces her that he knows Rosanna wants out of this mess as much as Jordan does. He also is able to convince her that he wants her to be happy with Jordan. He knows that he didnít like Jordan in the beginning; but after all that he has seen Jordan do to help Rosanna and how happy he makes Jennifer, he sees that Jordan is a good guy. Jennifer finally relaxes a little and believes him.

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