ATWT Update Tuesday 5/18/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/18/04

By Boo
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Mikeís house:

Mike is furious about the picture he found of the two of them in Pilarís purse. He demands to know who took the picture. Pilar explains that she took it last night after they made love. She took it because she felt safe in his arms for the first time in a very long time. She thought if she had a picture of that, she would feel safe again whenever she looked at the picture. Mike softens and accepts her explanation. She gets up and throws the picture away. She tells him that now that they have made love a second time, she doesnít need it. When Mike starts to pull away from a relationship again, Pilar assures him that she doesnít want more than this either. She doesnít want promises or anything. She just wants to be there for him. Mike accepts all of this too and tells her that he is going to take a shower and will fix dinner when he is done. Pilar insists on fixing the dinner she had planned. Mike finally agrees after she assures him that her ankle is just fine now. While he is in taking a shower, Pilar gets a call from a panicked Russ who demands to see her right away. When Pilar tells him that is impossible, he threatens to tell the D.A. everything. She finally agrees to come and see him immediately. As she is rushing around gathering her jacket and purse, Mike comes out of the shower asking where she is going. She tells him that she forgot something at the store and will be right back. After Pilar leaves, Mike remembers making snow angels with Katie. He then calls Margo to see if she has heard anything from Katie. When Margo says she has not and asks if he wants to leave a message, he tells her no. He thinks a clean break is best.

Police station:

In the main room, Dr. Tanner is filing a report for his missing patient. He gives the cop a complete description of Henry and tells him that Henry hasnít been a patient long enough to know if he is dangerous. A cop at a different desk takes a phone call from a woman that explains that she has a very important call for Henry Coleman from his sister.

Inside the interrogation room, Henry really works Russ over. At first, Russ sticks to his story that he is Pilarís ex and he beat her up. When Henry reminds him that he was told he would only be in there for a few days and now it has been weeks, Russ starts to crack. Henry sees this and starts really laying it on him then. He tells Russ that there is a rumor going around that Pilar is taking off with Mike to the Caribbean and there is even talk of a tropical wedding. Russ asks what the deal is. Henry tells Russ that if he tells Henry all of Pilarís plans, Henry will bail him out within the hour. He will be out having a beer by tonight. A cop comes in to deliver Katieís message and Henry starts to make a hasty retreat. Russ wants to know if the deal is still on. Henry tells him that if he will call Detective Margo Hughes and tell her everything, he can also tell her that Henry is posting his bail. Henry leaves a confused and scared Russ in the interrogation room by himself as he sneaks out.

Back in the main room, Henry sees Dr. Tanner and sneaks out through a back door without the doctor seeing him. Dr. Tanner finishes up giving his description of Henry and hopes the cops find him soon. He leaves to go back to Deerbrook. When the first cop gives the second cop Henryís description and name, the second cop tells him that Henry Coleman was just there.

Back in the interrogation room, Pilar shows up to see what has gotten into Russ. She tells him to never threaten her again. She tries to calm him down, but he is pretty upset. She keeps telling him that she almost has the Ďplaní in place. Mike is almost right where she wants him. Russ isnít buying that and demands to know if she is taking off for the Caribbean. She tells him that she isnít but he isnít sure anymore about trusting her. He tells her that either she get him out of jail and give him the money she promised, or he is going to start spilling his guts. When she claims that no one will believe him, he agrees that she is right. That is why the first call he is going to make is to her boyfriend, Mike.


Katie tries to talk to Nurse Showcroft, but the nurse has no sympathies for Katie at all. She threatens to have Katieís meds adjusted. Katie backs off and goes to talk to a little boy that she has made friends with. The boyís mother is there visiting. Katie tells the mother that her and her brother had a huge fight and she is worried about him. She asks if she can use the motherís cell phone. The mother tells her that she would be happy to let her use it, but they confiscate them before they allow the visitors in. Katie then asks the woman if she would mind calling her brother when she leaves. The woman agrees quickly and promises to tell Henry that Ďhis sisterí really needs to see him and that he should come back to Deerbrook as quickly as possible.

