ATWT Update Friday 5/21/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/21/04

By Lauren
Pictures by Boo

Margo tries to convince Jess that nothing is going on between her & Dr. Reese, at Metro. Jess still does not believe her, though. When Dr. Reese sees that Jess and Margo are talking, he goes over to offer a toast, but Jess says she has to go. After she leaves, Dr. Reese asks Margo what they were talking about. When Margo says that Jess thinks she likes him more than she should, Dr. Reese asks what she thinks, and Margo denies that she does.

Dr. Reese tries to convince Margo that Jess sees something she does not. He asks her to admit that she likes him a little more then a friend. She said she loves her family, then he said "That's good, because when we stop dancing around, and get down to business, you'll be careful not to get caught." Tom comes in and sees them talking, and asks if she forgot they had a date. Then Dr. Reese said that she was just helping out, telling him about the events that happened earlier that day. Margo asks for a few words alone with Dr. Reese, and Toms goes and sits down at a booth, waiting for Margo. She tells Dr. Reese that from now on there'll be no more come on's and to just back off her. Then she goes over and joins Tom, along with Chris & Ally for dinner.

Ally talks to Aaron, at the Hues' residence, and tries to come up with a way to cover, because Chris is taking her out to dinner at Metro, and she's suppose to work. Aaron tells Ally she should come clean with Chris, before it all blows up in her face. Ally says she can't do that, because Chris is so proud of her. The Chris comes out, and Aaron takes off before he can spot him. Chris and Ally go to Metro, and Aaron makes like she has not been there in ages. A girl asks if Ally's early, or she's late, and Aaron quickly makes up an excuse for her, saying the last time Ally was there, there was an incident in the girls' room. Ally tries to ask Molly for a night off, and she said no. Ally says that her and Chris are on a date, and he still don't know that she works there. Molly tells her that she can't and she must work. Aaron asks Molly if Ally asked for night off, and Molly tells him yes, but she said no. Ally had to wait on their table, and Chris asks her what she's doing, and Ally tells him that Molly was short a waitress, so she wanted to help out. He thinks there's more going on, though.

Molly comes over, and tells Ally that she does not have "cover the other waitress' shift" after all, but to call her sometime, and Ally says she will. Margo tell Tom that that's their queue and her &Tom then leave.

Barbra and Jennifer are talking about Jordan in the hospital. Barbra asks Jenn how their are doing at this point, and she admits that she and him are doing better, by the fact she socked him in the mouth. Barbra asks how that's "progress" and Jenn tells her that it helped her be less angry since they'll have to work together everyday. Jenn says she's still not giving up on him though.

Jordan goes to Roseanna's where he finds Carly with Cabot. He asked her where Roseanna is, and all she will say is that she's going to see a man whom she thinks is involved with all the twists and turns of Cabot's adoption. Carly tries to tell Jordan to clam down and just wait it out.

Then, she says that Paul went with her to see the guy. Jordan then asks where she went, and why Paul had to be with her. Carly still refuses to tell him, though. Jordan starts looking through Roseanna's papers and things to see where she might be, but Carly stops him. She says if he won't tell anyone, she'll tell him. He agrees, and she tells him they're with James Steinbeck. He asks why he'd be involved, and Carly says that's why Roseanna's there. Jordan says he's heard of him, and he's big trouble, saying "Well, this is worse than I thought." Carly and Jordan start fighting & it makes Cabot wake up crying, and Carly tends to him, and gets a phone call on her cell.

It was Jack, asking her something. Jordan did not take care of the baby when the phone rang, and Carly asks why. Jordan says the paper may say he's the father, but he's a long way from being a parent. Roseanna and Paul come back to Roseanna's suite, and found Jordan and Carly there. Jordan asks what they found out from Paul's dad. She turned to Carly and exclaimed "You told him?" Roseanna lied, saying that she did not find anything out bout why James picked him for her to marry, or the baby. Jordan asks how she could not have gotten anything out of him, and Roseanna just says that he refused to tell them. Then he tells Roseanna that if she does not do something about all this, then he will. Carly asks Roseanna for the truth, after Jordan leaves, and she says that she said all she could say already. So then Carly. Paul tells Roseanna to tell the truth, and she says she can't do that until she knows it's positive.

Roseanna and Paul go to see James in the jail. He asks why they're there. Roseanna says she need him to help her. She tells him to keep his end of the barging, because she has. She said he's not keeping his because she's suppose to have custody, and she has to share it. Then he said the only man she did not want involved is Craig, she never said anything about another man. She begs him to just let her and Cabot have a life together, saying "Please, just let my baby and I go, in peace."

James says no, that he will not take the name off the papers. She asks why Jordan, and he says that Jordan is Cabot's biological father and Jordan is more entitled to Cabot than she is. Roseanna says that she does not believe him, and wants proof. Then, James reveals that he set up Craig to get Cabot. Roseanna realizes he manipulated her, and made her marry Jordan, saying it's what James wanted all along.

Jess goes to the hospital to see Ben, saying they should have sex again because it'll increase they're chances of contraception. Ben tells her that they don't need a baby to be happy, that it'll happen when it does. Jess tells Ben that she wants to see an expert about the situation. Ben says that big, and they should wait, but Jess really wants this, and wants control of the situation.

She says she's getting tired of talking about it. She tells Ben she's almost dreading having sex. Then says that dread was to harsh of a work, saying it's suppose to be love, and it seems like work. Then Bed says that they'll start by bring peace into her life (candles, time off work, etc.) He also says they'll pour all their love into this. Jess asks if she's scared him off from having a baby, and he says no.

Jordan goes to BRO office, and finds Jen there. They were both there for the same thing, so Jordan says he'll leave, but Jen asks him to stay, and help. They look at each other for a minute, then share a kiss.

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