When Henry returns to Deerbrook he is still wearing the white lab coat and the faked I.D. badge. He is anxious to tell her all about his discussion with Russ. Katie is frantic for him to get rid of his Ďoutfití. She tells them they are busted and he needs to get out of those clothes before they are caught. Too late. Two orderlies grab Henry as Nurse Showcroft and Dr. Tanner enter the room. Henry tries to double talk his way out of the situation, but Dr. Tanner informs him that he must be punished. He will have to stay in solitary confinement until he learns to play by their rules. Henry isnít happy about this at all, and again attempts to talk his way out of it. It doesnít work and the orderlies cart him off to his new room. Dr. Tanner tries to get Katie to tell him what was going on and why Henry escaped. Katie pretends to know nothing. Dr. Tanner tells her that they will talk about this again, and he will have to report to the court all that has gone on. He leaves after warning Katie that she is to have no further contact with Henry. Katie tries to get Nurse Showcroft to tell her how Henry is doing, but the nurse blows her off and asks if she needs to be escorted to her room. Katie tells her no, and worries by herself if Henry is okay.

At the coffee shop:

Lucy and Lucinda discuss all that happened in Vegas. Lucy tells her grandmother that she shouldnít have ever believed Craig again. She tells Lucinda that now she really has nothing in Oakdale left for her beside her grandmother and that she is thinking of moving back to Montega with her mother. Craig walks in and overhears Lucy say this. Lucy tells him that she doesnít want to talk to him and walks away to the counter. Lucinda lays into Craig telling him what a despicable thing he has done. Craig just wants to talk to Lucy. He makes a deal with Lucinda that if Lucy says it is okay, Lucinda will go away. Lucy assures her grandmother that she will be fine and Lucinda leaves. Craig tries to mend fences by offering to buy Lucy a car. Lucy is pretty strong in her stance that she is moving back to Montega. Craig is heartbroken and pulls out all the stops to get Lucy to change her mind. Lucy tells him that if he really loves her he will do this one thing for her. When he agrees, asking if she wants Aaron back or a sport car. Anything she wants, she can have. Lucy tells her that what she wants is for him to let her go. When Craig realizes that Lucy has tricked him, he gives it one last shot to talk her into staying with him. When she turns her back on him, he kisses the back of her head tenderly, and telling her to remember that he is her father and he loves her very much, he leaves. Lucy sits down at a table, and with tears in her eyes, calls her motherís private line. She is a little taken aback when someone else answers, and just asks the person to tell her mother that she called.


In Rosannaís room, Jordan is really happy to see that she has the adoption papers and this can all be over. He suggests they order up a bottle of champagne and celebrate. Carly excuses herself so the two of them can talk. After Carly leaves, Rosanna breaks the news that Jordan has to sign the adoption papers also, or she will lose Cabot. Jordan is not happy at all and demands to know why she is changing the rules now. Rosanna tries her best to explain to Jordan that it isnít her that is changing the rules. Rosanna pleads with him to sign the papers and promises to find a way out of it later. Jordan finally calms down a little bit and agrees to sign the papers. Then they can get an annulment and he will sign over full custody to her. Rosanna drops the other bomb and shows him the papers. When he sees that he is supposed to stay married to her for two full years, he is furious. There is no way he is going to agree to this. He demands that Rosanna find out who this guy is that is trying to run their lives and why. Rosanna promises to find out and begs Jordan not to let her lose Cabot. After much discussion, Jordan agrees to sign the papers, just to buy her a little time to find out what is going on. He says he will keep quiet about all of this, and agree to it for two weeks. No more than two weeks though. If Rosanna canít give him answers in two weeks, he is out of there and she will have to face the fact that she has lost Cabot.

At the hospital:

Carly is asking at the nurses station if Barbara Ryan is seeing visitors yet, she has a bouquet of flowers for her. Jennifer sees Carly at the station and approaches her. Carly inquires about Barbaraís condition and if she is seeing visitors. Jennifer tells Carly that the tumor was benign and they wonít know about her sight for a couple of days. She coolly tells Carly that Paul is in with Barbara right now, and Barbara is sleeping. Carly asks Jennifer to give her the flowers, and she will come back tomorrow to see Barbara. She tells Jennifer that if there is anything she can do, just ask. Jennifer does just that by asking Carly to explain to her the marriage between Jordan and Rosanna. Carly tries to convince a skeptical Jennifer that the marriage is real. Carly tells her that Jordan and Rosanna are married, and she is sorry if Jordan led Jennifer to believe something else. Jennifer isnít falling for it at all and informs Carly that she will get her answers from Jordan himself.

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